Malawi power blackouts situation worsens

At the time the nation was eager to resume a moment of uninterrupted electricity supply, the situation has just gotten worse with some parts of the country experiencing intermittent blackouts every two hours.



For the past four weeks, the country experienced a moment of critical blackouts following the shut-down of Nkula A and B power stations by the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) due to Shire River flooding.

Trash and debris choked power generation machines.

The utility service provider promised to rectify the problem by Friday January 30th, giving hope to the consumers especially those whose business operations were affected by the blackouts

However, the situation has failed to improve with Escom now running out of excuses.

Escom Public Relations Manager, Kitty Chingota in an interview attributed to the intermitted blackouts to the debris that has clogged the Kapichira power station.

Chingota said the electricity service provider finished working on Nkula A and B problem last week but could not resume normal power supply due to the new challenge at Kapichira.

“We are being forced to shut-down our machines at Kapichira almost every two hours to remove the debris. But situation at Nkula is back to normal, we have managed to repair the damage caused by the floods,” she said.

Chingota justified frequent shutting down of machines at Kapichira power station, saying “That is the only way of protecting the machines from being damaged by the debris”.

The Accumulation of silt at Nkula power plants A and B due to heavy rainfall, forced the power generating body to remove machines which were supplying 124 megawatts of Electricity, with the utility service provider losing out K4.1million in daily revenue due to extraction of the machines.

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Solve the equation above.where X is for mental

Che mkwepele

Ujeni, pepani chizungu sichili bwino. Kikikikikikiki.


You people taperekani this PRO responsibility to men, look these women are always having no true picture of what is happening on the ground hence they lie just like their elder sister JB on issue of maize that she claimed to have rotten in silos etc.

M'malawi nr 1

Interconnect and the problem is over!

M'malawi nr 1

Power interconnection with Moz is the answer. Pls forget thermal generation, this is complicated in that we will depend on importing coal. You cant start a project of this magnitude depending on someones resources.. this is madness! Just connect and let the Mozambicans work to generate their power. I know some selfish top pple want to initiate projects for kickbacks, they want to take care of their own pockets!


I have worked at a major power producer overseas and know how much skill and knowledge you need to run and maintain a power itility to keep the lights of a country on 24/7. Escom malawi are found lacking. Just monitoring how they tried to synchronise their generators a few days ago and how they are managing their problems make it obvious they don’t know what they are doing


Honestly the situation has improved. Where do you get your facts?

Rodriguas Latata

Mpaka marry me? Isi! Ndi Kitty Chinseutu uyu, Chingotacho ndiye chakumphasa chake. Asa!


Chingota I love you very much for you are not a liar unlike mateyu. You are mature. Can you marry me please?


Can they give a contract to BEAM to be sweeping the debries daily at the power stations. Since we are so silly and stupid we wait for rectifying instead of preventing, heck what type of human beings are we Malawians

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