Malawi Parliament to introduce secret ballot voting

Government on Thursday was apprehensive when the Legal Affairs Committee of parliament introduced a new range of sweeping changes in the House, including secret ballot.

Thyolera: MPs to vote secretly

The Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee Maxwell Thyolera told the House time has come when parliamentarians should be using a secret ballot when voting during division time.

Division time is when parliamentarians vote on crucial matters and usually they vote according to what their respective parties tell them to do.

Currently, they vote through roll call.

Thyolera said members of parliament can still vote according to party line through the secret ballot.

However, suspicious government chief whip Henry Mussa asked Speaker  Richard Msowoya to curtail debate on the matter for a week so that the government side in parliament and other members of parliament study the document.

Msowoya agreed to the request by Mussa and said debate would be on Wednesday next week.

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Yahya Jammeh, MPs don’t get hefty allowances. Which hotel on earth can accommodate one including meals for K50,000? Be reasonable gentle countrymen. I agree with Chimanga, anthuwa makamaka bwana Thyolerawo akuopa anyamata (of course a zaka 90 plus) ovala zofiira aja, Ma hit men a the party of darkness ndi Tambala wakuda. Remember in 1983, anayambana ku chigawo chapakati koma nkumakapherana Ku mwanza agalu a gulewa. Abale, kongelesi isazalamulirenso!!!! Kumbukilani policy yoti atumbuka azikaphunzitsa ku mpoto, ngodya ya kongilesi. Osaiwala ai, 2019 ikuyandikira. Abale tidzachite mwazaka zonse Zovota. Bwana speaker, asileni chipani chawo chakuphacho. Amutenge Mia tione ngati angawapatse mavoti… Read more »
@Hatton, you are a pathetic tribalist, a static idiot who is failing to move with time. You will get a shock of your life with the potential demographical changes in vote count in the regions. While you and your DPP are busy thinking about regional issues the opposition is working in the background to break what you call strongholds. Isn’t this the cause of our pathetic economic growth? Isn’t it that due to this regional thinking we end up putting in the driving seats pathetic and clueless leaders of note. Isn’t it that most of the crucial positions are filled… Read more »
Mawa ndiwe

Iweso ndi Finye weni weni, DPP anthu sakuphedwa? makutu ngati Lumbe.

Yahya Jammeh
This is total madness, why ask for one week simply to study a document? Why not do it on friday and Saturday? Can’t you learn from the British parliament when the opposition asked government to bring a white paper outlining how Brexit will work for the benefit of the British people. The government side did just that and brought the white paper within two days.. The British Parliament deliberates issues till late, but our MPs leave at 5:00pm sometimes at 1:00pm and rush to Bwandilo for prostitutes., They get hefty allowances but never stay in hotels but in sharks in… Read more »
Zanja Lalemba

That’s the way to go, mumaopa kudibulidwa mukamavota akukuonani, ndizoona zimenezo.


Lets go for secret ballot for the good of the country…….. anthu amaopa kunena chilungamo kuopa ku thibulidwa ndi ma……….. (aja mayeyenda ndi zikwanje mu Blantyre muno aja)

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