Malawi police beat up schoolchildren mercilessly: Road to Chileka Airport blocked

Malawi police on Wednesday were  heavy-handed  on protesting  learners in primary school  beating up the schoolchildren mercilessly who were on the streets demonstrating against the nationwide strike by their teachers.

Schoolchildren continue protests in Blantyre

The protests have entered a third day in Blantyre with pupils from  Kachanga primary School in Chileka blocking the road to Chileka airport and smashing some vehicles.

Despite beating the protesting learners, police arrested three who were  taken to Chileka Police Station where they are being kept.

Chileka police spokesperson Grace Mwale confirmed the arrest of the schoolchildren.

In a statement released Wednesday, national police spokesperson James Kadadzera  condemned  “shameful act” by the learners  and urged them to follow proper procedures to present their grievances

He strongly warned protestors from taking the law into their own hands as solution to have their voices heard.

He further said police believe some criminals took advantage of the rioting pupils to steal from unsuspecting passers-by.

“We believe rogues hiding behind the pupils blocked the roads, stoned motorists, interrupted traffic flow, demanded money from motorists, which are all illegal and criminal acts.”

In the statement,  the Police remind parents, guardians and teachers that the safety and security of their children is important.

”The pupils should be greatly discouraged from taking to the streets to advance the agenda of other quarters. Anything may happen on the street including being run over by speeding vehicles,” the statement said.

Kadadzera mentioned that investigations have revealed that some individuals with their own intentions possibly aimed at discrediting the government are coaxing pupils to go to the streets.

“Let these individuals be warned that once found relevant charges will be leveled against them,” he warned.

The riots by pupils started on Monday in Blantyre, Ntcheu and Balaka districts.

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26 thoughts on “Malawi police beat up schoolchildren mercilessly: Road to Chileka Airport blocked”

  1. sandram says:

    Zobela ndi mmenezimakhalira, apa zikusonyeza kuti mtsogoleri si wakuno kwathu.
    If that could be so, action could have taken already.
    Kodi si emweyo amati ambiri ndife mbuli amalawi?
    Thats why tikufuna achinyamata kulamulira dzikoli.
    Zakhalamba izi zikulowesa mavuto ambiri mudziko muno.

  2. tadala says:

    Children need to learn from last time they matched to sanjika to try and topple the govrrnment..that one day things could get worse..the country will even run out of freezes and jigies ..and that will be their chance to burn petrol stations and break cars and houses the moment they need to go home

  3. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    The demonstration by pupils in primary schools in Blantyre, Balaka and Ntcheu should be taken seriously by the authorities. The earlier they pay outstanding leave grants the better as it will enable not only teachers but also pupils to go back to schools. However, the manner in which leave grants are paid should be reviewed. Yes the policy should be reviewed.

    I believe pupils in Soweto in South Africa are looking at school pupils in Malawi with interest because in South Africa the police came hard on them, partly because they opposed the Afrikaans language which was introduced alongside English as a medium of instruction in schools. Tear gas was used so too live ammunition on demonstrating students. Incidentally it occurred on June 16, 1976. However, the event exposed images of police brutality which culminated into an international revulsion against South Africa.

    Here in Malawi it is teachers’ leave grants and nothing else. May be accounts personnel have been diverting funds meant for leave grants to others programs known to themselves with a view to paint a picture that teachers have not been accessing the funds! Please pay them.

  4. johnnexmimu says:

    za zii mukusiya kumanga chaponda adapezeka ndi ndalama zakhanikhani.amalawi mkumazuzika but look your busy arrest young students. shame on you malawi police. we will see 2019

  5. solace says:

    That’s rediculious plz everyone work to get what he needs dpp to hell gave their grant

  6. pathfinder says:

    kkkkkkkk mbuli zokha zokha baasi zachita comment apa. wanzeru ndi rift valley ndi ine baasi

  7. watipa says:

    Am happy all this is happening in the southern region. God is in control, northerners keep on praying. DPP expect more problems to come as long as you are fighting with the northerners.

  8. watipa says:

    Am happy all this is happening in the southern region. God is in control, northerners keep on praying.

  9. Norbert says:

    its shameful to a school child

  10. Hatton says:

    Hon. LOVE LEADS, musatiliritse potikumbutsa the Dark Period of 1964 – 1993. This dark period saw a cabinet crisis presided over by an invitee leader who was given the mantle by the humble late Orton Chirwa. The period saw the brutal butchering of the Chisinza’s and others. The period saw the ruling party officials of that time addressing people at Queen Elizabeth hospital mortuary while standing on Yatuta Chisinza’s dead body. The period saw Chipembere, Kanyama Chiume, the Orton Chirwa family and many more others running away from Malawi. The period saw Chiefs being beaten up in the north during the party convention. The period saw Chief Mwase of Kasungu being deposed. The period saw the staged Thambani accident claiming four lives.
    This past is too dark to remember and wish to come back.

