Malawi National ID mass registration commences in June

National Registration Bureau (NRB) under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security will from June to December 2017 be undertaking the first mass registration of Malawian citizens for issuance of national identity cards (ID).

National ID: Sample

In a media statement on Wednesday, government says the mass registration is an opportunity for every Malawian to have their own national ID card.

It says the national ID cards will be issued to all Malawian citizens aged 16 years and above and is urging all those below the age of 16, to be accompanied by parents or guardians.

“The national ID card will make it possible for the ID card holder to show their eligibility for multiple purposes. For example, it can be used to access free primary education, social services such as health care and to meet financial requirements such as getting a loan,” reads the statement in part.

The statement says that the mass registration will be carried out through a phased approached which will start with phase 1 and 2 covering districts in the central region, phases 3 and 4 covering all districts in the southern region while phase 5 will cover all districts in the northern region.

It further says up to 2000 registration teams will be deployed to register Malawian citizens in registration centres throughout the country.

Most registration centres for the national ID’s will be the same locations that were used by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) for the registration of voters.

The mass registration project is led by Malawi Government with technical support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The government of Malawi is contributing 40 per cent of the project cost while the Department for International Development, European Union, Irish Aid, the Government of Norway, the United States Agency for International Development and UNDP are funding 60 percent of the project cost.

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18 thoughts on “Malawi National ID mass registration commences in June”

  1. Favour says:

    How is government that by December every Malawian will be reached for registration? Just 6 months???

  2. Themuthemu says:

    Why do the expiry date for these IDs differ yet they are processed in the same day and date? Am asking because at our office the procedure was done some months whithin the very same day and date ago and some expires in 2022 while others in 2025

  3. Ngongoliwa says:

    Some Malawians are fools,
    IDs has expired dates. Asks Mozambican government.

  4. O.M says:

    That’s my first time to hear about “expiry date for National ID registration “.Think about this.

  5. KB says:

    Does it mean in 5 years, we will expire/cease to be Malawians? PLEASE ISSUE PERMANENT IDs

  6. NKHONDOC says:

    This is a welcomed development. BUT WHY SHOULD A NATIONAL ID HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE. Is it issues to do with updating of citizen information. What justifies expiry of a National ID? Please ndichotseni Umbuli.

  7. Roy Mbewe says:


  8. sazilala mbuno says:


  9. sazilala mbuno says:

    kkkk expiry date koma yemwe amangofusa nzungu kuti mmatani apa nzungu nawanamiza kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    now which social services and medical services are you talkin about as if we have any? dont you see yourself ngati amapita kosefetsa magazi kunja, that means kulibe ma svc amenewa kuno, my foot, bakha uja anati amanga cipatala ca ana uja ??????? mitu ya brain wa ma monkeys with flat bone,
    anta timva

  10. Levi Phalula says:

    Why Expired date National ID….. Komaso it will be issued in places like that? Why not immigration offices or DCs offices?

  11. Mambala says:

    We don’t want to hear that Nigerians, Burundians, Rwandese etc are given registration card. Remember, it’s a security document. We want assurance from govt what measures are in place to ensure this does not happen? Can govt stop being sleepy.

  12. Felix says:

    I thought they were not going to have an expiry date? What would be a good explanation for this?

  13. Pastor Jonas Chizumira Mangulama says:

    We used to have MCP membership card during Hearings Kamuzu Banda and it started by being a free membership card but when the time goes on they started to miss treat people buy selling it at a higher price. Am wondering why this ID has a expiry date, my advice to the Government is that the second phase of reregistration this ID card should no be oppressive to Malawian Citizens. Malawi is the poorest Country in mind but in minerals we are rich but our problem is oppressive Leaders and selfish. You better tell us in advance you’re motive behind of putting this ID on expiry date. Printing an ID is a very expensive thing why expiry date. Pastor Jonas Chizumira Mangulama-South Africa

  14. mtete says:

    I will only believe once I am registered

  15. Malanga says:

    Why should a National ID have an expiring date? This is not true!

  16. chilangwe says:

    Why expiry date,

  17. Katundu says:

    I hear you, but why Northern region is on phase 5 ? why not phase 3? politics neh? This Gvt is bias.

  18. The Liberals says:

    Now i can be a citizen ……..

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