Malawi Police arrest woman for husband’s murder in Ntcheu

A 31-year-old woman is in police custody in Ntcheu district on suspicion that she had a hand in her husband’s death.

Chigaru:  Wife suspected of murder

The suspect, Berita Kamoto is said to have killed her husband Jeremiah Kholowa 45, on Sunday night October 8th, 2017 at Kalimwayi village in the district, after she discovered he was stealing some of her items meant for business. He was allegedly selling the items to by beer.

According to police, Kamoto is disabled and the Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) provided her with business training to equip her with much needed skills so she could start a business of her own.

“After completing the training that included tailoring, as one of the beneficiaries of the program, the suspect was provided with start-up equipment and materials.

She was given Solar panel, battery, charger, Sawing machine, Radio and fourteen pieces of cloth among others so that she immediately venture into business,” explained Hastings Chigalu, Ntcheu police Publicist.

“Disagreements with her husband emerged when it came to her notice that the deceased was stealing some of the items. The suspect ordered the deceased to leave the house, and they separated.”

Chigalu said on Sunday October 8, at around 22pm the deceased while drunk went to the suspect’s house, and he found her already asleep.

“He then started knocking hard on the door while calling her name. It is reported that she came out and queried the deceased what he was doing at her house at such odd hour, but the deceased was armed with a sharp object.

“The deceased started hitting her. She got injured on the left eye. However, she managed to overpower him. He fell down, and she grabbed him by the neck. He became unconscious. She immediately went to report the matter to the deceased’s relatives.”

Police visited the scene of the incident and took the body to Ntcheu District Hospital for confirmation.  Postmortem results revealed that he died due to suffocation.

The suspect and the deceased  have been married for over 10 years and together have two children, aged eight and  three years, both boys.

The deceased,  Kholowa hailed from Mkwezalamba village,  while the suspect comes from Kalimwayi village,  both from Traditional Authority Kwataine, Ntcheu.

The suspect will appear in court soon on murder charge under Section 209 of the Penal Code.

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Palibe za murder apa the guy was trespassing

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

The man found the woman who was disabled already asleep. A fight ensured and the woman realised that the man was lifeless she went to report to the man’s relatives at Mkwezalamba village. A village certainly away from Kalimwayi village where the fight took place. Sure? A disabled woman tired after a fight, goes to another village probably on a wheel chair alone to report to the relatives of the husband who happens to be lying lifeless (dead). Akunena zimenezi ndiwapolice? Mabvuto kwabasi.


I think there is something wrong with our laws. Are sure this is murder case, they should send this lady to the already congested jails. Strange indeed.

themba phiri

they must learn from the South Africa judgement, that would did that in self defence

Blessed Banda

Release the woman. She would have been killed. This woman was attacked and she managed to defend herself. This was in self defense. This man came was an intruder at old hours. Police should not act as if they would have come to her rescue. This man already started beating her in that old hour. Lawyers, please help the woman. This case is straight forward compared to that of Pretorius (para olympic guy) of South Africa who killed his girl friend


Please I beg release the woman unconditionally. These other so called men rely need to be eliminated that way for peace
to reign. Ana akuvutika kunyumba pls release her

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