Malawi opposition leader Chakwera defiant: ‘I’m not afraid of probe’

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has defied demands by some civil society organizations for Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to probe him over his under-construction multi-million mansion in Lilongwe, challenging that he is not afraid.

Chakwera: Clear conscious

The organizations Civil Society Forum for Democracy and Development (CFDD) and Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue (CS-PCD) on Sunday demanded that Chakwera should be investigated barely a day after he warned that he will be forced to lead a mass protest against worsening corruption in government, and accused President Peter Mutharika of giving corrupt big wigs amnesty from corruption crackdown.

“I am not afraid. Let the ACB come and they will be more welcome,” challenged Chakwera in an interview with Capital Radio.

Chakwera who is also Leader of Opposition in Parliament confirmed to be constructing a house in Lilongwe but said it was not the one the two civil society organizations claim.

He could not disclose the source of his income, arguing he is ready to explain his wealth, if need be, dating way back from his days as church leader.

Chakwera has been accused of playing double-standards and demonstrating high level of hypocrisy for not disclosing the source of his money and wealth.

“While the Leader of Opposition is expected to lead his block in providing checks and balances as well as oversight on government operations, we have sadly noted that Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has himself not demonstrated integrity and accountability in a number of areas on which we hereby call for immediate probe and investigation,” said Oliver Nakoma who is chairperson for CS-PCD.

Nakoma said there was a need for Chakwera to be investigated by ACB on the sources of money he is using to construct a K650 million 15 bedroom house in Area 6 in Lilongwe, arguing the anti-graft body did the same on Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa who was recently summoned by the Bureau over the donation he made in his constituency in Mulanje district in January this year.

He argued that based on information in their hands, Chakwera was abusing his party’s finances and private donations for personal projects.

Nakoma, believed to be bankrolled from State House,  further claimed Chakwera was abusing his role by personalizing party vehicles and called on Malawi revenue Authority (MRA) to investigate one of the vehicles currently being used by Chakwera’s daughter.

Meanwhile, the organizations have threatened to take it to the streets if ACB fails to probe Chakwera on the highlighted allegations.

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Guy Ritchie

Atumbuka. Busy bodies. Munya muona and Chakwera beware! M’busa wamtundu wanji wolemera kanthawi kochepa ngati businessman.

Nzandu Kanthiti

Nakoma u are a fool why not come on M B C TV ndalama zitapezeka ku nyumba kwa Chaponda kodi akupatsani zingati u are all criminals mapazi anu nonse


Mbala zapengadi mu DPP – Chakwera afufuzidwe; ubvekele JB nayeso afufuzidwe… [email protected]


Chakwera must repent period! The devil in him will not take him anywhere near success. MCP is simply a party full of blood in its hands and everyone knows this.

By the way, when a Tumbuka loaded CSO fights to protect the interest of the north then you say that fight is bonafide. But when a non-tumbuka CSO fights for the interest of Government you say that fight is not bonafide? Leave Nakoma alone. And tilipo ambili amene tikuwona kupanda chilungamo kwa inu aku north. hypocrites!


Mbuzi, hater. udzafa osauka. Leave northeners alone. kodi inu milakho, atumbuka adakulakwilani chani. is it because ambiri a inu ndiosauka?


I think mr/mrs thapalino u must be one of the best fools with the most advanced dunderheads in this country. Giv us comments that will devel malawi.
Get lost with ur tribalistic + myopic mind galu.


Yet everyone knows which party killed Njaunju, 21 people on 21 JULY, 2011, Chasowa Robert and you still defend it busy telling us zopanda umboni. Chakwera is there for us Malawians and we will vote for him to remove thieves in 2019, mwaba mokwanira koma kumanda simudzatenga alomwe inu. Mukaba simukumamganso ku Thyolo koma ku Lilongwe kutithera malo anthu oerekana ngati mbira osayamba mwaona kaye ngati muli ndi malo. Mwati mutithere malo kuno kwanu muthatha kale. Ndalama zakubazo kamangeni kwanu and leave our Chakwera alone


The move against Chakwera is coming from a very person in Oliver Nakoma as he is from Goliati, Thyolo a villagemate of the Mutharikas, hence a DPP sympathiser. Although the probe has not to be applied selectively these motions should come reputable citizens not this Nakoma who has neen bankrolled by our tax money from state house.

humphrey kawenga

Chakwela should not expect to rule Malawi in 2019, this man abandoned God, his position belongs to assemblies of God not in Malawi parliament. his busy, stealing mcp money meant for campaign in 2019, his busy accusing innocent people of fraud while he himself is the most corrupt person. look at the mansion his building, where did he get the money to build such an expensive home. Malawians should not trust chakwela, this man is big crook. wakuba wofatsa, in other terms his cunning mafia of a leader.


The move against Chakwera is coming from a very wrong person as he is from Goliati, hence he is a DPP sympathiser, I mean this Oliver Nakoma, villagemate of the Mutharikas.


Kodi mabungwe wa awona kuti wa DPP mzawo afufuzidwa ndiye tibwezere? Kodi nyumba ine ndikayamba ndiyekuti ndilinazo ndalama ngati, mwina ndi ya 20yrs plan. Tit -for-tat sikukhala. muzavutika boma likasintha – just passing

Yahya Jammeh

Why don’t you ask ACB to conclude the case of Muluzi which is still hanging in the balance if truely you are representing public concerns? Chaponda akukalowa basi, nkhanga zaona – mbuzi mano kunsi. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

DPP is party of cowards. they are trying to divert peoples attention for crimes committed by Peter Wa mutharika and aka Chaponda by trying to bring issues without basis. A Day will come when all of you will vomit the money stolen from poor Malawians.

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