Malawi President vows to take action on Minister Chaponda, Transglobe: Maizegate inquiry report asks ACB to probe corruption element

  • Procurement procedures were not followed
  • No money exchanged hands
  • ACB to probe Chaponda’s conduct with Transglobe
  • Admarc officials should be subjected to dispclinary

President Peter Mutharika has said he would take action on Minister of Agricultute, Irrigation and Water Development, Geogre Chaponda and Transglobe who have been recommended in the presidential commission of inquiry on Zambia  maize procurement saga to be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

President Peter Mutharika receives a report of maizegate inquiry from Justice Anasatnsia Msosa at Kamuzu Palace(C)Stanley Makuti

Commissioners present at Kamuzu Palace (C)Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika going through thereport submitted by the commissioners (C)Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika pose for a group photo with commissioners (C) Stanley Makuti.

President Mutharika meets the Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu on Saturday (C)Stanley Makut

Mutharika said this on Saturday when he received a report on maizegate from the State sanctioned commission of inquiry.

Retired Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa, outlined key issues when presenting her statement to the President.

Msosa was chairing the probe team which included secretary of the commission Mike Chinoko, the Solicitor General Janet Banda and public auditor Isaac Kayira said their findings are based on the testimony of witnesses interviewed by the Commission both in Malawi and Zambia; the observations of the Commission as it interviewed the witnesses; and on the analysis of the documentation made available to the Commission.

She also saif the Commission also found helpful some of the interviews conducted by the Joint Committee of Parliament tasked to investigate the surroundings concerning the purchase of maize by ADMARC from Zambia

Whilst not naming Chaponda and Transglobe directly, Mutharika said he would act on the recommendations.

The Justice Anastanzia Msosa commission found Chaponda and Transglobe of suspicious corrupt practices on the procurement of the maize from Zambia.

“He (Chaponda) was reckless in providing guidance in the whole deal,” says the report.

Msosa said procurement procedures were flouted, ministry of Justice officials were completely left out whilst Admarc officials were reckless in the whole maize procurement process.

“The Commission also established that when Hon. Chaponda went to Zambia as a special envoy, a Tayub of Transglobe was also in Zambia meeting with officials in the Ministry of  Agriculture. The Commission found two notable things about this development. First, the export ban was lifted. Second, the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia issued export licences to both ZCF and Transglobe splitting the contract tonnage of 100,000 metric tons that was contracted between ZCF and ADMARC in equal share of 50,000 metric tons with Transglobe.

“This development cannot be attributed to coincidence. It raises suspicion in relation to dealings between the Minister and Transglobe. One can therefore not rule out the possibility of corrupt dealings between the two parties,” reads the report in part.

She said the report therefore suggests the graft busting body should investigate Chaponda and Transglobe whilst Admarc officials involved in the procurement of the maize need to be disciplined.

The report also recommends that the government should ensure maize at the strategic food reserve is always stocked at 75 per cent.

This puts to rest weeks of investigations totaling to 40 days on the suspicious of maize procurement.

The Commission established that management of ADMARC entered into the Kaloswe contract without the knowledge of the Board despite the huge sums involved guaranteed by Government.

In addition, Internal Procurement Committe  of ADMARC was not involved at this stage.

“Further, the Commission established that ADMARC management entered into the said contract without seeking prior approval from ODPP (Office of the Director of public Procurement) and without the involvement of  Mistry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs regarding the vetting of the contract as required by the Public Finance Management Act Cap: 37:02 of the Laws of Malawi.

“The non-compliance with the Public Procurement Act at the time of signing this contract rendered this a misprocurement. The Commission established that after signing the Kaloswe contract on the 17th June, 2016, ADMARC IPC met on the same day and recommended the single sourcing of Kaloswe as a 35 supplier of the maize. However, the Commission noted that the IPC did not identify and consider at least three suppliers nor justify the choice of Kaloswe as required by the Public Procurement Act.

“Further, the minutes of the IPC were signed by the Chairperson, Mr Feckson Kantonga, who was at the time of the meeting in Zambia. Based on these factors, the Commission finds that the procedure adopted by the IPC of ADMARC was irregular. The Commission concludes that this process was invalid,” reads the report.

The Commission found that no money has been drawn under the Letter of Credit. The Letter of Credit expired on 31st December, 2016.

