Malawi Police recruiting 3,000 DPP cadres

Malawi government has ordered police for recruitment and training of 3,000 youth in its rank and file but Nyasa Times understands those targeted for recruitment are ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadres.

President Mutharika at the police pass out parade

President Mutharika at the police pass out parade

The recruitment of DPP cadres in the police service is said to be under  commandeered by deputy police chief Duncan Mwapatsa.

Police sources said: “Hundreds will be fused in Police from the  DPP cadets.”

The DPP cadres in police uniform will also be used to harass and intimidate people mainly in opposition strong holds during the 2019 elections.

But the police denied the allegations, saying the recruits are supposed to be community crime preventers.

Meanwhile, there was a vigil at Police Training School in Limbe, Blantyre on Thursday as trainee cops wants authorities to remove non-holders of MSCE certificate, those with fake invitation letters.

The opposition is on record questioning Malawi Police recruitment exercise, saying it is contributing to security lapse.

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera, who is also the president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) s during the last sitting of parliament faulted the unprofessional recruitment of police officers whom he said most of them are party zealots who do not take the law seriously.

“I have stated over and over on what they can do to change the things for the better but they have a prerogative to disregard what I have been saying. In recruitment do not take party zealots and say these should be police men and women,” said Chakwera.

According to Chakwera, high crime rate in the country is as results of a systematic way of not being professional in what the recruitment has done.

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for Defence and Internal Security, Enock Chihana, also criticized the recruitment of cops.

Chihana said the recruitment process for police officers is “so lacking that the service has even recruited thieves and thugs”.

“We have noticed that when recruiting these officers, there is no background check and to make things worse the training period is too short as it ranges from three to six months,” said Chihana.

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dee kay

Munthu ankaba ali ku university komwe anzake anamumenya. Kuba ndi khalidwe lake. Makerere has records. Asukulu anzake ataona kuti zinthu zao zikusowa anadikira tsiku lina ali mkala iye atatuluka kwakanthawi. Pokamupeza ku dorm, anamugwira akuba. Chindere chvakufikapo.

Dennis chiwaula kk

Wakuba ndi wakuba basi, Achimwene ake atatsala pafupi ndi kufa si aja anawapeza zima brief case za ndalama USA dollars. Azalowa amene akasiya u president wo.

mr phalobe wa kuchiringa

enawa angopezerapomwayi oipisa boma,alekeni achite mmene akuonera not your idea

Evance Y. Tuwali

That is political propaganda,Lazaro chatsika is a failure, he has run from God and is expecting the same God to assist him to get the hot presidential seat, what a foolish galatian and you think you can fool malawians you will see the results of running away from God in 2019


I like Malawi where it’s hard to get into the army/ military than in the police service which is supposed to be vice versa. The polobulemu being politicians looking for their own interests


Mmmmm Inu Nkhani Siimeneyo.Ma Trainer Omwe Amapanga Vigil Imeneyi Akanizidwa Kulowetsa Anthu Omwe Anawadyera Ndalama Kuti Awalowetsa Ntchito Ndiye Akuyesesa Kupanga Zothekazo Kuti Wina Zimuipile Sinanga Ndalama Anadya Kale.Munaona Kuti Munthu Wa J C E Akupanga Vigil Kuti Mzaka Wa J C E Asalembedwe Ntchito.Iwo Mmene Ankalembedwa Ntchito Ndi Ma J C E Awo Anawapangila Vigil Ndani.Tamafufuzani Bwino Nkhanizi.Anthu Ena Atengedwa Opanda Abale Awo Kupolisi Komweko Oo Ku Ndale Za Ziiiiiiiiii Mmafukiza Utsi Pa Madzi Bwanji.

Mbewe Phiri

We want these cadres help us to rig the 2019 elections in all districts especially in central region where you chewas are just too many.We are the minority tribe how do you think we can win elections?We also busy calling all sleepy mang’anjas as lomwes here in sauzeni region so that they do not became part of the chewas.We do not have many lomwe chiefs as well but we need to ensure that we rule the majority by hook or crook.We are threatened by the CHEWA MAJORITY.


ndimaona ngati mukudandaula zenizeni koma ndaona kuti YONA CHAKWERA othawa kutumikila Mulungu akufuna kusokoneza anthu pomawapatsa maumboni abodza,,kodi Chakwera akazalowa MBoma sikudzalembedwa anthu ntchito?nanga ndekuti adzakhala ali aKongelesi?amene zikumunyansa angosamuka mudziko munooo DPP WOOYEEEE

Apao Kugola
It is such kind of recruitment of mediocre political zealots that makes police officers fail to agitate for better services in their camps. For instance, if a large number of police officers were recruited on merit plus educational acumen they wouldn’t be afraid to question authorities why those housed at C campany (opposite Lilongwe CCAP or Mema MBC Studio) and other locations live in such eyesore of houses. What the Government is doing is true dictatorship: employing the daft and dandaheads with intellectual deficiencies because they can’t question any bad treatment on them. And the daft will only vent their… Read more »

the 3000 cops must be divided into all the districts of the country in order to help combating crimes. NOT DPP Cadres but these are for government,as they will be paid government salaries.

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