Malawi Police says excessive beer drinking is an offense

Malawi Police Service says excessive beer drinking is an offense, warning that the law enforcers will now start apprehending those offending Section 183 of the Penal Code.

Beer party: Call to avoid binge drinking

Beer party: Call to avoid binge drinking

Excessive beer drinking in the Penal Code is termed as “Drunk and incapable”.

According to Southern Region Police spokesperson, Nicolas Gondwa, the country’s security agency is losing a lot of resources through postmortems conducted on deaths caused by excessive beer drinking.

Each postmortem cost the Malawi Police Service K35,000.

“Any person who is drunk and incapable and is found at any public place or drinking joint licensed under Liquor Act, that person will be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine over K100,000,” said Gondwa.

He also emphasized that “any person” shall mean all people including police officers”.

“People should avoid excessive beer drinking or drink and incapable for the betterment of our country. The nation depend on people to develop and government is always concerned with its people.

“That is why we come in to establish cause of any sudden death. So, without the people the State can develop. Every person is counted for and government has interest in every individual that is why we pay K35,000 on each postmortem,” explained Gondwa.

He also warned fellow law enforcers to avoid taking beer while on duty, saying such behaviour reflect badly and put the Malawi Police Service in disrepute.

Gondwa further requested the general public to be responsible and  report to police any suspicious individuals to combat crimes in the country.

“We urged people to stop drink and incapable because we know it leads to crimes. People have committed offences under the influence of alcohol while others have lost their lives because of irresponsible drinking,” said Gondwa.

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alcohol is for those who are perishing, in anguish so that they can forget their poverty


Katangale uja wasiya kubwezeletsa chuma cha dziko m’mbuyo, pano ndi okumwa mowa


I passed by a pub owned by a Policeman at Mbayani yesterday. The scene was eerie, with officers drunk in their uniforms.


Thumbs up Nyasa Times kuwajambulanso iwo omweo akukhuta uniform ili pathupi. kkkkkkkkk!

Ukanama sikuchedwa kucha

Kodi pa khothi mudzipita naye ali chiledzelele choncho?

mkaaji wakweli.

maka pano padzaleka anthu ena anachita kuchoka mmakwawo kumagonereza kumowa komweko . Ndiye lamulo ili ligwire nchito mosayang’anira dela mu Malawi.

Steve Ng'omba

Am afraid many police officers will be arrested




Drinking is part of my culture respect n i’ll continue drinking. Are trying to tell me that the poorest country can also afford to carter for cost of putting drunkards in jail. It beats me how this poor land of mine sets its priorities. Koma ndiye ikakhala imeneyi ivuta kupanga enforce chifukwa half of the police force is full of drunkards.


Visit afro motel and find cops drinking while in uniforms after collecting bribes for bail, traffic fines, bus touts,money changers

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