Malawi VP Chilima blasts engineer for poor work at K290m Tengani dyke: ‘Waste of resources’

Vice-President Saulos Chilima on Tuesday blasted Shire River Basin Management Programme BRL Engineers for constructing a substandard K290 million dyke which would not protect the people as intended.

Dykegate: K289 million spent on this Tedzani dyke

Dykegate: Chilima with engineer Anati Jere (center) and Member of Parliament for the area Francis Kasaila

Chilima, who visited the 823 metre dyke constructed along the Nkhande River in the area of Senior Chief Tengani in the district (Nsanje), expressed dissatisfaction with the way the dyke had been constructed, saying it would not protect the communities.

The aim of government putting up the dyke along Nkhande River was to protect people and their property in the event that the river floods.

Chilima was seen charged, demanding answers from the BRL officials on why they spent government money on something which was not sustainable.

In an interview, the Vice President said he was worried and not happy with the work as it did not reflect well on government’s efforts in developing the nation.

“I must say the truth that the dike is of substandard. I did not expect to see work like what I have seen today here. Even though I am not an engineer, I am justified to call the construction work substandard,” said Chilima.

The Vice President even told the BRL Engineers that the construction works should be reworked to reflect the real purpose of the dike, which is to protect the communities from the flooding water.

Chilima even regretted to have travelled a long distance to inspect something which was not worth the visit.

“I am really regretting that we have even spent resources to inspect something which will not protect our people. The project will not help our people.

“Therefore, we need to sit down and discuss so that the works should be reworked. This is a death trap to people because if the dike is washed away, then it will negatively affect on the communities,” said Chilima.

Nsanje Central Constituency Member of Parliament, who is also Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Francis Kasaila in whose constituency the dyke has been constructed, also expressed displeasure on the substandard works done.

Kasaila said the work is as good as having done nothing on the ground as it will not protect lives and property of the communities.

“We are not happy with the way the dike has been constructed. I and Senior Chief Tengani have been seeking audience with the BRL engineers but they have been shunning us. We wanted to give them advice which could have made the work to be perfected,” explained Kasaila.

One of the BRL leading engineers, Anati Jere, agreed to sentiments made by the Vice President over the substandard works on the Tengani dike.

Jere, however, said the amount of money spent resonated with the works which had been done on the dike.

“As the Vice President is putting it on the construction works, I agree with him. The work which has been done is worth the money spent or planned. However, as the Vice President has put it, we will have to sit down and see,” said Jere

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Registered Engineer
Everyone should know that Anati Jere is not an engineer by training. He did land development and was with illovo Nchalo as farm farm manager where he demonstrated lack of management skills resulting to consistent low tonnage of cane from his section.This man can’t perform. This country is failing to move forward because we choose incompetent individuals to guard our resources. Government may have good plans to develop this nation but if this trends continues, then it’s not wrong to say that the project’s are just a bait to swindle tax payers money. The roads are poor, take an example… Read more »

Chilima for President 2019


A Kasaila mwavomereza just because a VP ayankhulapo, we know munapita kuseli kukatenga part of the money and the contractor being in business had no choice but to put up a sub standard dyke. Nanunso munachita ka DYKEGATE kanu. Like father like son.


Where was the supervisionfrom the government during the construction? Naonso a kunsaira amvekere eeeh it’s substandard, him being an MP for the area why was he able to track quality of the project implemented in his area. This is shithole

Shithole Country

It is unfortunate that you are working with thieves and that should not surprise you. You chose to support thieves and you are shithole too.


Finally someone who is speaking up on mediocre construction projects happening in malawi. Now speak against the construction of the new btz stadium. We dont need it! Not with so many priorities laying around. We cant think of constructing a stadium ahead of roads, power and hospital infrastructure. Its absurd!

Kantyali Phyiphyiti

If my analysis is correct Chilima’s message is not directed at the contractor, butKasaila whose ministry was supposed to be supervising the construction works. I tend to agree with some commentators that part of the money was given to DPP. This is why in 2019 people in the Lower Shire will not give any vote to DPP and if anything Kasaila must be careful, he may not retain his Parliamentary seat. Utesi.


Which Kasaila Ministry is this you are talking about? Former (Foreign affairs) or Sports…?


Shut hole country


Bravo Klaus, That’s why I like you because you can change Malawi within a year you are capable to help our Mdala Peter but the lazy ministers like Katsaila they dwelling in cheating the president. Kweeekweeesani ma yinjiniya awo adzaululula


Mwamuona President withu, uyu ndiye president wachitukuko. Ung’onoung’ono. N the ndrama izo zaluta muthumba la nduna iyo yazamiseu. Follow up ndiamene akumatiluzitsa kapena kutitukwanitsa.

I am not an Engineer but I surely know what goes into such a project. We are talking of lots of reinforcement steel, cement, quarry stone, etc stretching across 823 metres. Thats just a little short of a Kilometer. And the dyke has to have a considerable deep foundation and a good height to serve its purpose. Now you don’t need to be genius to see that, that is not a work of 290m. Simple mathematics will show you substandard output obviously. Question is, is this the money that was initially budgeted for this project? Are you sure the project… Read more »

Why did the contractor accept the project he surely knew that he could not do at the said price. You and me do not know what is specified in this dyke. Is it earth made or concrete is involved or what about it’s size. I’m also a professional contractor and a construction expert for that matter but substandard work should not be blamed on the cost here because the contractor was fully aware of what was involved in signing the contract.


I am sorry to say I fail to see the works of professional contractors and construction experts of Malawi origin. Either they aren’t there or they are fake. If a doctor or a nurse is inefficient their certificates are withdrawn. There is rampant ignominious engineer results in Malawi, Isn’t there a body that can recall these bastard self acclaimed dubious engineers?

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