Malawi Parliament adjourned sine die: Chakwera raps ‘executive shenanigans’as Nakhumwa says govt committed to electoral reforms

The 47th Session of Malawi Parliament adjourned sine die on Friday, December 15, 2017, without  legislators concluding deliberations, tabling and passing of some major Bills, including the pieces of legislation which has  the contentious 50-plus-one provision which seeks that a President be elected by over 50 percent of total voters.

Nankhumwa the leader of the House seen here with Speaker Richard Msowoya

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has accused government of deliberately frustrating the adoption of electoral reforms, which are aimed at ensuring credible conduct of polls in future, removing any room for manipulation.

Leader of opposition and MCP President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera said in his closing remarks that the sitting has “simply been an extraordinary one where we have witnessed the executive shenanigans play out in this August House with regards to the Electoral Reform bills”.

But presenting his ‘discontinuance’ speech in Chamber on Friday, leader of government business in Parliament, Kondwani Nankhumwa dismissed any ‘assumptions’ government was against the electoral reforms.

“I wish to array any assumptions that the Executive has ‘shot down’ the other Bills in the package, including the amendment of Section 80 (2) of the Constitution and Section 96 (5) of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Act, as being portrayed in some quarters.

“As much as we appreciate the aspirations of some of the sections of the society to see that reforms are quickly adopted and implemented in the manner elections are conducted in this country, we also have to ensure that the process is thoroughly democratic,” said theMulanje Central legislator.

Nankhumwa, who is also Local Government and Rural Development Minister, said the Executive shall ensure that all outstanding Bills and other business are dealt with expeditiously and that the ‘tabling’ of the Electoral Reform Bills alone was a loud demonstration that the Executive listens to the people of Malawi.

“We are committed that we fulfill the wishes and aspirations of the people of Malawi. It is our firm resolve as Government to continue to enhance democratic governance in Malawi and jealously preserve the democratic gains made since Malawians chose political pluralism in 1993. We shall ensure that the Executive continues to be genuinely accountable to the people of Malawi through the Legislature,” he said.

He hailed fellow MPs for performing their “noble duties professionally and with great sense of responsibility, as genuine representatives of our people”.

Nankhumwa said that during the just ended session, it was “crystal clear” that democracy was genuinely at play where MPs freely made contributions during debate, particularly on Electoral Reforms Bills.

“During this sitting, individual members exercised their respective democratic right and freedom to vote on each Bill. In a democratic set-up, every individual must enjoy the right to either agree or disagree with any viewpoint, according to their own understanding of issues,” said the Leader of the House.

He noted that democracy represents the views and notions of all the citizens, whether majorities or minorities.

“So, in the spirit of democracy, we needed to carry everyone along in deciding how best the matter of Electoral Reform Bills should be managed to attain national consensus” he said.

On corruption, Nankhumwa hailed President Professor Arthur Mutharika for his firm resolve to fighting corruption, which he said retards social and economic development.

“His Excellency President Professor Mutharika has emphasized that he shall not tolerate corruption in his Government.

“From what he said recently at National Police Headquarters in Lilongwe and in this very august House, it is evident that His Excellency has a deep sense of mission to maintain a clean and ethical government. He has made ethical and incorruptible public service a core issue for his government,” he said.

He said that through its oversight role, the Legislature must complement the President’s efforts to fight corruption and abuse of public resources.

Nankhumwa said Malawians pay taxes “through their noses” and it was not acceptable that their hard-earned money should end up in the pockets of a few greedy public officials instead of financing public service delivery and development projects.

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Keen Observer
What I don’t understand is why MCP with Chakwera really are pushing for 50+1? The last time I checked, I heard that MCP is ready to win in 2019 tripartite elections. Now how are Malawians going to benefit from this 50+1 issue? Do ordinary people in the rural areas even know what this means? Is this what Malawians need or what the few educated need? My personal opinion, I stand to be corrected if need be, it’s only the few who are crying about this so what’s the importance of this anyway. If MCP is ready to wrestle power from… Read more »
Pimbisa Ambwiye

Who said the bills would pass automatically when presented in Parliament? Parliament is not a rubber stamp. PAC wanted the bill’s presented and they were. Outcome is nothing of their concern. Continuing with demos is now blackmailing parliament to succumb to their wishes. Kagwireni yanu ntchito pagome. Zam”bale, chachikhumi etc zikukuyembekezani. kkkkkk. Ait kumenyera nkhonde mbusa nzawo. Zopusa basi.


The problem is PAC. Govt wanted to prove PAC wrong. And it will be known tomorrow as to who is behind PAC demos. We know the NGO which is sponsoring the demos PAC planned.


