Malawi Police fail to trace pistol from DPP cadet: Kaiya charged

Malawi Police  released on unconditional Noel Kaiya, a ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadet who was  seen with  a pistol when he accompanied  Ben Phiri, the most powerful former aide of President Peter Mutharika, to a function in Thyolo  after it failed to trace the gun.

Armed and pose for photo opportunity: DPP cadet Noel Kaiya

Police arrested Kaiya on October 12 after  his picture with a pistol revealed in his pair of trousers at the public function went viral on social media.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera said the law enforcers were interested to question the DPP cadre to  establish how  he got the gun.

Police has since pressed charges of being found in possession of military attire to Kaita, 42, from Kwanjana Villagem Traditional Authority  Nchiramwera in Thyolo District.

Phiri, who is DPP Director of Operations or Field Marshall, was launching his  K10 million football, netball and bawo trophies when Kaiya brandished pistol in public.

But Phiri has disowned Kaiya, saying despite knowing him as  a Thyolo homeboy, he is not part of his security detail.

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Guys tikamanena kuti dzikoli utsogoleri wake ndiwakufa timanena zimenezi. Simudzawuwonanso mpando umenewu alhomwe ndinu osokoneza kwambiri popeza ndi mnyamata wakumudzi kwanu kungomusiya


Vindele vakufikapo.


In Muluzi time Macholowe was released from prison, when Bingu took over, the man was rearrested. ?????????


Mr. Kadadzera listen to what you are telling the nation and tell us there is sense. Even the suckling baby will tell that there is no grain of truth in your statements. You and the entire service actions are a threat to public order.

Fake Petros
What more evidence does the Malawi Police need in this particular case? The picture clearly shows this thug in dpp attire is in FULL possession of the weapon (illicit or not) stuck in his belt. And it is him and nobody else!!! If he now claims he doesn’t have the pistol then that should be another criminal case on its own. Where is it? Where did he get it? Who is/ was the owner? Was he keeping a stolen property and now he has disposed of it? I’m not a legal expert but this picture can surely be used as… Read more »

This is a joke. Have you really failed to trace a pistol? Please arrest the guy who was brandishing the pistol in full of everybody. Arrest him and bring him before our able courts to give him a life sentence. That pistol belongs to the party. period. It belongs to Big CADET, Ben Phiri. Have you checked in his house? Are you sure you were looking for it? or you are spending our time to comment on useless comedy!!!!

My Malawi

our time will come. the writing is on the wall


Dzitsilu dza police


Mr president
Thugs are in control not you. Mob justice
Cardets hitting people
Civil servants stealing
Police inactive
All these things are happening because you are not in charge.
Why is still mob justice going on?
Why are dpp cadets terrorising people ?
Why civil servants stealing? (7 nights to deliver a letter from Lilongwe to kasungu)!!
What have u done about all?
U don’t need to go out and find out but summon the responsible officers give them ultimatum or fired. Show us that u mean business


Malawi police failing to trace a pistol from a DPP cadet, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk very interesting.

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