Malawi passport 320 % price hike criticised

Malawi government has been criticised for the 320 percent  increase in passport fees which Consumer Association of Malawi (Cama) has described it as “bribe hike.”passport

Immigration Department  announced in a statement seen by Nyasa Times that the new fees were effective November 1.

The ordinary passport which lasts for 20 days to be processed has increased to MK48, 500 from MK15,100.

The Express type of passports is now at MK58, 500 from MK25, 100 and takes 5 days to get done.

The Emergency passport has been hiked from MK35, 100 to MK85, 500 and takes 2 days to be effective.

On the other hand, the Diplomatic passport which takes 5 days to be processed is now at MK85, 000 to MK30, 100.

The hike has also seen the Service type of passport be pegged at MK55, 500 from MK19, 500 and takes 5 days to get fully processed

But CAMA boss John Kapito said the staggering prices increase is uncalled for, fearing it will “worsen corruption levels” at Immigration Department.

He said the bribery practices of Immigration officials will also be increased.

But Chief Immigration Officer, Hudson Mankhwala, played down fears of bribes, saying with the increase the service delivery will improve as applicants will now be meeting full costs of producing the passport document.

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kassim mahomedi

ndikufuna express basi


kodi athuwa akamapanga kampeni amwawuza anthu malawian cizens kuti they will run goverment with their pockect money? shame poor flames. wat is the use increase ir salary with 50% and increase products with 320% this pple they r killing our country first they start with university by adding 300% which kill our education means only richer will aford it! malawians we have to do somethings. b4 its too late malawi is going down!with kwacha changing @ 520-1 us mmmh


Muna voter nokha tikakuuzani muitsova nokha amalawi.

Keen Observer
Ya it’s not a problem cos rural masses don’t use passports & at the same time I was impressed the last time I went to Immigration Dept cos the express one was indeed express so Mr Kapito don’t worry. When you talk of corruption it’s not the immigration officers to blame it’s the people who go there I have seen. They pay the cheap one & expect to get it quickly by palm oiling the officers. Remember bribery or that corruption is a two way issue, the giver & the receiver. Did you hear anyone complaining at the ant-corruption office… Read more »
King salijen

Very bd

hidgeman masina


Livulezi river

Passports are luxuries, no need to worry about! He who need a passport has a mission behind! I would march alone on the street if this was a bag of maize. Koma passport, iyaaaa! Za ziiiiii!!!!!! Munayamba mwava kuti zinthu zakwera chifukwa cha passport? A Malawi musamangodandaula ziri zonse!! Ma passport ndi a Mwenye ndi awooooo owerengekawo!!!

Njolinjo Mwana wa mama

Umbuli ndi tsoka!

Malawians why are you so docile when it is even paining. Why can you not learn from other citizens who when such things happen show their anger by rioting and taking out the useless leadership. Riot Malawians its too much you will not manage. Riot. Look at Bukina Faso people rioted expressing their anger and it worked. Look at Zambia people rioted and Lungu is reinstated. You sit phwiiii nothing will change azangokuberani basi ndalama zanu. Stop the stupid politeness and wake up Malawians. In any case when these leaders become selfish God takes them away from the people permanently… Read more »
Dominic Chipwayira

Burkinafaso yabwera Ku Malawi nthawi yakwana


uku nde kuba akuluakulu 15 to 48 amalawi osalakwa avutika chifukwa cha aathu ena ake amene anaba ndalama

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