Malawi, too, needs a bit of some ‘Trump’

Donald Trump, the US president elect, insulted women and admitted to have sexually abused them. He has, publicly, mocked the disabled.  He has, again, insulted Muslims, Mexicans and the Chinese—publicly too. His wife has posed nude and he is master in-chief of divorces.  Oh yes! Not only that.

President MutharikS (L) Trump(C) and Chakwera (R)
President Mutharika (L) Trump(C) and Chakwera (R): Malawi needs a Trump

He had an endorsement from a publicly acclaimed racist organisation, Ku Klux Klan newspaper, and we all know, seven years ago, he run a racist movement against President Barack Obama.

I am sure we haven’t forgotten that he was demanding Obama’s birth certificate because he believed Obama was Kenyan not American.

In all this, we all ask, why would such a man who centered his campaign on hate capture the heart of the majority voters? Here is what I think.

Most Americans, I am begging to presume, are sick and tired of politicians who assumes office by riding on political correctness.

Politicians who pose as angels in the public when experience tells us they are the devils behind the suffering of many.

Politicians who are brilliant at articulating a promise but inept at implementing them.

Politicians who think political power will always remain within their circle because, in the years they have been around, they have cultivated connections and tricks of imposing themselves on people.

Politicians who, publicly, condemn sticky issues facing the public, but, privately, they champion and build their political power on them.

From argument, you can easily see the difference between Hillary Clinton and Trump. Clinton, as an experienced politician, run a smart and orderly campaign that, let us face it, was quite issue based.

She articulated carefully rehearsed and memorised policy issues to a public that, unfortunately, was sick and tired of such political rhetoric. She was always politically correct.

Donald Trump, a successful entrepreneur without an inch of political experience, run a wild and disorderly campaign that defied every political logic.

He dusted off weighty, absurd and insulting lies and truths which, fortunately, most Americans hid in their unconscious.

He was not being politically correct, but resonated with the public.

So it Trumpism the new course of democratic order? Well, that is for political scientists to tell us.

But here is what I think. I feel every system, to be effective, needs a bit of a period of chaos. Chaos is good because it destroys bonds of the established order— the reason we still have the same people doing the same things everyday yet we expect different results.

Trump might to some extent sound radically dangerous but, to me, he is good for the US. He represents the agent of chaos the US needs to re-invert itself in the new global order.

In fact, Malawi, too, needs a bit of some Trump. You see, we always want to believe, here in Malawi, that We need a ‘Trump’, too political power rest with a particular set of tribe, region and family.

Our belief, of course, stems from the fact the political agents of this belief have a created a strong network of order which is their source of power and influence.

This order, I can challenge here, cannot be destroyed by recycling from the network of Mutharikas, Muluzis, Chakwera, Uladi Mussa; no.

These are symbols of political correctness that our friends have rejected Clinton for. I am happy for them and, for the first time, I wish I were an American citizen.

They have chosen an agent of chaos will help reorganise their old age order which was not doing them any good. Otherwise, bring it on Trump!--Source: NPL

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winston msowoya
winston msowoya
5 years ago

Our system is just correct,but our leadership is putrefied therefore there is absolutely no need to emulate the America’s system.Chakwera doesn’t comprehend political issues he has just joined politics to enrich himself as all of them have done.We must leave the American politics for the Americans themselves otherwise we shall remain confused as the leaders themselves.Trump is not a professional politician,he is a top-notch business mogul.Malawi with its unlimited natural resources including misused brainy manpower,could have developed our country beyond expectations.Look at our brothers in Botswana,they have transformed their nation from one of the poorest at independence some 50 years… Read more »

MCP die hard supporter
MCP die hard supporter
5 years ago

A goat thinks much better than some of you Malawians.You mean chakwera can be compared to Trump?what a serious contrasts you dull Malawians
Chakwera is a Reveend very poor who depended on church money from poor people yet Trump is a billionaire
Come on you Malawians don’t think like chickens

5 years ago

Yes and NOOOO? Let me educate you.American polical system and Malawian systems are totally different. We have electoral college vote and Popular vote in USA. Trump won electoral college vote which few voters representing provinces/states vote(minority vote). Hillary won Popular vote which every Jim and Jack can vote. Popular vote is the voice of the majority(Malawian system). Electoral college vote is not democratic at all. In all sense Malawi needs a states man, Manager, CEO who can dissolve the new Federation of Regionism, tribalism and Enthinicity. Think about our nebours doing fine but DPP Mafias punishing us??? It is unfortunate////

The Analyst
The Analyst
5 years ago

O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O. Yes, Trump has won the U.S. elections against all odds (negative publicity etc) but truth be told; Trump is everything that Malawi DOES NOT need. . . . Its just sad that evil, chaos, arrogance, have so overtaken the world today, that chaotic and disgusting as he is, Trump has/had admirers not just in the U.S but also Malawi and elsewhere. Indeed “where there is a dead body, there, the vultures will gather.” – Jesus Christ (Luke 17:37). . . . Yes, this wool man (as predicted by TB Joshua) won the U.S. election not because he is a… Read more »

5 years ago

Nyondo and your hate, hate and hate. Ukagwere

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