Law expert pushes govt to seek Britain compensation for Malawi war vets

A Malawi legal expert Ralph Mhone has asked Malawi government press for compensation from its former colonial master the Britain to thousands of Malawians who were tortured during an anti-colonial uprising late 1950s.

Ralph Mhone;  Compesation needed

Ralph Mhone; Compesation needed

Mhone who is also the legislator for Nkhata-bay Central constituency said this to Malawians who gathered for the commemoration of Martyrs’ Day in northern district of Nkhata-bay whose them was God is Our Light and Salvation.

During the ceremony where President Peter Mutharika was represented by Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe, Mhone said Malawi is likely to win the case because even Britons themselves know that Malawians were not rebels but unarmed freedom fighters who were fighting the highly armed colonial forces.

“It’s high time Malawi should seek compensation from Britain because out martyrs died because they were fighting for freedom which we enjoy today. They were not criminals,” he said.

Mhone said Malawi is likely to get the compensation as was the case in Kenya where Britain has compensated thousands of people whose families were killed during the British orchestrated killings in the 1950s.

As many as 90,000 Kenyans were killed or tortured and 160,000 more were forced into concentration camps during eight years of Mau Mau mayhem and bloodshed during the 1950s.

Britain announced an out-of-court settlement of about $30.5m which was split between 5,200 victims, leaving about $4,100 per claimant in a country where the average person earns just $821 a year.

Making a landmark apology before Britain’s parliament, Foreign Secretary William Hague expressed regret over “abhorrent violations of human dignity” that took place more than half a century ago.

Malawi’s former President Bingu wa Mutharika once asked the country’s law experts to investigate whether Britain compensated Malawi soldiers who fought in the two world wars.

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Go ahead bwana


Koma tsono ndaona kuti ku Kayaku fans yake ndi yaliuma zedi ngati othena agwape. No wonder when it comes to butchering them, they go in mass. Anganya, mwatani kodi? Ma copy cats basi. The fact that so so sought compensation does it compel us to seek the same?A machita bwino ndi awo amangothawako mikangonoyo ndikukhazikika mMakhetamu.

enuf said

And while this case is in court for 10 years

British won’t help us with anything in Form of aid

And what next

We lost!!!
So fucken Dumb

I don’t know why Malawians are always digging Graves and looking for free money

y can’t Mr Mhone talk of more important issues like

Childhood pregnancy
And false promises from all his fellow MPs Including himself

Give us a break
and don’t make us lough


Where were you all this time. Just concentrate to develop small Malawi than wasting time. 50 years of independence yet you have nothing to show in your self rule. Before you ask the British, can the july 20 vitims families get compensation and those involved in the killing jailed, can the Mutharika return the money used for building Ndata, can the Kamuzu family and MCP compensate the many victims. We have to sort ourselves first before we look for compensation from external factors.

Think Tank

Ujeni,do those parts while Mhone does what he has pointed out.


You think the Brits are stupid like you

Think Tank

ujeni,you are more stupid than Caligula ever was.

Think Tank

Ujeni,you are more stupid than Caligula was. Scum of the earth.


Goodall should apologise to Malawians on behalf of his late father for siding the whites during the fight for freedom. It is paining us when we see you in Nkhata bay.


This is worthy discussions. Let British government compensate the families which lost members.

I second, your Lordship, Sir.

Mbonga Matoga

Lawyers are people who like reaping where they did not sow. Compensation is the only word in the lawyers vocabulary because that is how they make a living, what a shame. How can our country develop when we have more lawyers than farmers, engineers, entrepreneurs etc.
Next time we will hear them talking about the Ngoni people to compensate the people they attacked, killed and displaced during their invasions of the Maravi kingdom. Then they will talk about the Arabs and Yao people who indulged themselves in the slave trade.

Sacks Chilli

I have always wondered when our government would take this issue up with Britain, even before Kenya took their claim to the courts. In Nkhata Bay evidence in the form of graves is there for everyone to see, and some eye witnesses are still alive to tell the story.
Well done Ralph!!


Umphawi basi! Mwaona lero zimenezo? Kuzolowera kupempha basi. Britain has helped Malawi kuyambira kalekale and I believe they were doing that as a compensation. Britain has no any right to give aid to the stupid and aid appetite Malawi. Asiyeni azungu. Lets concentrate on bulding Malawi ourselves. Tigwire ntchito osamangopempha, kumapeza zizungu zopemphera basi.


Is this Mugabe’s style…..remember this is what painted zimbabwe black .

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