Malawi opposition leader Chakwera delivers most religious Christmas message: ‘Embrace Jesus Christ as an instrument of transformation’

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has used the traditional Christmas message to give the most religious statements tressing the importance of Malawi’s Christian values.

Chakwera: Embrace Jesus Christ as an instrument of transformation

Chakwera said as we  celebrate the birth of God’s only son, Jesus Christ , people should  remember what his birth represents: peace, mercy, goodwill and, above all, hope.

“Jesus Christ means everything to me. As my Saviour and Lord, I want to join Him in spreading joy, peace and goodwill to all despite the many challenges,” said Chakwera who joined frontline politics from the religious front where he was head of Assemblies of God Church in Malawi.

The MCP president uses his message to draw attention to the suffering Malawians are going through with ailing economy, corruption and lack of equality and urged all to embrace Jesus Christ as an instrument of transformation.

Chakwera said he will still make time for family.

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, who is also MCP first vice-president, said the festive season is also a time for people to reflect on the past and have new beginnings.

“As for me, Christmas is all about spending time with your family. Be with family, friends and it is also a time when people have new beginnings for the coming year. For my advice to Malawians, I would say enjoy responsibly,” he said.

Msowoya is spending  the festive season at his home in Karonga Nyungwe Constituency.

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I think it was time for the man to repent for dumping God and try his luck in political money. So he is still clinging to politics waiting for another jab in 2019 like the one he received in 2014. The same God of 2014 will give you another jab in 2019. Tadikirani madala. Mwanyowa kale ndi 50+1. Embrace Jesus Christ or embrace PAC?


What’s wrong with the message osamalowetsa ndale popanda nkhani hes just wishing the nation well during Xmas and as a pastor he can’t talk about Xmas without talking about Jesus. Who told you kuti Rt Hon Chakwera anasiya kupemphera hes still a Rev. Wichita kupitira ku school not wongodzipatsa iwe Santana God should give you long life wufike 2019 idzaone momwe Uncle ako adzapakilire wa ku Ndata

woyiwonera patali

Palibe uthenga APA. Don’t forget kuti mu church muli anthu a mitundu ndi zipani zones. Preach the message of Chirist not personal agendas. I can see kuti ena atuluka wokhumudwa. Leave preaching to those who are called.

Thus a Godly message expected of him! We in Assemblies of God still recognize him as a servant of God but now called to lead a nation in a a Godly way. It is God himself guiding him. We miss him in Assemblies of God but we don’t regret his move for we know it is God’s will. Most Malawians have considered his move as an escape from the calling! We in Assemblies of God do not do much politics but addressing to issues that affect all mankind is marked as a character of Christ. Hence Chakwera’s move to saving… Read more »

Bwinotu bwino dzina la Yesu silopangira ndale. …. mutengapo minyama apa…ndale paliponse be careful


The only hope of Malawi


There is one problem with the message – it reveals some level of Christian fundamentalism or religious fanaticism displayed by Pentecostal Christians who arrogantly believe they are the ones who know Jesus more than anyone else. And now we have an epidemic of pastors enriching themselves using the word of God. Honestly, I can’t stand Christian fundamentalists. They try to convert you, force you to go to their church, they stand at corners creepingly giving out leaflets and assume you are not served. It’s just madness!


amen our leader


Amen! It is time to forgive others who have done us wrong, and for us to ask for forgiveness from those we offended over the years, even during the One Party dictatorship the country suffered for 30 years. God is a forgiving God, and He has commanded us to forgive one another in the name of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas everyone, in Jesus name!

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