Malawi political tension rising as PP threatens violent halt to Mutharika’s rule: Dausi condemn chaos threat

The erstwhile ruling People’s Party (PP)  has raised political tensions dramatically  after telling  President Peter Mutharika that he risked being removed from power through massive protests if he does not resign within 30 days.

Chikwemba: Calls for a campaign to force Muthatrika’s resignation before the next presidential poll, due in 2019

PP administrative secretary Joseph Chikwembwa, who is also leader of Orange Partners, an arm of the PP,   said in a statement that Malawians are simmering with anger at an economic crisis that has caused price rises and that President Mutharika is failing to introduce policies that would build investor and donor confidence.

In the statement, PP said it believed the majority of Malawians have lost trust in the Head of State so much that few options now remained for Malawians to restore their livelihoods which is calling for the President to go as they cannot wait for 2019 when the next elections are going to be conducted.

Chikwemba said Malawian stood ready to confront Mutharika head-on, even if he resorted to brute State machinery to crush dissent if he does not resign by 30 days or call for a referendum to allow him exercise presidential powers.

He said social and economic right of Malawians are deliberately being violated.

Chikwemba warned of a popular uprising against Mutharika is he does not resign.

“The President and his government have demonstrated favouritism and ill-will in the way they are handling issues of corruption. Malawians re aware how the case of [former minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development George] Chaponda is being handled.

“President Peter Mutharika defied a court order by sending Chaponda to Germany as a minister while the High Court injunction was in forces,” Chikwemba said in the statement seen by Nyasa Times.

PP argues among others that there is “high level of nepotism and tribalism, favouritism and ill-will in dealing with corruption introduction of tax on water and hiking university fees and maize price.”

Reads the statement: “Malawi has limited access to potable water and the introduction of tax on water will make it even harder for most Malawians to access water and most of these individuals will resort into drinking from unprotected wells or directly from polluted rivers.”

Chikwemba said the hiking of maize price and university tuition fees amounts to “disproportionate to people’s ability to pay”.

The PP also accused President Mutharika of “failing to employ teachers, doctors and nurses trained through the tax payers’ money.”

Chikwemba further accused Mutharika of failing to resolve the epileptic black-outs by power utility service provider Escom and erratic water supply.

He said PP is also condemning “high level of nepotism and tribalism practised by Peter Mutharika.”

Chikwemba said with the concerns, the PP request to President Mutharika is to go peacefully in 30 days and that if he does not go, they will call for civil disobedience.

He said Malawi country cannot afford Mutharika and his DPP administration for one day longer after the 30 days ultimatum.

Government spokesman Nicholous Dausi described the “threat of civil disobedience” as unlawful and said the State machinery will be prepared to act.

Dausi who is Minister of Information and Communication Technology said PP created the mess which Malawi is in when they presided over a regime of Cashgate, saying they have no moral ground to accuse the administration which is “trying hard to clear the mess.”

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Rift Valley
Rift Valley
5 years ago

Threats without follow-up are a waste of time. Grow up please bwana. If I were you I would start thinking of abandoning ship. Stupid people like you are fit for DPP cadets

Apao Kugola
Apao Kugola
5 years ago

PP has gone hay wire. No uprising. If Chikwemba is serious he should inform his supporters to vote wisely and never to let anybody steal their votes. Fight for electoral reform NOW and not that uprising nonsense.

Nawenso Dausi, what mess is DPP clearing? Is DPP led government clearing by further destroying the economy of Malawi? Sometimes, Dausi needed to adopt silence on issues of national concern rather than responding to everything even when he has nothing worthy sharing with the nation.

The Feraless samurai

5 years ago

very shameful for a young man like you (Chikwemba) to be used by old and politicians to fulfill their ill gotten propaganda. Much as we appreciate that Malawi as a nation we are facing a lot of problems, my brother this is not the way to go. We dont want to loose our children just like it happened during the July 20 demos? Even DPP is not shaken with what you have said iwo ali busy kuba komanso kupanga zinthu zomwe zingawapindulire pa moyo wao….why cant you as a party (PP) concentrate on finding ways and means so that amayi… Read more »

5 years ago

Kikikiki PP the party of epileptic people. Khunyu too much.

Tayesani uprising-yo muwone agalu inu!

daniel phiri wa mutharika
daniel phiri wa mutharika
5 years ago

this is the only thing to do. there’s no such thing as development in APM’S Regime. rise Malawi RISE.

Binnwell Kachikopa
5 years ago

A pido every malawian has freedom to express his or her opinion, ngati inu dpp ndi kuchipinda kwanu musawopse anzanu, you are a human being as well not a beast so let your friends express their opinions

5 years ago

This Chikwemba man is as stupid as he looks. Uprising lero? Chikwemba, zachimidzi zakozo konko. Just try and see if I will not skin you alive. We do n ot want to hear of fracas. We want to hear of development. Just sit down and read Tom Chiumia’s post that is bent o building and not demolishing. Usandipsetse mtima imbwa iwe

5 years ago
Reply to  pido

Imbwa ndi president wakoyo pamodzi ndi iweyo!! How can you develop the country pamene mukungotibera misonkho yathu agaru inu?????? you think we are happy ……..NO!!!! anthu atsankho, odzikonda, odzikweza, achiwembu, akuba mtundu wochititsa manyazi wa alomwe………………..uprising is the only way !!!!! mutharika out !!!! DPP out!!!

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