Indeed the scheme is driven home. No moral person can claim that MPs exercised there democratic right in parliament when we actually know that DPP went into the bush hunting for partners in crime……possibly to shoot down the proposed Electoral Reforms Bills. So it’s really hypocrisy to claim democracy has triumphed in Malawi parliament.
We’ve a lot of home work to finish before we fix the state of affairs in our country. Anyway, it’s sad that we’re all losers in this regard. The executive, legislature and electorate are all to blame for the mess

Mlomwe Original

boma ndi boma Chakwera umvese. Ngati sukumvesesa tiyeni tizavote 2019, uzaone zimene anaona Amayi Joice

MCP should indeed follow the tactics which DPP used to defeat Amayi: i.e. focusing on the cashgating of DPP. There are many cases like the one Chakwera highlighted on the Generators. Each parastatal, each Ministry has its own stories to tell about wanton DPP stealing through misprocurement. From now up to the time of the elections, MCP should put APM and DPP on the defensive regarding all the instances in which well connected people have turned public funds into private wealth. DPP should not be given time to breathe. This strategy worked for DPP against PP; now its payback time,… Read more »

A Zaya zikuoneka kuti ndale muli nazo kutali. Ngakhalenso mbusa wanuyo ndi amateur pa ndale. ketolera za mbale nkumazilemeretsa ndi zosiyana ndi ndale kutalitali. Bvuto a few misguided souls keep on making too much noise pa social media kiwala kuti voti anthu aisunga ku mudzi kuti 2019 MCP idzalire kuti pyoooooooooooooooooooo

Captain Morgan

A Pac mutichani tsopano?

Ben phiri

Kodi mukamalilira 50+1 yet inu nomwe mmati DPP inabera ma vote. Ndani anakuuzani kuti 50+1a vote sabedwa? Ku Russia amapanga 50+1 koma Putin amangowinabe.
Ndiye Pitala ali m’mboma azachita kuberatu mapeto azawina ndi 73% kuti muzamve kuwawa. A MCP muli busy kukangana Ku opposition ndiye Boma mungalithe inu? Atcheya anati kuyendesa Boma ndi serious business osati za nyau

Prof. Mathanyula
It is very disheartening to see or hear some lomwe people taking it personal with the Chewa people like the so called Ben Phiri. This is Malawi not Lomwe land. If you think because Pitala ali mboma ndiye kuti zones ziribwino ukunama. Bwanji sizinayende bwino for dpp on October 17 2017. Do not think your dpp will manipulate the elections come 2019, if so it will be a recipe for civil disobedience and mark my words civil disobedience. You forget that it was the stupidity of Muluzi who sold gaffment to Lomwes. You should also know that dpp can fool… Read more »
Fake Petros
The opposition in grossly compromised with Richard Msowoya as Speaker of Parliament. He is part of the shenanigans exploiting their positions for self-enrichment at the moment. He is heading this mafia group for self-aggrandisement. In my view MCP flopped itself big time, in the first place when it opted to settle for Msowoya as speaker of parliament. In my opinion he is politically too variegated, an opportunist not to be trusted at all. In fact he is a government ally and the leader of all this shenanigansism in parliament at the moment. His family too like that of Goodall Gondwe… Read more »
Mnyamata wa nzeru

You have serious personal issues with the North. By the way, it’s liability and not reliability. Don’t talk about things you are not fully aware of. It makes you sound daft and frivolous. Kwithu tikuti chindere!


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! Why this venom? Are you his spokesperson!! I suggest it would have been better if told us what you’re fully aware of than the blasts……………………..!! Amangwetu pa public tu apa!!


FYI: Chindere / chindele is the Luvale word for ‘white man’. Kikikikikiki

Agree with you man Mnyamata wa nzeru. Enawa kukamwa yasaaaa phokoso too much. Even pa social media, too much phokoso pamene anzawo a DPP have lots of things to show Malawians. They think they can make a vibrant campaign on electricity woes, water woes, things which can be eliminated before 2019. Nawo a Chakwera ndale za nzanje, za phuma, za mwano kuzolowera zomwe amachita kwa azibusa ndi akhritsu a Assemblies. Here is where the difference is between mature politicians and amateur politicians. Kuputsitsidwa ndi a ma bungwe, ndi PAC. Ka by-election komwe kajatu some myopic supporters amanyang’wa ngati apita kale… Read more »
Kunena Mosapsyatila
Are you totally blind not to sense the kind of mess we are in? Why do you are trying to portray a good picture of a country which is totally in ruins? You cannot compare the chuff we are in with our neighbours. Ngakhale pa line, neba akamadya bwino inu mukukhalira kulira zimapsesa mtima. Tikapita kwa Kyera Kaya Ku Dar El Salam Kumene, anthu akumatitukwana kwabasi chifukwa cha uchitsiru wa boma limeneli: amvekere, “Amphawi akuMalawi afikanso”. Dziko lino linachokapo size lomalikhumbira chifukwa cha chitonzo cha boma la DPP. Provide evidence of notable significant development exploits that the current regime has… Read more »

Inunso ndalezi ndiye simuzidziwatu. Inu mukuganiza kuti ndi koyamba parliament kukana bill? So you think PAC is above Parliament? In actual fact, parliament yangowaonetsa a PAC kuti they don’t represent people but it’s them who debate bills in parliament. Full stop.


Speaker wa dyamo.Basi azatipeza.Agawana kale ayiwala amavota ndi anthu

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