The Commission also established that if there are costs associated with the Letter of Credit, the same will be borne by ZCF after failing to deliver on the contract.

Further, the Commission noted that although Government guaranteed this loan, ADMARC has in the past fully serviced the loans on their own under similar arrangements.

It is the Commission’s finding that the use of the letter of credit and the way it was structure ensured that Government would not be exposed to financial loss from this arrangement.

The report is likely to be welcomed by civil society organisations who forced Mutharika to take action following the suspicious maize procurement deals which involved the Agriculture minister Chaponda and Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe.

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37 thoughts on “Malawi President vows to take action on Minister Chaponda, Transglobe: Maizegate inquiry report asks ACB to probe corruption element”

  1. Mwana wanga ngakhale zitavuta chotani usazavotere president wa Ku mpoto Kapena Pakati. Peter akasankha Chaponda Mbala kuti azaimile u president Zamuvotere kulekena ndi kupeleka u president Kwa agaru odya masanzo awo omwe.

  2. Papa Chalo says:

    Malawians, what do you make out of the following points.
    • Chaponda hindered ATI (Information bill) to be tabled

    • Times Media told to stop querying maize scandal

    • Msaka warned Civil servants never to release any government information

    • Chaponda said Commission of inquiry was a waste of time and resources

    • Mutharika said Commission of inquiry was a waste of time and resources (mmmm, birds of same feathers)

    • Dausi wondered “Kodi a Chaponda ali pa Tchuti? Ayi poyankha funso lanulo bla bla bla …………….”

    • Kalirani wondered after Mutharika received a report from Msosa; “Kupumitsa a Chaponda pa u Minister pa zifukwa ziti?” Mutarika information masters being ignorant of events. True?

    • Mutharika, Msaka, Gondwe etc agree to reinstate Chaponda; yet Msosa report has not been read. Conclusion based on what?

    • Suprime Court backed Kaphale. How come that in the past people were forced to pave way for similar investigations to take place. Kodi such people eg Electoral Commission, MERA etc muwapanga compensate bwanji?

    • If people undertake activities that lead to fraud and this is not seen as a crime; why is Kabwira and friends being victimized on suspicion?

    • Why is conspiracy to murder a crime? Why don’t the culprits be allowed to commit murder first before they are tried in courts?
    If we conclude that laws, courts, prisons etc are for the poor /less privileged people; is it wrong? Are our courts for justice or for money? (Money gives one a chance to appeal cases for a better judgment at a higher court). Is it possible to confiscate Licenses of these corrupt lawyers? Is it possible to punish ALL, who are shielding this behaviour?

  3. benjones says:

    These are highly respected thieves in our society. HA!ha!ha!ha

  4. [email protected] says:

    Mr. President, if every time money changes hands, there is an inquiry, can you deny the claims that you are incompetent since you can’t even choose a trust worthy officer for procurement nor protect donated money for the supply of maize to the hungry?
    When former Dr. H. Banda’s ways could no longer be tolerated, the people voted him out. The security apparatus aka the malawi youth league, malawi young pioneers, special branch, that he had setup, were dismantled. You ran on the promise of fighting corruption but can you look in the mirror or better still stand infront of malawians and honestly state that you have established structures to thwart corruption?
    Inquiry upon inquiry, or audit upon audit says you don’t care about the suffering of poor malawians, whether you are competent or not. Let’s wait for a sign; time for real change has a come. We will dismantle the stealing machine.

  5. Dunga says:

    Eish malawiano umbava suzatha

  6. Mwaona zimene zachitika zomwe a inquriry report yawo yanena? Nanga inu owombera m’manja pazolakwika, pazoipa zili zonse mukuti chiani? Shame on you. Anthu wosaganiza bwino, pomwe a Malawi osalakwa uphatikizapo makolo anu kumudzi kwanu akuvutika ndikusauka kovetsa chisoni, pomwe inu anthu opanda chisoni ndi chifundo, mukusangalala ndikuwombela m’manja. Mau a Mlungu amati chobisika chidzaululika. Ngati muli ndi mzimu wa Yehova, welengani Mateyo: 10 v 26 to 28 or Luka 12 v 2 to 4. Muwelengenso 2 Timoteo 3 v 7.

