Malawi VP Chilima’s deafening silence and DPP’s intra-party politics

These days, Vice-President SaulosChilima is speaking too much intra-party politics in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). However, he is speaking in deep, I mean deeper, silence.

Chilima:  To attend Tanzania President-elect John Pombe Magufuli  swearing in cereomony


You just have to listen carefully and patiently—you will hear his silence, a deafening one.

You see, the silent voice of Chilima is at a stage where some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) were months ago.

We came to know that some disgruntled MCP members were, indeed, speaking in silence when they called for the party to hold a convention as opposed to the handpicking and appointing system that its current leader Lazarus Chakwera is doing.

I am sure we have not forgotten that it is not too long ago that the matter was taken to the courts where the High Court in Lilongwe gave the party 90 days to hold a convention so that it resolves its problems.

I am not interested with what happened after that ruling. However, I am only trying to underscore that sometimes the facades of normality we get from our political parties MASK stormy waters brewing within.

There are always some disgruntled in the system who speaks in silence until that silence becomes deafening—at that stage, everything comes audible.

You see, just like MCP, I hold an opinion that the ruling DPP SHOULD HOLD an ad hoc national convention to have people vote for the people they want to lead them. I am saying this because there are a lot willy-nilly appointments that are putting other people at an advantage while disadvantaging others.

Take for example, Vice President SaulosChilima, yes the strategic partner for Peter Mutharika in the 2014 elections; the smart and seemingly political novice who helped the DPP back into power.

I feel he really helped the DPP get back in power because he was the party’s symbol of change, a professional and accomplished marketer who lured the youth vote and the working professionals into its fold.

It was the Chilima effect, let us face it, that, against all odds, saw the DPP scoring the highest votes in the central region mainly Lilongwe urban and Ntcheu, his home district, which turned to be the only district that DPP won all the SEVEN constituencies.

Against such a contribution, it appears baffling to note that Chilima does not hold any seat in the DPP’s National Governing Council (NGC).

Does this mean Chilima himself is not interested in party politics or the DPP is deliberately side-lining HIM so that he should NOT be among the possible successors to Mutharika. Is tribalism at play here considering that DPP is more or less like an ethno-club of the Lhomwe belt?

Why is it that when there is a presidential function you could hear the President acknowledging Northern region vice President GoodallGondwe or George Chaponda for the southern region or Bright Msaka for the eastern region, but yet the party claims to also have one for the central region whose name I did not even bother to find because he is just a make-believe individual in the midst of the party’s fear to appoint Chilima to be the central region party vice.

If the DPP regards Chilima a political novice why this reluctance to give him a top position in the party? Does the DPP fear that when Chilima grows big political wings it will be difficult to UNLEASH their succession plans? And hasn’t the DPP learnt a lesson in victimising its vice presidents?

Considering Gondwe, Chaponda and Msaka were appointed, why is it difficult for the President to do the same WITH Chilima. Or why can’t the DPP call for a convention to legitimatise all the positions in the party?

But from the look of things, Chilima, who is not a fool or dumb for that matter, should be reminded that the party wants to cripple his political base so that he does not become a threat to the party’s succession plan.

This should be the message to him. He was hired to help give the public the view that the DPP was a changed, tolerant, and free of tribal or ethical thinking party and this cause was achieved and Chilima’s job description ended there.

It is easy to accuse the DPP of having used and still using Chilima.

But let us face it: Chilima is the only fresh air in the many DPP people and a unique Vice President in as a far as performance is concerned.

He was DPP’s greatest advantage in elections and mobilising support—especially among the middle class and other regions. He is a symbol of DPP as a national party, not an ethno-club that captures matters of the state.

Surely, the DPP should not underrate him because, as a proven strategist, you just do not know what he is saying in silence. He knows he has the public goodwill across the country. He could be using silence as a weapon.

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The Patriot

Moral of the story: Njoka saweta! Kufatsa sikupusa! Chilima is not dumb, he is a very smart and intelligent guy, ignore him at your own risk!
DPP as a party never learns, its journey in the wilderness after Bingus death should have taught the Party and its tribal backers lessons on Unity, inclussivity and resp3ct of Vice Presidents. But alas! DPP is more tribal and arrogant now than before!
Watch this space, zinthu zikadzasintha they will cry more than they cried JB atatenga boma!!! Nkhutukumve!!


Voting for DPP again in 2019 with all the shit we are going through will be utter madness. Honestly speaking, Chilima is not a fool and his silence is worrying.

chief activist

i see tribalistic comments here………………………… kox the article holds tribalistic element………i smell a arat


asiye Atumbukawa ozungulila mitu..MIZOZO


NJALA NTHENDA NSANJE!!!!!!!!!no wonder appear in the national anthem

I have said this before and I will sy it again. It does not surprise me that Chilima is being treated the way he is. First of all let me remind you that this behavior by DPP hierarchy is not unusual. This is not the first time the VP has been mistreated. In fact Chilima is lucky he has not been charged with treason yet a DPP well known tactic. Chilima was only needed when Muthalika needed some one with access to the telecommunications which would assist DPP to intercept and rig the election. Like a used condom Chilima has… Read more »

kodi inu mungosokosa ..Chilimayo anazakudandaulilani or you are complaining on his behalf?


DPP! all the comments smell blue shit and are also illogical. We all know that Chilima won the votes for DPP through rigging.


Dr Chilima, don’t let anyone drive a wedge between you and APM.DPP supporters love you and APM.The Lomwes are not as tribalistic or regionalistic as Nyondo would like to portray them.All the best mr VP.


Ephraim, you might like to know that Mutharika does not think like you! Can I recommend that you spend time researching coinstructive factual stories for Nyasa times please?


Shame on the writer. DPP cant be divided by your hate speech and headless articles..

This is one of those stupid political articles aimed at dividing the DPP but is failing heavily. It is not surprising that it is coming from none other than a Nyondo. In the first place Nyondo did not vote for DPP or any of its office bearers. It is very obvious that he voted for Amayi and her troubled PP. While I have no qualms with Chilima and the contribution he made to the DPP in the 2014 elections it is totally misleading and politically illogical to suggest that DPP scored highest votes because of Chilima. With or without Chilima… Read more »
Kanthu Ako!

Totally Agree. ” Malawian journalists have nothing better to do but create hysteria where none exists”

Its very shameful the way Malawians create gossip, and then makes it reality.


Atumbuka ndi Achewa mwasowa chonena eti – kambani zanu mu MCP ndi PP mwanumo osati m’chipani cha ena. 2019 ikubwera muzadziwa chenicheni – Chilima will be there as VP for DPP government – no question about it.

Keep the good work of castigating DPP and promote its popularity – simunati kunjenjemera.


@Chilungamo….well explained. I totally agree with you. The “Nyondos” goal is like that of the Devil, to destroy and kill. The good thing is that they are just human beings and do not have supernatural power to determine any future.



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