Malawi Police officer gets 15-year prison sentence for cell death of NRC student

Malawi Police officer Victor Nsolomo was convicted in connection to the mysterious circumstances that surrounded the death of a Natural Resources College (NRC) student, Edwin Msiska, who died in police custody in 2012, has been sentenced to at least 15 years’ jail for his murder.

Edson Msiska was brutalised in a police cell in Mzuzu and died

Edson Msiska was brutalised in a police cell in Mzuzu and died

Mzuzu High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise passed the lengthy sentence on Tuesday. The court acquitted two Police officers George Kamphe and Lucius Mpakeni because the state failed to find sufficient evidence, beyond any reasonable doubt, to implicate the two.

Justice Madise noted that evidence tendered pointed to Nsolomo as the one who caused the unlawful death of Msiska.

Nyasa Times broke the story in 2012 that Edson Msiska was arrested for allegedly being found in possession of stolen property during the morning of 25th January, 2012 and was locked up at Mzuzu Police Station. He died on January, 29, 2012 in custody as police were arranging transportation to take him to the hospital.

A postmortem report from Mzuzu Central Hospital revealed Msiska was assaulted while in police custody, and that the cause of death was severe assault/trauma.

At the beginning of the trial, the suspects were charged with the offence of murder but by close of prosecution, the court found that there was not enough evidence to let Kamphe and Mpakeni answer a murder case. Instead, the two were charged with manslaughter.

Madise explained that the family of the deceased is perfectly entitled to sue for wrongful death and negligence in a civil court, citing total negligence by the Malawi Police Service.

Had the deceased been taken to the hospital earlier, Madise argued, Msiska could have been saved.

Chief State advocate Dzikondianthu Malunda said the State is pleased with a stiffer sentence to Nsoloma.

Msiska’s relation, Ester Lupafya, said the family will decide whether to sue Malawi Police.

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cheyo the real northerner
cheyo the real northerner

Bad assumption. Not all police officers are mbuli. Some of us are graduates but we are police officers. It was bad that a human life got lost.


Is this Malawi police service or force.ndinanena kuti a poli enawa ndimbuli anangopeza chabe

beston adamson

kulakwa kuchosa moyo wa zako

G man

Chilungo chawoneka ngakhale 15 yrs yachepa! Moyo wa munthu analuzidwa apa! M’police uyu akakumane nazo mbava nyapala zomwe anazimanga iye akaswedwe makofi

Ufulu K

The family should sue the police. This is a clear case of negligence as pointed as by the learned judge. A lesson for the Inspector General of Police to advise his juniors accordingly.


This Policemen its their habit,please!look around there are more of this act.They think Police is for boxing field,all wht they know when probng the case is asauting.Emawa atengarepo phunziro,ndipo there shuld be a cirulating Memo to all police officer to make it knwn to their boys about this.azinyongedwatu!




boma iri loopsa

Jackson Mzoza

MHSRP police service they became police force untill eish boma do samething for nosensiless behalve

Longa Mbuya

I attended the same primary school with this fella! My heart weeps for him. The real thieves are out there in hiding.

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