  7. kamphere pusi says:

    what a report. so chaponda will be further investigated?

  8. Lovey says:

    Thunbs up,Anastasia and the whole crew of commisions of inquiry.Kumeneko ndiye timati kufufuza mwa ukadaulo,leaving no stone unturned.

  9. ChangingFaces says:

    Mr KYG Mphepo, in his lengthy submission, has requested the president “to do the needful”. Needful? APM?
    In the USA, where he spent over 4 decades, he would have done the “needful” immediately after the report’s release. But, as they say, you can take a “savage” out of Africa and they remain savage on their return. Locally, you can take a Nyikan out of the Thengeres, but they will be Nyikan.
    So, APM will do NOTHING on this issue.

  10. Zipatso says:

    This is very bad news to the Northern region.This Chaponda was the chief architect of quota system selection to public universities. What happens if he comes out clean? If the rumors that he may be the next DPP czar are anything to go by then the north may be in trouble. Is he not going to bulldoze quota system in the other sectors?This is the same man whom it is claimed that he challenged that DPP would win the 2014 polls without the North.Politics in Malawi is so regionalistic such that the people from the south vote for anyone as long as he is from the south.This should be a wake up call to the opposition.Penetrate the south,like in soccer,poach the recycled proffessional political players from the DPP camps.

  11. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Funny that the president’s commission which the MPs were deriding has come up with tangible results unlike their commission which admitted that it was confused.

    Adani a Janet Bandanso nkumati she leaked the report saying Chaponda is cleared. Shame!

  12. So Chaponda is not cleared but found guilty of suspicious corrupt practices?

  13. mpofu says:

    where is Mr Kapito? is he in Malawi…..

  14. koma abale inu eeh says:

    Everyone knows the biggest deal in Msosa was whether Chaponda was corrupt, or corrupted. Sure, there were similar issues involving others, like ADMARC officials. But in the public’s eye, Chaponda was where the lights were really focused on.

    Decision: Chaponda was NOT corrupt and was NOT corrupted.

    He might have flouted or bypassed certain procedures; but without intent of criminality. In fact, he might have been doing this to speed up things – to minimize bureaucratic inertia in the Ministry and the peripherally involved groups, like ADMARC.
    i.e actions in good faith.
    Recall that APM moved Chaponda to this Ministry to get things done, urgently and in his own “bulldozer” way. Many things were NOT ticking in that Ministry: indeed some think the Ministry was going to the dogs, so to speak.
    Chaponda is NOT washed up yet as a politician: he and Gondwe are, arguably, probably the most respected ministers in this government.
    Justice and civility demands that APM gives back the Bwana (Chaponda) all the responsibilities he had before this whole saga. That is if the Bwana wants the jobs. Otherwise APM will appear like he’s pandering to the strident official and unofficial Oppositions. And DPP followers will simply abandon the ship; and possibly build a new one.

    1. Kingster Bella says:

      You may go to sleep or have some life..

    2. Amine ameneyu says:

      Keep dreaming my brother (or is that you, Janet ?). Chaponda ndi wakuba. He wasn’t trying to “get things done in his own bulldozer way”. Flouting procurement procedures is not “speeding things up”. It’s actually a HUGE RED FLAG of corruption.

  15. Mwakipiki says:

    Surprisingly the big man declared on a podium at Lumbadzi yesterday that the maizegate investigation was a waste of time and resources as there was “nothing bad or wrong with it.” Me wondered, how can the whole state president utter conclusions on an issue he himself appointed a commission of inquiry before getting a report of the commission? Look now, Mr President, are you not ashamed that your own commission says there were suspicious dealings? Dan Brown in his “Inferno” novel argues that “truth is only declared in the eyes of death.” We shall know in the end who knew what about the maizegate

  16. The Partriot says:

    This is victory for democracy…..suspicious corrupt activities were noted by CSOs and the commission of inquiry has vindicated them! Its now up to the ACB to corner the suspects and they are no small fish amangwetu!
    If ACB can pull off this one and APM can let the long arm of the Law catch up with one of his own allies, then he surely will have the good will of all Malawians! This the Malawi all patriots want…where all citizens are equal under the Law and the corrupt are named, shamed and sent to jail!!!

