Malawi hires external auditor on K236bn Cashgate – Finance Minister

Minister of Finance, Economic Planninbg and Development, Goodall Gondwe has told parliament on Friday the government has hired an external auditor over the  ‘granda corruption’  K236 billion cashgate spanning the administrations of Bingu wa Mutharika and Joyce Banda.

Gondwe: External auditors to probe grand corruption

This will put to rest suspicions that seven cabinet ministers were involved in the loot of public resources.

Gondwe said DfID, a British government arm of development will be providing the technical know how.

“We will be spending half a billion for this and I will be bringing the budget in due course during the mid-year review budget presentation,” he said.

He could have not say who the external auditors would be.

This comes at a time when the Public Accounts Committee of parliament said it had completed its own probe on the matter.

Former president Bingu wa Mutharika is also accused of stashing K96 billion in foreign accounts, accusations President Peter Mutharika and his government have vehemently denied.

President Mutharika has always described any attempt to probe the massive cashgate as harassment to his family.

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12 thoughts on “Malawi hires external auditor on K236bn Cashgate – Finance Minister”

  1. Rington Taibu says:


  2. Aaron says:

    In my view is just a waste of poor Malawians resources. The Minister has all names but he is just doing deliberately. Please brief the Nations which are in that External Auditor1`s Report. We as Malawian supposed to reason ourselves as why these Government bringing in so many activities to be done while problems are flying.

  3. Pixy says:

    Mwapeza podyera tsopano.This is just a waste of tax payers money.

  4. mabusa says:

    Why another external audit? The K236b where does it come come from I thought it’s from the audit so why another audit? We know K24b during JB and just release the Bingu era report and bring culprits to book. No more audit. Please Mr. Gondwe we don’t want another audit. MPs please don’t listen to this old man about another audit what for? Don’t allow him and their giver to keep on playing you. He wants to cover up Bingu and the involved ministers.

    1. kk says:

      So you know about K24b, who are the culprits?

      And why plead with Gondwe? Do you really believe he just woke one morning and decided to have an audit?
      Why do some Malawians think so dull?

  5. Bob says:

    Whats wrong with the previous audit? Explain in very clear terms. Why dont you audit this government’s expenses since 2015?

  6. Tozer Tsono says:

    The title of this piece, is missing out one half of the truth. The title ought to be Malawi hires
    “Malawi hires external auditors on the K236bn Cashgate, already audited by Price Water Coopers.
    So in June 2015 Price Water Coopers carried out an audit, pointing out discrepancies that should have been tackled and addressed by the Mutharika government once and for all. If a friend tells you someone has been seen swiping items from your house, you do everything to figure out who the trespasser is and to catch the person.
    But the Mutharika government has failed to champion the destruction of rampart plunder; but to wait till the next elections.
    Let’s just say, Malawians are sick to put such people in office. Choosing leaders has to do with changing direction and citizens’ own misery.

  7. Gift Kondowe says:

    Nkhalamba sizingayendetse dziko

  8. CommandToOrder says:

    Thought the K236B came about as a result of an External Audit. How many External Audits are Malawians Tax money going to suffer. You are talking of spending half a billion for the second Audit. Does the government have money to splash out like this or you want to cashgate again the half billion.
    There are a lot of developmental initiatives that require funding including medicines in hospitals, ambulances than people carrying dead bodies on the back. Please Malawi leaders think developmental.
    Use the old audit report that revealed the K577B that was reduced to K236B and take action now no delaying tactics please, please. Do not waste any more money that can be used for other useful things than correcting mistakes that would have been avoided if you guys were not so greedy. Roads need good drainage systems, etc etc. If you are TOO OLD to think rationale then quit let younger generation take over please.

  9. CHINGALE says:



  10. sazilala mbuno says:

    buying time. mpaka liti kodi? azaungu ena aja a ku UK munangowapatsa ma tax athu basi? pena saziwa nchito? comwe mukufunilaso ena ncani? iwe ndhara mapwala kuba zedi

  11. chiwembe says:

    Goodall Gondwe says the audit will span from the Bingu era to JB era. Why including JB era when that period was already audited, the cases of which are in courts and some already concluded? You just want to dilute the effort to audit your cashgate of Mk236bn beacause you know you will not be spared. This time the interest of the nation is on the Bingu era beaucase we have had enough of JB era cash gate and nothing on Bingu era cashgate. Actually combing the two periods will need more money and time therefore quality will be compromised. Concentrate the Bingu era cash gate. Nothing more or less. MPs take note.

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