Malawi Parliament in sombre mood: MP was due to present evidence of fresh ‘cashgate’ affair

Members of Parliament were in a sombre mood on Monday as the expressed shock at the suddent death of without Mchinji West MP Billy Kanjira Banda.

Kanjira Banja speaking on Friday with Nyasa Times reporter

Kanjira Banja speaking on Friday with Nyasa Times reporter

Parliament meets from Monday afternoon after a weekend recess without Kanjira Banda.

More so Kanjira will never give details of allegations he had confidently and forcebly articulated in the House on Friday that the government was scheming to cashgate money from the Office of the President and Cabinet to give to cabinet ministers and deputy ministers for political propaganda, an allegation that saw First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje throw the legislator out of the House merciless after a prolonged misunderstanding.

Chilenje had told him to go back to parliament on Monday afternoon with evidence after he singled out Leader of the House Francis Kasaira as one of the recipients of a K50 million generous cash donation from the state for the political propaganda to prop up the unpopular government.

However, Kasaira rejected the accusations by Kanjira Banda sayinh the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was ever popular and the winning of Zomba Chisi parliamentary seat far much beating its traditional opponent, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  is an indication the party is as popular and powerful as ever before.

Kanjira Banda also on Friday proposed a cut of K3 billion from the OPC vote, saying state run Malawi Broadcasting Corporation did not deserve part of the money as it is now a propaganda radio station for the ruling DPP.

The deceased and other opposition MPs expressed concern that MBC was not operating as a public broadcaster but DPP mouth piece.

However MBC survived the budget cut which could have affected other radio stations and civil rights groups who access the money from donors in a Democracy Consolidation Programme.

Comedian turned politician, Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo brought lighter moments in the House when the situation became extremely tense and volatile.

He said MBC has now changed for the better and urged his fellow MPs not to cut the OPC budget.

In addition, he said the office needs more resources than what had been allocated saying it is a busy and high office.

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Good Samaritan

When Bingu was arrested the same way Kanjira has, Opposition parties celebrated his demise. Why are the opposition now shedding tears? Is it because Kanjira is from opposition side? Remember death has no boundary, It goes either side. Yesterday was Bingu, today is Kanjira, tomorrow is yourself. Do not celebrate ones death, rather be concerned because you do not know that you will follow them later.
Learn a lesson, P a l i b e w a m b e w u p a n o.

Peter Mathanyula

Ambuye muwapatse anthu akufa chiusiro chosatha ndipo kuyera kosatha kuwalitse maso awo. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mtumbuka weniweni

Just RIP my dear MP, angokuloza chifukwa amawopa kuti usaulule chilungamo cha k50m.


Next time you MPs, please don’t speak or tell or disclose in advance what you are going to say in parliament the next day or so especially if it is against this ruthless thieving thuggish dpp govt. They are killers.

Very likely they poisoned him, need to investigate where he did eat before he died or where he was drinking before he died or who came into contact with him before he died.

The problem is that we don’t have any reliable and sophisticated equipment in our hospitals to carry out an aunthentic autopsy to establish what happened. Very sad.

KK One

Kodi bwanji munangoti zii pa imfa ya Chafukira. Mpaka pano palibe akufuna chilungamo pa Chafukira bwanji?


kyungu & ur fellow chiefs mukuti bwanji ndi comment ya President towards munthu wa Mulungu.Kodi ndi chikhalidwe chathu ku nyoza anthu amulungu.Pitani pa MBC tv mukachite muja muchitira anthu akazuzula president.


Ku Malawi kuli a satanic ambiri.Chairperson wawo ndi yemwe uja anpha pulezidenti wathu wokondeka chitsulo chanjanji.Nkhani yake ndi satanism.Yomweyo afuna pano aphenso mphwache.Zichitika muwona ngati aboma sachita naye kanthu

john phiri

listen to parliamentary deliberations of Friday, you will know how he died. Mcheka Chilenge has a better explanation than any other person.

elisa kagawa banda

chilikwamzako usamati chigwire nyanga simagunda oho!!!!!


Kanjira knew he could not suvstantiate his claim had BP fearing he would appear a cheat. Osamangoziyamba poti ndipagulu anthu akuone odziwa kulankhula. A Kanjira afera za zii. Zofuna.

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