  17. Dziko ndi wanthu says:

    Justice Msosa you are a patriotic Malawi and you stand for nothing but the truth. We need ppl like you as a country to move forward. The solicitor General is a shame and do not deserve that post HE please discipline her as well.

  18. Chimanga says:

    Uyu ndiye analidi Chiefe Justice……. Osakhala under political pressure?

    Nde timunve Attorney General mfwemfwemfwe kumapita ku ma appeal courts ku defender Chapondayu

  19. naphili says:

    Chaponda came out unscathed? Uh! Last laugh Uh! Lets wait and see.

  20. Amaduh Mbadwe Cassim says:

    Nothing palpable here

  21. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    This is most pleasing to me. To be honest, I was very skeptical at the beginning. It is good to hear from the President himself that action will take place. I have all trust that he will do according to his promise. And I have no reason to doubt his integrity. This, by the way, was his campaign promise in 2013-2014 run up to elections. He promised to smoke out corrupt people. He promised that he would not shield anyone who is corrupt in his government. Shall a man of his caliber promise and fail to deliver on his promise(s)? I am sure too that the ATI will soon be signed into law because it is key to ensuring that nothing of this type takes place in future. Its sad that Parliament delayed the process of takin it to State House and I am sure that the President will soon sign this bill into law. Now that it is on his desk. Malawians deserve to know how their hard-earned taxes are being used or abused. Anything wrong or strange about that? Are Malawians asking for too much when they demand transparency in the way their hard-earned taxes are being used? I don’t think so.

    Congratulations to Madam Msosa for work well done. I was personally humbled to meet her and her team when national duty called me to contribute a 2 tambala thought to this commission on behalf of and at the behest of the CSO colleagues. But, like I have already said, the ball is now in the hands of the Executive, and the President in particular, to do the needful. ACB has a team of patriots that I know will soon get dirty so that the country gets to know what exactly happened at the time when citizens were were still trying to unpuzzle the MK23 Billion that followed the catastrophic loss of proverbial MK577 (236?) Billion. “What?” I ask, “We we going to add another MK26 Billion loss to these catastrophic losses we have already made??? My foot!! Thanks, (Dr?) Chishimba for blowing the whistle from the other side of the border. Ochewa omati: Mlendo adadza mkalumo kakuthwa or Wansala adaona nkhondo or kati tswa! Kadaopysa mlenje or mzako akapysa ndebvu umzimile pakuti mawa adzazima zako or wakutsina khutu ndi m’nasi or Kachipande kathelele kakoma mkuyendelana or …. Thanks Times Group Team for powatenga chulu chatchula (seriously) against all odds to hold the bull by the neck. I am sure that those who wanted to stop you from doing what you have known best since 1895 are now dissappointed. The courts too have been helpful. Thanks to Zodiak for ensuring that Zikamachitika tizizimvera kwainu “live” (of course, after Times Group had sniffed and pursued the matter. Those who doubted the power of the media must be convinced now that the media is the Fourth Estate of Government. The live broadcasts were very useful in getting the nation follow – everyone for him/herself. Takunyadirani. This is what things should be. Let’s rid this country of this mess. Let’s building an open society where every tambala is accounted for. You see, we people only have one country – Malawi- on planet earth that we shall call home up to eternity future. Shall we see the “house burning” and do nothing? NO? Let’s fight until corruption is out of this country.

    I, for one, has come to my senses that for too long I have been silent on critical issues facing this dear country and have come to realize that “evil triumphs when good people remain silent.” Actually, the more I remain silent the more this country is sinking into the abyss of poverty, moral decay, theft and corruption, political amateurism – you name it! What was once the “Warm Heart of Africa” is very fast turning into the “Africa’s Den of Petty Thieves.” Countrymen, shall we continue to be silent while our hospitals have practically shut down with no ambulances, no trained personnel (despite so many doctors trained on our taxes at College of Medicine, KCN, Malawi College of Health Sciences), no drugs, no food for patients, no working equipment all thanks to petty thieves in government? Shall we be silent when Account No. 1 has turned into a mere political fund for you-know-who? Shall we be silent when civil servants get their pay on the 40th or 50th day of the month? Shall we be silent when prisoners sleep like packs of sausages the whole night? Shall we be silent when 144 tractors grow legs to sponsor personal trips abroad? Shall we be silent when banks and companies are laying off hoards of fellow citizens and condemning them to joblessness and poverty? Shall we be silent when thieves are living expensively on our taxes and enjoying maximum protection from law enforcers? Shall we be silent when sick children and pregnant mothers are dying en-mass like flies from curable health conditions? Shall we be silent went malnutrition is robbing this country the potentials of millions of its children? Shall we be silent? For how long? Why? Fear? Fear of What? Arrest? Death?

