Malawi rights groups threaten mass protests over economic crisis

Malawi prominent rights groups have vowed to stage mass street protests against the administration of President Peter Mutharika if they fail to provide convincing answers for the economic turmoil facing the country.

Mtambo:  We will go in the streets

Mtambo: We will go in the streets

The Kwacha currency continues to be weakening as it is trading at about 520 to the dollar, down from 410 in September.

Prices of goods and services have started rising. Private traders have increased the price for Malawi’s main food crop, maize.   Recently, the immigration department tripled the cost of processing Malawi passports with 320 percent.

The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority has attributed its recent 6 percent increase in the price of fuel to the kwacha’s depreciation.

The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for Development (Cedep) have called on Mutharika government to “stop punishing few hard working Malawians through punitive taxes and newly introduced fees such as for passport and other Immigration permits.”

“We demand nothing less than a thorough explanation on what is happening with our economy. The kwacha is falling, fuel prices have gone up, so too are basic commodities, and government has unreasonably increased passport fees and Immigration permits,” said CHRR executive director Timothy Mtambo as quoted in Nation on Sunday.

He added: “How can you explain or justify an increment of a passport from K15 000 to K48 000? This is cruelty of the highest order and denying Malawians services they deserve. We demand a convincing explanation or we are ready to mobilise Malawians for protests.”

Cedep executive director Gift Trapence said Mutharika government “should not take citizens’ patience for naivety”, saying  Malawians  have a right to information.

“We have to know what is going on. Government has a lot of explaining to do,”  he said.

Minister of Information and Civic Education Kondwani Nankhumwa said government has never hidden the fact that the nation is in  dire state of the economy

Nankhuwa said  “street protest may not resolve the problems”.

He said “economy issues are difficult to understand and if the dissemination of such information is not carefully handled, we may just end up scaring people.”

In its latest report, the country’s leading financial advisory firm, Nico Asset Managers, predicted the kwacha will continue to depreciate until February of next year.

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It is really true that our country is in difficulty situations but this is not a reason to hide the information to Malawians. Economic issues and human rights issues are interdependent if sound economy of the country is going to be realized. So respect the right to information by giving the Malawians meaningful ideas before changing the price of any goods and services.


Paja Mapwiya che Peter Mtharika amati dzinthu zakwera mtengo nthawi imene Amai a malamula. Nanga lero zatani? Mumati dzinthu dzidzasisidwa mitengo ,Nanga lero zatani? Mumati mzimayi sakuyendasa bwino boma Nanga lero zatani? Mumati nchere wenweniomweu wakwera mtengo nanga zatani


Dadaboma,kno that God will punish with your JB,alady gaga,avampare is always trouble make so if you are backing her you will facethe consquence of cheat.Take care

Chemwali chimwebe

Ankati zinthu zitsika, aziona lero. Chili kwa mzako chigwirecnyanga. Munthu unankanika u minister ali mphechepheche mwa mkulu wake, nanji lero ali ndi wa ma units, Saulosi, tiziona.

chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa
chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa

Empty tin makes a lot of noise. come up with ideas that you can sell to the government then we can support you. what you know Is protest. You can change he situation by sellin more abroad. kudalira zolandira basi

Independent Diplomat

Malawians look at these faces spearheading mass protests. Mtambo and others. We the International Community, need constructive criticsms from you. Come up with innovative ideas to develop your country. Don’t be cheated by your stupid woman.
Malawians, ignore these dull faces !!!!


zoonadi zikuchitikazi ndi kupha kusatiganizira Ife ndiye ndalama tidzizitenga kuti chirichonse chakwera Water bills,Power bills,Groceries,Passports,Driving licences,Fuel,and what have u.


Home grown policies and intensifying local made products with aim of export can help heal our economy. Mtambo and Trapence offer advice before criticism. Who told you activism is all about noise and offer no solutions, what an old African school of thought. Attach your discontentment with advice.

Mtambo which school did you go to? how long was your induction with Undule? go back and ask him for some books instead of loitering and boozing around!!!!!!!!!


I am just waiting for the big day….tidzavale bwanji?


I am just waiting for the big day

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