Malawi reduces fuel price: Cost of living expected to decrease

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has announced the reduction of fuel prices effective Sunday, January 11.

Cheer for motorists as fuel prices reduced

Cheer for motorists as fuel prices reduced

In a statement MERA says petrol pump price will now be selling at K760.40 from K856.70 while diesel will be selling at K785.40 from K865.90 and paraffin will be at K678.80 from K756.10.

“The price reduction has been necessitated by a fall in global fuel prices as well as appreciation of the kwacha against major foreign currencies”.

Economists and consumer rights organisations have recently been pushing the energy regulator  to reduce fuel price in accordance with the Automatic Fuel Pricing Mechanism which the country follows.

Meanwhile, Malawians are eager to see whether the government will also reduce prices of everything it raised due to appreciation of the Kwacha like passport fee which jumped from K15, 000 to K45,000.

It is expected that the cost of living will decrease as motorists will be enjoying the extra cash as they’re charged less at the pumps.

And so consumer spending will go up. If people are feeling better off, they will spend more. Retailers can hope to feel the benefit as consumers shift their money from fuel costs to spending sprees.

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Its really sad that a porverty stricken country like Malawi, where is is estmated that the majority of citizen are living just under a dollar aday, have to cough up so exhorbitantly for a necessity like Passport, yes unlike here in RSA, a passport in Malawi falls in the category of a cecessity because that is the only recorse for many families to improve there family lives. and I have just acquired my RSA passport two month ago for only R400, which is equivalent to less than K16,000.00 and guess what, the waiting period was just two weeks. With great… Read more »
Pitala Pamtanda

Why are DPP trying to make this an issue and claiming that APM is the one who has made the fuel decrease possible? This is a global trend and no politics should be at play.

jay b

Good development bwana peter muthalika

Kaziulika Chimugonda

Malawi adopted: Automatic Fuel Pricing Mechanisms to be in-line with global fuel prices. Globally, fuel is selling at U$50 per barrel from U$100 – a 50% reduction. Petrol was MK856.70 is selling MK760.40 – a 12% reduction. We are told that reduction in fuel price is a result of appreciation of MK and decline in global fuel prices.

Big man Munthu wa Mulungu
Big man Munthu wa Mulungu

regarding to that, I, Yohane K. & the consumers ass. of mw will be taking to the streets to foster fr price reduction. kkkkkkk

Daud Maid

nkhani aliyense ayimvetse sindale koma global market . wina asatengere ndale apa ayi! nchifukwa chake umphawu ukumatikwatira Kupembedza anthuko.


Sikuti zili bwino ayi zinthu zambiri zinakwera kale mitemgo


Is Magetsi (ESCOM) and Water Board going to lower their Tarrifs, and will MERA reduce the 1% LEVY??????? Stupid Mera!!!!!!!!

Kakha Erutu

Mtengo wa passport sungasike ndipo usasike. Musayelekeze kusisa mtengo wa passport. Those who want passport processing fees reduced are part of the syndicate that aid foreigners to abuse our Malawian passport. I would rather have the fee increased. After all, a passport is not a necessity for a common Malawian life.


K15000 to K45000 passport K30000 hike, izi sizoona itsikedi basi.


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