Malawi Passport applicants funding Immigration welfare fund

TheDepartment of Immigration has started forcing hundreds of Malawi passport applicants to contribute to its welfare fund.

Immigration receipt welfare fund

Immigration receipt welfare fund

The purpose of the welfare fund is not known but the mere fact that hundreds of people throng this office daily suffices to conclude that the welfare fund is already brimming with hundreds of thousands if not millions of Malawi kwacha.

Sources at the Immigration department said a few weeks ago, senior officers from the office decreed that they will no longer accept passport size photos from private providers.

Instead they procured their own camerasand printers and are doing the photographing themselves and are charging applicant MK1,000 for a pair of photos.

Ironically, applicants are given a general Malawi government receipt saying the money is for the department’s welfare fund.

“It is true this money is yet to go through the NBS Bank enroute to Malawi government account number one because our management is still in discussions with NBS Bank management,” an Officer told NyasaTimes on condition of anonymity.

The officer, who is not allowed to talk to the media, said the department’s decision was made to flush out ‘Dobasdobas’ who he said have been embroiled in numerous allegations of theft of clients’ monies.

“Previously we would give clients forms and ask them to get passport photos elsewhere. This we realized was a mistake because we inherently made the ‘Dobasdobas’ an extension of our department hence they operated with impunity. We carried the burden of their vices,” the senior officer said.

When contacted for comment, the department’s spokesman Joseph Chauwa asked for more time but could not pick further call from NyasaTimes.

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This damn thing started long time ago. Si nkhani yachilendo. But this immigration welfare fund, what for? Kuba basi. Tikamazachita apply passport mmaona ngati tili ndi chithumba cha ndalama eti? Stupit pple


Amenewo ndiye a Malawi – amapeza nkhani popanda nkhani. Ali ndi nthawi yochuluka yotaya – alibe chochita, akudikira Boma liwadyetse mimba zawo kuti mbuuuuuu!


Is the State President aware of this?


Kodi mesa madobs amagawana nawo ma boss wo ndalamazo?? It was a move for need to praise them. They were all thieves.


The report is incorrect. Immigration Department started taking the photos of the applicants a long time ago. And it makes sense. Applicants don’t pay anything because it’s part of the application fee. Do more research on the issue. Otherwise there’s no story here.

Trump Ayatollah

Big up immigration Malawi


Koma kodi ma passport achaini nkayesa ma fotoamajambulira mkati mommo kuyambira kale mesa azibwera ndi ma passport foto zinatha kale


no issue at here,government is advising its departments to find means of funding its own projects and welfare of the officers.BIG UP IMMIGRATION KUSIYANA NDI KUBA KAPENA KUPEMPHA NGATI ANZANU AJA.


but there is no point of paying extra 1000 for the photos because everything is included in that passport fee, kodi a Malawi kupusa chani, kenako tidzamva kuti a immigration apanga ma uniform oti mukamajambulitsa muzibvala pa mtengo wa 500 kwacha. A country led by hungry dogs , robbing its citizens without remorse, mulungu akuyendereni mwa padera agalu inu!


This is long overdue. This is the best move to save poor Malawians from being cheated by Ma DobaDobawa. I just hope some senior members did not have their own photographers under those trees. Keep it up and let it come to stay.

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