Malawi opposition criticises anti-corruption chief appointment: MCP calls it ‘cosmetic’

Malawi opposition has criticised the appointment of financial expert, LucasKondowe, as the new anti corruption czar to lead the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

Kabwila: Executive arrogance

Kabwila: Executive arrogance

Kondowe: Said he would not succumb to political pressure from any quarter.

Kondowe: Said he would not succumb to political pressure from any quarter.

President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday appointed Kondowe, First Merchant Bank (FMB) General Manager for Finance, Planning and Strategy to head the graft-busting body replacing Justice Renzine Mzikamanda.

Kondowe’s appointment is subject to the approval of the Public Appointment’s Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly.

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said the emphasis of having a financial expert “will not be a magic pill” to crackdown on rampant corruption in the southern African nation.

MCP spokeswoman, Dr Jessie Kabwila, called for “evidence based appointment” on why ACB has not been ticking.

“I think what we should be talking about is, does the person have a work ethic,” said Kabwila in an interview monitored on Capital Radio, a private FM national broadcaster which also streams live online.

Kabwila said MCP wants ACB to carry proper investigations and there should be no sacred cows in corruption fight, saying the “big fish” should be netted in corruption syndicate.

She called the appointment of Kondowe as “cosmetic approach.”

“What donors are waiting is that we show we are serious in the fight against corruption,” she said accusing Peter Mutharika of “executive arrogance.”

“What is weakening our institutions in Malawi is executive arrogance,” pointed out Kabwila.

He accused President Mutharika of abdicating from his electoral pledge to reduce presidential powers – especially in appointing officer in oversight institutions – and that the new anti-corruption czar will have allegiance to the Head of State other than being independent.

“You the media need to go to Peter Mutharika to say, you promised to reduce presidential powers, what are you doing?The issue is we have a government that is failing to deliver its promises,” said Kabwila.

Also commenting on the issues on the Capital Radio was Peoples Party (PP) spokesman Ken Msonda who accused President Mutharika of appointing a DPP member to head ACB.

Msonda alleged that Kondowe “is a DPP member,” claiming that he has been an active operative of the ruling party.

“It raises a lot of eyebrows on the criteria used to pick him. We need to avoid politicising some of these things,” said Msonda.

But Kondowe said he would not kowtow to political pressure and would be professional as possible.

He said President Mutharika had assured him that there will be no interference from the administration.

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Manzy j
Koma kabwila yu atangomupatsa dzikoli kuti alamulile kwachaka chimodzi angachite chani ameneyu? Kutsogoleratu anthu sikophweka akabwira. Mumafuna azikusankhani inu kuti mukhale maminister kapena mukufuna atakusankhani inu kukhala ku ACB? Osamaonetsa mkwiyo wanu woluza zisankho pomangatsutsa chilichonse musaganize kuti muzapeza mavoti pomangoti kukamwambe pachirichonse. Kodi kondowe ndi mulomwe? Akabwila kodi ndinu anzeru kwambiri mmalawi muno? Muzizipatsa ulemu pliz. Kabwira amafunisitsa akulamulira komano ndizosatheka. Tamango pangati chitukuko kwanuko osamachedwa ndikuchita pholoso. Nthawi ya kampeni inatha.vomelezani kuti APM ndi president wa malawi. Chomwe ndikudziwa ineyo ndichakuti kabwilayu amadana ndi ma president kuyambora Bingu, JB and APM onsewa kwaiye palibe chomwe achita. Olo inakakhala… Read more »
Mulira Sitinati

Kodi wabwino atani?adzasankhe bambo anu?mesa kodi enanu akakusankhani mumakana?musatitopese munangomva kuti opposition ndiye kumangongosusa zili zonse?respect urself munthu saipa zonse,timakipatsani ulemu!mukumbuke kuti nthawi yopasula inapita ino njomanga.pple wil judge u by ur words!

nzeru zayekha.

Musiyeni APM agwire ntchito yomwe akudziwa kt ingathandidze dziko but mukamakokanakokana muzingobwezeresa zinthu mbuyo. God bless my country!!!!!!!!!!!

Wawa Phumisa

So it is only MCP and PP doing the checks and balances. UDF inatafunidwa hahahaha. Bakili is a sold out. UDF is his asset. Some of the smallest parties combined cannot even make sense to all Malawians. By the way, Jumbe and Davis Katsonga what were they doing at state house? I thought these misguided gullible politicians deregistered their briefcase parties?


birds of a feather cannot pluck each others’ feathers.


financial experts to prosecute financial thiefs!


The Job the deputy Acb, will be tough since the Director is layman in Law,what a wast.


Just shut up woman. Who do you think you are? Munthu omangochita critisize zilizonse basi. Ndiye muliratu simunati. DPP Woyeee Bravo APM

Hardwick Kametah

The appointment has bn made just to hide [email protected] the dpp gvd stole during the Bingu time,im feeling sorry for my fellow poor malawians,nothing tangible has hapened sor far bt only dismisals & new appontments(which also favours mlakho)kkkkk

Uchitsiru Sasekana
Why couldn’t the government let Mr Rezine Mzikamanda finish the job he started first and then replace him after he had successfully delivered what he was required to achieve in this case we are looking at a very complex issue cashgate whose main culprits are Top government officials, should we therefore conclude that the President has something to hide by this sudden and awkward appointment of a new ACB Boss ? I have noted with great concern that each and everytime a new government is ushered there is always pressure and confusion when it comes to controlling officers in very… Read more »

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