Malawi now ranked poorest in the world: President talks of ‘desperate need’ for aid


Mutharika gives his remarks at the meeeting with World Bank Directors at Kamuzu Palace-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Mutharika gives his remarks at the meeeting with World Bank Directors at Kamuzu Palace-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Malawi is now ranked the poorest country in the world ranked in order based on the GDP per capita, according to data from the World Bank.

GDP is the value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year. A country with a GDP per capita of $765 dollars or less is defined as a low-income or poor country. And it is on the basis of this GDP, that the top ten poorest countries map has been prepared.

Industrialization, overpopulation, investment, infrastructure, geography, resources, colonialism, education, government and debt are few of the most critical aspects that make poor countries remain poor.

Over half of Malawi’s population still live below the poverty line – earning less than $1 per da

The World Bank data shows that by 2015 Malawi now the number one  poorest country in the world.

President Peter Mutharika  conceded that the is facing “ numerous economic challenges “ and  pleaded Sunday with the World Bank to consider resuming aid to the poor southern African nation, saying it was in “desperate need of donor support”.

Donors who provide about 40 percent of Malawi’s budget, pulled the plug on aid of around $150 million (110 million euros) after a report by British auditors showed that at least $30 million had been swindled from the government over a six-month period in 2013.

The President has begun to implement mechanisms to prevent Malawi from falling into deep recession.

Mutharika has limited domestic travel for cabinet members and senior government officials to eight trips per month. Officials will also only be allowed to six foreign trips a year. Mutharika’s decision comes as a cost-cutting measure in order to support the depression inclined budget.

Malawi’s plight worsened in January when severe floods left more than 170 people dead and 200,000 homeless.

The President said Malawi, “needed support from donors to continue with the goal of an improved economy.”

Mutharika has advocated for donations from the World Bank and other international donors in order to relieve the “almost bankrupt” country.

The Malawi leader has assured that his administration was reforming the management of public finances “to avoid a repetition of the Cashgate” .

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The problem with our country in nothing, but poor foundation from kamuzi. He Didn’t establish proper financial foundation. just tell me how many manufacturing industries do we have. So when do you think that this Industries will be Institute. So no industries,,no progress for our country. We can not depend on foreign Aide. May the good Lord help our beloved country


Don’t blame Kamuzu but blame your leaders from 1994

Friendly Visitor

I have searched in vain for any support for these figures on the World Bank site or other info source. Can the Nyasa Times confirm their exact source please.


Tribalism, regionalism, nepotism and corrupt government officials are doing this country in. They claim to do things in the interest of the state but in real fact it is in the interest of their pockets.

kambani zithe

we cant blame kamuzu he did his best, tribalism is the cause of all the problems in Malawi. Look all the people involved in cashgate should be taken to court but look what DPP led government is doing?all those in DPP are being left out of the list and azungu akuona zonsezi.APM solve this problem before its too late.The poorest its very bad indeed

mangochi kabwafu

Misplaced priorities by successive STUPID leaders. Tribalism, nepotism and hate have taken upper hand in our country. PATHETIC.

mangochi kabwafu

Malawians are good at nothing. Just wasting time KUKUMBANA mitundu instead of concentrating on development. DPP WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

B Muluuza

All this is because of the crook and big thief Bakili Muluzi. He taught these fellow crooked stupid politicians that running a Govt is stealing tax payer’ money at the expense of development. Very stupid and blind leaders who are being openly fooled by foreign crooks to dwindle this country’s economy further.


The figure of per capita income at USD 226 HAS EXISTED SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL. So to blame on current generation would seem unfair. We must blame overpopulation for such underdevelopment. Please mark my words. No government has come up with any serious campaign against population explosion. Some regions have serious levels of illiteracy.



Hey, I would like to differ with you on the point of population being the problem. Big populations are big markets for goods. Look at big population countries of China, India, Nigeria, Ethiopia. Look for other reasons but please don’t bring in population. Big populations are an opportunity and not a problem for growth of markets.

samuel kwakwase

izi ndi zomwe azungu amafuna kumanva. Tsiku lina tizayimba nyimbo………..

victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi

Sad and shameful.
Mr president: 8 trips/month is too much for aisa cabinet minister in company of his executive members.
Just one long and expensive trip can siphon all the money in the ministry.
Oh God, where shall we find leadership to change things? After over 50 years of independence,
we are worst now. It’s shame to the world, suffering to the disadvantaged. And to the rich
and the powerful ones no feeling of shame and remorse. We need to love our country!!! and
not our single selves.

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