Malawi Police arrest 140 people over ‘bloodsuckers’ craze

A well-coordinated operation comprising police officers from Blantyre, Limbe, Kabula, Chileka, Manje, Mbayani and E – Company from Zomba has netted about 140 people for causing mayhem in Chileka, Kachere and Machinjiri areas in Blantyre under the pretext of hunting for blood suckers, Inspector General of the Malawi Police Services, Lexten Kachama told reporters on Friday.

Lexten Kachama, Police IG: Deceitful people taking advantage.-Photo by Stanley Makuti, Mana

Statistics from police show that 32 people were arrested in Chileka; 14 people from Chilomoni; and 78 people from Machinjiri and Kachere.

Police say those arrested are due to their involvement in the killing of two people in Blantyre (Chileka and Kachere respectively) as well as violence that erupted in the townships of Chileka, Makheta, Chilomoni, Machinjiri and Kachere.

A number of vehicles and properties were destroyed yesterday by irate residents who said were hunting for blood suckers.

The mob killed a 22-year-old epileptic man Thursday in Chileka, and another man was stoned to death in Kachere township after being suspected of vampirism or blood sucking.

This has brought the number of people killed as suspected blood suckers to ten since the rumors started early last month.

Kachama said  some “deceitful people” are speading the “vampirism” mania designed to instill fear in communities and also take advantage of the situation to commit crime.

“We are deeply investigating these matter and we will get to the bottom of it,” said Kachama.

Kachama pointed out that there was no need for people to lose their sleep over the rumours since the Police has deployed  security officers to help people and bring peace in areas affected by the situation.

The Inspector General appealed to communities to refrain from mob justice in dealing with such issues and advised people to allow the law take its course.

“If you have anything on blood suckers including suspects report them to the police and we would follow the right investigations and suspects will appear in the court of law so that they were prosecuted lawfully,” Kachama advised.

President Peter Mutharika tried in vain to array the rumors which police and medical workers say has no basis.

Mutharika said the reports were “distressing and agonising” and has set up a ministerial committee to look into the matter.

In a meeting with community leaders in the hot spot district of Mulanje on October 13, Mutharika had warned people to stop using witchcraft to “suck people’s blood.”

“If people are using witchcraft to suck people’s blood, I will deal with them and I ask them to stop doing that with immediate effect,” he said.

Meanwhile, UN agencies have pulled out workers from districts affected by the rumors. US embassy had already withdrawn Peace Corps volunteers from the affected districts.

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Well Mr IG congratulations. Youve aided and abetted in the deaths of these 10 people. Where were you when your presence could have saved the life of this young man killed in Chileka. Where were you when the situation was becoming tense. Is the price of your service 10 lives? And now you make a statement so that what, the public can commend you for your incompetence. You should be ashamed of yourself. While people were getting killed your men and women on the force were busy stipping cars at Maselema for overspeeding. Do you have any priorities. With a… Read more »

The Police should immediately form a task force with medical personal and jointly visit each Urban and rural primary and Community schools to quell the fear students are having.
Educate the students equals educating the nation.

The fear has to stop before others are subjected to mob violence

Yussuf Sambo
Dr Kachama, I salute you for a very recommendable job in your operations conducted last night and please make sure those people who took part in stoning and burning an epileptic person at chantha pay for their sins and it is my prayer to almighty God to keep special fire for them. For some of you who have not seen the video you better not, it was very sadistic and very terrifying to see that video and those people are more than wild animals, sorry to say so but they deserve that description. May God forgive the sins of those… Read more »
The President has set up a ministerial committee to look into the matter of blood-suckers. Clearly, this committee will not be a committee of experts, unless we take the term ‘blood-suckers’ in its metaphorical sense. The committee should seek advice from a specialist in cognitive dissonance. The typical rural, small farmer is host to at least two conflicting belief, value, and interpretation systems and, like most people in such a situation, ignores the conflict instead of confronting it and resolving it. Instead of appearing to validate the illogical, our leaders should be seeking expert advice on how to make it… Read more »

Thanks Police IG. This is what people have been waiting to see, though your move is coming with the cost of 10 life form innocent human beings. Hadn’t been for people to know the Doctor at Chileka yesterday night, statistics would have been different today. Next time let your price be low,not 10 human life. Keep on protecting people, you are entrusted for. Thank you.


Well done. The chatha killing was bad. An innocent person dying at the hands of ruthless people. It reminded me of the death of Steven in the bible. There is a video that somebody took and shows the people that killed this person. I hope there are the ones who have been arrested and will face the law.


Some people dont have confidence in the police. Sad as it is, this is the price we pay for having a shamefully compromised police service and overall justice system. Public servants must serve the people as if they are serving God.

Barnaba Sila

Thumbs up Malawi Police


Lock them up and throw away the keys!


We have the weakest president ever in this country… Hes talking about committee zoona president ….? Osangodzuka mmawa mkulamula apolice amange yense wapha anthu wosakwa… sadly poor people are killing one another… reach people are safer… police is too passive under kachama.. there nothing this man so called kachama is doing..KODI SANGACHOTSEDWE NTCHITO MUSANKHE WINA? If he will need compensation mupatse koma achoke.

Akuba… unlawful killings. Corruption.. cover ups including using police as political body.. this is Nonsense… nde mudzabwere..2019…nyumbayamba yanu tidzawotha moto

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