Malawi takes 6th position English speaking nation in Africa

A study conducted by World Linguistic Agency has rated Malawi sixth best English speaking country in Africa.

Teaching English

Teaching English

This comes in the wake of a video from a Miss Rwanda contestant that was shown struggling with English in a country that made a move from Francophone to Anglophone.

East African nation Uganda has been named the first best in English language.

After Uganda, Zambia came next and the following countries came in closely; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Namibia. Despite their strong traditional accent, Nigerians were credited for taking the spot for constructing good sentences that are grammatically flawless.

The full list is here:
1. Uganda
2. Zambia
3. South Africa
4. Kenya
5. Zimbabwe
6. Malawi
7. Ghana
8. Botswana
9. Sudan
10. Rwanda

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daniel maida

I doubt S. A deserves that spot

mausteen songar

despite the sixth position,but malawi remains the poor of the poorest not poorest of the poor


Mr countries that have are to speak in there tongue but u n me are waiting this people to employ u so speak to them ur language man


And 1st position as the poorest nation on earth!

stocker beza

congrats Malawians keep it up


It is not a coincidence that Africa is the poorest continent on Earth. Its peoples think poorly. Why of all the continents only Africans pride themselves for speaking colonial languages? Americans, Europeans, Asians have all developed using their mother tongues. Why not Africa? Just think of very small countries like Israel, Denmark, Finland etc learn and transact in their languages, why not Africans. The notion that African languages are not in tandem with modern technologies is very stupid mental killer resulting from perenial colonial hang-over.


Ndimakhala ku Joni and ndaphunzitsaponso ku High School kwa zaka zitatu. Trust me on this one – I am not sure kuti South Africa ali pa nambala 3. Chingerezi kuno ndichovuta kwambiri added to the fact that anthu akuno safuna kuyankhula chingerezi. Chingerezi kwa iwo is the language of the oppressor. And ukakhala munthu wakuda kumawayankhulisa mu chingerezi ena sakuyankha or amangokuuza kuti ndiwe ‘umunthu umnyama’ (munthu wakuda’) ndiye ukuyankhula chingerezi??? Ki ki ki. Unless ngati the survey sampled azungu’tu!



Mfana wa std 2B


No 12 You are absolutely correct. The standard of English to be found on this web site is very poor. The mother tongues of the various tribes in Malawi are all well and good and should be preserved, but unfortunately they are not fit for purpose in the 21st century. Those languages are unable to cope with the technological and scientific vocabulary needed in today’s world. Also they are of very little use outside Malawi (apart from its close neighbours). I taught English – I am English myself – in Mzuzu Govt. Sec. in the early 1980s and found the… Read more »

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