Malawi Police raid homes of opposition leader Chakwera’s body guards, arrest 2

Malawi Police on Thursday arrested two body guards of Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera after a raid on their homes following reports they had guns.

Chakwera: Security detail searched

The two body guards were later released after no guns were found after a thorough search in their homes.

Acting spokesperson for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Eisenhower Mkaka described the whole move as political persecution of Chakwera.

“The government is doing all it can to scare the opposition, to silence Dr Chakwera so that he stops criticising the government,” said Mkaka.

He said 20 police officers raided the homes of the two unidentified body guards for Chakwera in the morning and 15 armed to teeth officers raided the homes again in the afternoon.

Mkaka said the party would be taking action against the police for raiding the houses without a search warrant.

Police spokesperson at police headquarters James Kadadzera feigned ignorance on the matter, saying he did not know this happened.

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mfumu ya alhomwe

MCP sidzalamulirabe kumanda sabwerela shit


Mbuzi za wanthu


Poor man malawi ruled by clueless, corrupt, mafias etc. The whole cabinet is corrupt, its just amatter of time for the fire they use to hide the facts will burn them. Malawi does not belong to lomwes but all those who live in it. Many good men want to develop malawi eradicate poverty, but dpp is busy destroying malawi with corruption. Tribalistics politics got no place in malawi. MPs its your job to empeach or fire aclueless corrupt president peter wamunthalika. Otherwise 2019 malawi faces tribal war. People are tired of dpp shit politics.


Abale, do you honestly believe the police, ACB, oDPP, Assets Declaration, NAO, Ministers, Boards, CEO’s of government companies etc, etc can apply their knowledge to get things done? Police actions on Chakwera bodyguards, Uladi Musa are on instructions from DPP rough necks and, docile as he is, APM cannot do a thing. Poor Arthur.


Hehehe… So did you find the guns mwagwa nayo. you fail in whatever you try to do in the name of intimidating the opposition. And believe me this will fire back at you God is watching everything


Shame, shame on APM and his bunch of useless cows

Binnwell Kachikopa

A walking devil dpp, a failed satan, a useless gang of mafias, a dictatorial foolish party, wait for few days, nature will sought you out.

Zinenani Zoona

Eiiish! Mutharika! First you did not win properly, then this! God please save our nation


Malawi kulamulidwa ndi agalu. Dziko lomvetsa chisoni. Apolisi kumangotumidwa ndi andale wopanda masomphenya ngati a DPP mmalo mothana ndi anthu woba ndalama zaboma. Kukanika kummanga Chaponda amene milandu yake yachiwonekele. Dziko lino lafika ponyasa. Palibe chowoneka chimene DPP ikupanga. Koma mtundu wa chilomwe ndi wa anthu owononga ndi kupha basi. Wochititsa manyazi. Ndipo Peter ndi Chaponda wawonetsera poyera kuti kukhala mlomwe ndi usatana weni weni.

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