Malawi Police fail to arrest DPP roughnecks

Malawi Police say they are frustrated with their failure to arrest ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth  cadets a week after they caused havoc, beating up a journalist and harassing legistors at parliament building in Lilongwe.

DPP terror Cadets outside the visitors’ gallery at Parliament

Police spokesperson James Kadadzera blamed the failure to arrest the cadets to delayed investigations on the matter.

“The police are still investing the matter,” said Kadadzera on Thursday.

DPP regional governor for the south Charles Mchacha was the mastermind of the whole political scheme which left President Peter Mutharika embarassed and apologising.

A source at police headquarters said the acting Inspector General Rodney Jose has been engaging the DPP leadeship on the matter.

DPP spokerson Francis Katsaira refused to comment, saying he has commented on the issue many times.

The United Nations (UN) has since called on the police to investigate the matter and ensure that culprits are brought to book.

A statement signed by UN resident coordinator Maria Jose Torres stresses the need for tolerance and respect of the rule of law that enables citizens’ participation and equal representation as a way of promoting credible, free and fair elections next year.

Reads the statement in part: “The UN in Malawi is concerned about several recent incidents taking place at the beginning of the electoral period… We call on authorities to investigate and where relevant, prosecute perpetrators”.

Torres further states that separately there were threats directed at female councillors and civil society activists in the country.

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Does the word ‘investigation’ have a different meaning in police terminology?
What are they investigating? The reported incident happened in broad daylight in full view of police officers and cameras rolling.
Besides the ones who orchestrated this savagery are on record of having warned their presumed adversaries before hand.
Please give Malawians a break of such foolishness, the unrelenting wave of miseries caused by this DPP government is more than what a normal person can bear.

Wanangwa Chande Mhone
Wanangwa Chande Mhone

The police system in Malawi stinks like a suage and need an extreme overhaul, if it was somebody from the opposition they would have effected the arrest the same day, shame on you policemen…………


Kadadzera inu. Count your days. Adkakhala wa MCP , arrest while investigations are continuing. Stupid

Jesus is Lord

DPP yakanika, enafe timaona ngati mwina mupitiliza zimene malemu Bingu anasiya mnjira monga ma University aja, Nsanje Port ndi zina zambiri koma mwangokwanilitsa kulemeretsa achina Ben Phiri ndi anzawo. Chakwera wakukumbutsani zimene munalonjeza a Malawi koma simunakwanilitse pano mwangoganiza zoyamba kuwopseza anthu. Misewu mukumangayo anthu angoyendamo chaka chimodzi kenako yagumuka, ina simunamalize nkomwe koma yagumuka kale. Shame DPP!!!!!!!!

chimanga chaponda

ma cadet, know that kadauluka kadzatela. la 40 lidzakupezani


If Malawians had any doubt that Malawi Police is useless, ineffective and just dull; this is it. No wonder they can’t even apprehend low-level criminals. The Police Department is an insult to the profession. I don’t even know why the IG and his senior staff get paid……doing what? No wonder there are many high-level cases that are are being “investigated” from the days of Kamuzu Banda and still remain unresolved. Whoever is going to run the New Malawi will have to fire the whole lot from Malawi Police and Malawi Army especially the leadership.

Nox Nthambi
Mr Kadadzera, what is the DPP police investigating? Its better to shut up your mouth than making fun of yourself and the whole police community. Just tell the nation that your hands are tied. When are you going to use arrest warrant for JB. You made a lot of noise when she was outside the country but now you quite, WHY. This police is a shame to the SADC region and Africa as a whole despite British government pumping a lot of millions for reform. I suggest your revert to shorts as uniform basi not trousers because they heavy hence… Read more »
There is a whole ceremony that the Head of State presides over, for the Police Cadets to proclaim their allegiance to the constitution and the public at large. The ceremony has now been rendered a joke as it doesn’t mean anything to these uniformed police. They are indeed a disgrace to the nation and no wonder the public doesn’t respect them. The Police and the Army are supposed to be apolitical. They shouldn’t be bribed by political parties to run their errands. That would be a dangerous precedent to a democratic society. To the ruling party DPP, remember that once… Read more »

What are the Police investigating?Are the police telling us they don’t know Mchacha?The problem with our police is they are not professional in their dealings


The Police and Army are all on the ruling party’s payroll. This is really sad for Malawi. No wonder it is unable to deal with crime as they’re busy costing up to the politicians. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we all hear that even the Police were in it…….kukolezera moto and look the other way.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

DPP should learn from indicators that have ensured in the their party including opposition factions that are growing by the day that things are not well there.


Ma cadet akuopa kumanga ma cadet anzawo

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