    In 1915, 1953, 1959, 1992, 2011 scores of people suffered and some died. Is this the country that they had in mind when they faced bullets? Are we proud of what is taking place in this country? Sorry, I am not. Actually, this country is cruising backward contrary to what we hear from those who are driving posh vehicles at the expense of millions who are suffering from hunger, joblessness, ignorance, frequent closures of our universities, lack of teaching and learning materials in schools, dilapidated infrastructure such as schools, roads, hospitals, offices, railway lines, etc.

    Come to think of it: Why should it take more than 40 days for people of Justice Msosa’s educational stature to decipher what must have happened for the whole government system to purchase a meager 100,000 metric tonnes of maize? Why? Why should it take a week in a foreign country for the Joint Parliamentary Committee (with people holding PhDs, MAs, BAs, etc) just to understand how one organization ADMARC went about buying maize? Did it have to be this complicated? Did we have to lose so much money like we have done – on this exercise? Why should it take “4 hours” to hear an explanation on purchase of only 100,00 metric tonnes of maize? Couldn’t this have been done within 10 minutes or less? Was it not a matter of giving the committee a few documents for the committee to take a look at? What made the process so complicated that we had to waste 4 hours listening to an explanation on a transaction? Who made the Malawi Government sign three contracts on a single purchase? Did it have to be this complicated that government and CISANET had to spend so much money on this purchase? Why did it become this complicated? I still ask!

    This should only tell us that while the rest of us Malawians are sleeping, there is another crop of Malawians who cris-cross this country on our taxes to plan evil against us and our hard-earned money. And, please, Zodiak, Parliament, Times, Madam Msosa and team, etc, don’t stop here. Take the fight against corruption, petty theft and graft to its logical conclusion so that for once our country can begin to move the right direction. People behind the unfair selling of 144 tractors must also be openly quizzed so that tax payers can hear their voices (of course, we know that some people bought the tractors innocently after government had advertised them). But, the SELLERS – should they GO scot-free – JUST LIKE THAT? Those who steal money in water boards on behalf of political parties must ALSO be quizzed so that those of us who buy water at exorbitant prices must hear it from the horse’s mouth. Those who are connected to the Mk577 (236) Billion scam must be quizzed so that villagers who are failing to access health services must hear THEIR VOICES. Political parties who thrive on stolen money must be quizzed so that Malawians should make informed choices next we hold an election in this great republic. These are pests that must face the law at all costs. It is after these matters have been sorted out that I will rest my anger. For now, I rest my case.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre (0888435629)

    1. Kingster Bella says:

      Thank you Mr. Kent Mphepo!
      Please next time write your own article on the subject matter if you have so much to contribute. You can refer the article in question if need be, as to consolidate your observations on the matter. Expressing opinion on one’s article or report, shouldn’t be voluminous in story telling. It repels people’s interest hence won’t reach intended audience.
      Obviously & for sure, your observations are so great, however, they would be with great steam if they were outlined in a separate article. An article attracts people’s attention & depending on the content & its flow, it reaches to a greater audience. The power & steam for general commentary is limited & everything has to revolve around the context..

      All the same; thanks for the opinion.

