Malawi to separate leaders from looters in 2014 polls – Kachaje

One of the Malawi’s motivational speakers Henry Kachaje is blaming the  economic tough times  Malawi is going through on the lack of what he calls visionary leaders who could have taken the country through a painful but transformational journey that would have made Malawi economically self-reliant.

Kachaje who is the Executive Director for Business Consult Africa says the country need to have a vision against which any political party seeking the privilege (not right) to lead this nation, must measure themselves against.

“They must tell the population what their political party will do to contribute towards the fulfillment of that vision. They must outline in their manifestos what they hope to achieve in five years of office to move the country forward toward the national vision. Where there is no vision, the people perish,” he says.

The market analayst says the challenge at the moment is that with the absence of a nationally adopted vision, each political party brings its own visions (or fantasies) and changes the economic direction of the nation.

Kachaje: Malawi need a visionary leader

“This has made it impossible for Malawi to progress economically. Economic development cannot be achieved in five years. You need a long-term vision, projecting some 30, 50 or 100 years into the future,” he said.

In an apparent reference to politicians who switch political parties at will, Kachaje says those who pretend to be leaders without a deep conviction are always available for sale.

“They will move from one political party to another without even a sense of remorse, shame or guilt because they have no convictions but greed”.

He however says he believes that come next elections Malawians will be able to distinguish true leaders from fake ones.

“2014 will be the most crucial decisive time for every patriotic discerning Malawian. It will be the time to separate the sheep from the wolves. It will be a moment to separate leaders from looters.

“Perhaps this will be similar to the choice the Jews had to make some 2000 years ago: to vote for the release of Barabas the murderer, or to have Jesus the healer; the man who fed the 5,000; the man whom they saw bring sight to their brother Bartimaeus; the man they saw raise from the dead their cousin Lazarus; the man whom they had followed everywhere as he taught about business: how a man could multiply his five talents of silver into ten talents and was commended by his master and given ten cities to look after.”

Kachaje added;“The revolutionary question is: Will Malawians be different? Will they choose those who murder their children by denying them access to medication in hospitals because one greedy politician has supplied medicines worth millions of Kwachas just on paper and pocketed the money without any single drug being delivered into the country? Or will they choose leaders who will work sacrificially, tirelessly and with full dedication to heal our land economically?

“May be we can forgive the Jews because they had to make their poor choice as it was part of God’s divine plan to save mankind. Will Malawians still be manipulated by politicians or will they choose visionary leaders? We will all know the answer to this critical destiny question in 2014.”

He however says he has a sense of hope that as Malawi go to the polls in 2014 their choice will not be between political parties.

“Rather, they will be making a landmark decision: Either to continue to be taken for granted and used by selfish, visionless and unpatriotic politicians, or to switch and choose visionary, sacrificial, conviction-driven leaders who will inspire Malawians towards hard work, success and prosperity,” Kachaje says.

Malawi goesto polls in May 2014 to hold its first ever three-tier elections for President, Members of Parliament andf Councillors.

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