  11. winston msowoa says:

    There is no difference between our Police and former South African Police brutes who went around killing African children who were demonstrating against the most barbaric regime Africa had ever seen.It is heart-breaking for national Police Force,to bruttaly charge against our children who in the aforeseable future will become our national leaders,while the hopeless and greedy present day leaders are in their graves.These kids did not attack people,but they were demonstrating against the failures of the leaders of their country.At that age,we elders must be proud of these leaders of tomorrow for their astuteness.It is pity and foolishness for this regime to just watch children are being molestated by our wanton police force,leaving people like the Chapondas,Dausis,Ntabas,Jappies and their master,who have plundered our national resources for their own interests.We are now 53 years of independence,in this length,we could be far enough to progressively control our destiny politically and economically.Time will come when the masses of this country regardless of our identities,will control our own destiny.MAY GOD BLESS MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!!!!!

  12. LOVE LEADS says:

    Chanco was closed for 8 mths, throwing the college calendar into disarray coz of dispute of staff vs Govt now the college is nearing the 8 mths mark. Today. it is primary schools, soon it will be secondary schools. The reason why our political leaders who call themselves Govt allow education to be disrupted is that all their children and girlfriends go either to private schools and colleges or go overseas for education on our tax. e.g Atupele Muluzi ask him where he went for his higher education and college. Even when they are sick, they fly abroad for obvious reasons. Just last week another son to top-blas politician was enjoying comedy in UK and his father went just to watch his son doing comedy. Fellow Malawians, do you think such people have anything to do with our education or health let alone it’s standards? I remember I was at the same secondary school with Robson Chirwa’s son and at primary I was in class with children of Kazombo Mwale and some nieces of JZU – list is endless. No wonder many people including Hon Henry Mussa say zinthu zibwerere mwakale (yes he said it on football issues) Mwakake mwake sinwina ai koma those 1964-1993 days. I am not MCP but at least we were enjoying our school. At primary we were receiving ballpens, notebooks and text books and we were paying only K1.50 fees and my entire 4 years of secondary school I paid K971.00 (I am still keeping my receipts). Above all, all colleges were free. Yet quality was excellent in this part of Africa. Tsono iwe Kadadzera osamenya ana athu poti aba a mabwana ako kulibe. udzalira one day. You Malawi Police, I order you, I implore you to release those children unconditionery.

    1. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

      My best friend who had his primary education at Zomba Government Primary School later called Bwaila Primary School paid K 3.50 as school fees per term. When he was selected to a national secondary in central Malawi, his parents paid K 30.00 as schools per term. Indeed note books, textbooks and mathematical instruments (at secondary school) were provided. And teachers were hard workers as most were able to get salaries and leave grants in time. This time around the blame should also weigh heavily on the so called District Education Managers aka DEMs. These officers do not assist teachers in their respective districts.

  13. pastor jk says:

    common blakies.
    blame the mwenyes.
    stupid teachers + stupid students= F***** up country.

  14. CHIMVQ says:

    ndalama zankhaninkhani
    mwamupatsa kaliwo
    zoti mukanatha kukonzera
    zinthu zAmbiri

    mumaganiza bwanji ??

  15. Escar says:

    Apatseni ndalama zawo aphunzitsi zonsezi zitha. A Muthalika mukuti chani kulamulira dziko sizachibwanatu zilibenso uprofessor abale. Mwaonekeratu poyera kuti simutha kulamulira dziko. Tikamati siyani zoononga chuma cha boma mumaona ngati tikunama nanga ndalama zaeni ake za leave grant zinapita kuti?

  16. Mfulu says:

    Time!!!! Amene ali ndi maso akuona m mene zinthu zikuyendera ,”mwati 2019 Dpp m’boma?

  17. Bodza la N'nanu says:

    Why can’t you for once accept that the government has failed miserably and stop blaming the opposition parties. Very sad!

  18. Maphunziro says:

    Apatseni and maphunziro oyenera. Zionetserozi zitionongera ana.

  19. chidongu says:

    Shame, remember you are on payroll of taxes payer money not dpp money

  20. Matako akuwawa says:

    Excuse me!!! are you serious that this is the road to Chileka Airport? Ha my foot!!

  21. Rift Valley says:

    I have no problem with school children demonstrating peacefully and I support this. However, I do not condone riotous behavior especially when innocent road users are inconvenienced to the extent of their vehicles being stoned and in some instances damaged.

    Police action is therefore justified

  22. Kadokera says:

    Inu a police, what you see are the effects and not the causes. You well know the causes. Whoever is responsible should address these causes and our children will not be in the street. How on earth can the whole government fail to pay teachers leave grants? Leave grant is only paid once in a year and most teachers are K28,000 basi. Eeeeeee koma boma ili palibepo chimene likupanga.

  23. Kabiniko says:

    Very shameful to see police being used as DOGs by the Diphiphi government.

  24. manyengawana says:

    Anthu atopa ndi manyi omwe bina la DPP likupanga. This is only the beginning. People are tired of being cheated. You can rig the votes but not the economy. A galu and DPP are busy enriching themselves. People would like to see change.

  25. a strange from DPP says:

    Bwana Kadadzera, these are side effects of corruption. Tell your president to stop tolerating corruption and the country will have money to pay teachers’ leave grants. Your guards have the audacity to beat school children? This govt is in its afternoon. Its unheard of to beat a primary school kid who is demanding the right to education. I find it pity that DPP govt can not afford to pay leave grants to teachers. What a shame.

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