    2. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      1. Good.
      But you seem to be casting the widest net to catch anything and everything out there. What are the priorities? Life demands priorities, as we don’t have the money to spend on everything, all the time.
      2. Your heaping commendations on Times Group (among others) and, by implication, its coterie like Kasakula and Banda, are misplaced. These are people who, in the main, were accusing Chaponda of corruption; but at it turns out, their serious accusations were based on gossip, rumor, innuendo and even speculation. You must have an opinion about that.
      That is certainly NOT good journalism, and it is NOT the right way to promote good governance. It destroys goodwill; and also other people’s hard earned reputations.
      That kind of reporting borders on fake or false news, even if Times Group will say otherwise: they won’t even apologize … invoking freedom of the media, as if that does not carry any responsibility whatsoever. In many advanced democracies, they would have been censured by the media’s regulatory body or bodies. Aaaaaaa.
      3. I hope, your suggestion that these issues could be solved “within 10 minutes” is made with tongue in cheek: Have you noticed that as one acquires higher degrees, Bachelors thru Masters to PhD, the more complex one perceives a problem to be? So, if you have people with Masters in a Committee, that is a good thing; and, allowances aside, the more complex a problem is perceived, the more sophisticated thought is put into the investigations. Again, that is good.
      4. Political Parties who thrive on stolen money … :
      On this one, there is no political Party in Malawi that is exempt from this accusation. And this started with MCP of old; MCP of Kamuzu Banda. Agree?
      Sure, let’s purge us of this evil. But not selectively; rather indiscriminately.
      5. We should prosecute every corrupter and corrupted, where possible.
      But, you know there is an adage in law that says, don’t worry if someone says “why did you arrest or prosecute me, and not everyone else, or such and such?”: It is because you can’t get everyone! For example, a driver cannot claim injustice if she/he gets stopped for speeding by the police, when the driver behind her/him, also speeding, is ignored or even waved off!
      We should focus on the mindset. While the right people are being jailed, the public has to change its mindset, regarding corruption.
      And, perhaps, a good start would be with inserting a lecture of two in civic classes in each form, in secondary school.
      Even if the students may feel like asking “kodi inu mukufuna kuti ife tisazadye nao eti?” (why are you depriving us of the normal behavior you have been engaged in for decades, SINCE 1964?) We can answer them, without contradiction, that they answer is staring right in from of them: the desperate and dire economic state our country is in. We have messed it up “heavy” by stealing the future from them, SINCE 1964. We should tell them without political bias or favor.

    3. Likong says:

      Well narrated. How I wish this was a song from one of our great musicians like Lucius Banda so that It can reach many Malawians.

  22. sazilala mbuno says:

    ukafuna kusintha dziko lathu lino
    1 sainilatu wilo cifukwa usowa ngati njauju
    2 mabwana athu safuna change
    kodi i gulu lili pa zi fotowa odziwa kuzembaitsa aja ndamenewa ? ok

  23. Although this article is just a summary but it falls short of finding Chaponda with a smoking gun. Now let us see how the state sponsored pro-rulling party ACB will checkmate the minister. At the end of the day Chaponda will be found innocent and this was just a waste of tax payers money!

  24. rasta says:

    Chaponda ndi wakuba kwambiri. Anayambira kale zoterezi. Unduna uliwonse angapite amabako basi. Munthu osakhala ndi chisoni mmene a Malwi akuvutikira panomu.

  25. Atcheya says:

    One good outcome of the inquiry is that the Commission has proved all its critics wrong by producing findings that even the president never dreamt of. I guess Peter was dumbfounded that his utterances of Friday at the airport were misplaced, just like most of us are taken aback by these findings. It makes some of us start believing that the list of the rotten 7 really exist. Thumbs up to Msosa and her team. Let Kapito now tell us how he got contrary findings with his one-week inquiry: nyasatimes should also come out with clean hands as too many conflicting accounts have been recently reported…

  26. Mboholi says:

    True that we need people like Julius Malema in Malawi.

  27. Samuel Lwara. says:

    Good sigh of relief to some of us bound to true justice.. Msosa commission need to be applauded vividly just like Chidanti Malungas P/Enquiry. Its just too simple understanding that our sitting government is headless….

    1. mmc says:

      HOW so (headless government)? When it is the same so called headless that instituted the commission which ur praising? This is more a listening government not a headless government. People talked, raised the alarm the government instituted an inquiry.

  28. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    we need people like julius malema in malawi

    1. Bolero says:

      Be the one. Why look for somewhere else. Typical of Malawi mentality. Always talk talk and expect someone else to do things for you. If you want change be brave and initiate the change yourself others will follow.

      1. Baba wa boy says:

        Bolero, they always for Northerners to take the sting out, then they claim it was their idea. It took a northerner to agitate for democracy,he got arrested while they were hiding, when it was all clear, “wakuba yemweyo”

        Now they want another Northerner to put their head on the block, when it is all over and done “Wkuba yemweyo”

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