Malawi: Why the hype on homosexuality and not gender based violence?

Some of these human rights activists will never cease to amaze me, and you. Take one talkative (some use ambience – ‘controversial) Emma Kaliya who leads the NGOGCN, if I got the acronym right. That woman has a bone to settle alright. Ha ha ha ha!

Emma never cools down when she expresses herself. She talks on top of her voice, but more, she does put a lot of emphasis to her ideas. And that is exactly what she again did last weekend at a place called Champiti in the central Ngoniland of Ntcheu.

The day was sunny, as is mostly the case this time of the year around, and the chairs were set and the people seated and some on the damn dirty ground. Yes, those overzealous party cohorts on tow of Second Deputy Speaker Jones Chingola who happens to be the Member of Parliament in the area.

That may not be just true; these party zealots may have been here at the launch of the 16 Days of Gender Activism following the blow-hardened Minister of Gender, Anita Kalinde. If you doubt her description, then you better check around for former sports and defence minister Aaron Sangala who had a bitter taste of the ‘engendered violence’ right within the National Chambers at Anita’s administering.

Kalinde: Minister of Gender, she speaks openly against same-sex relationships

 Ha ha ha! And today she talks against gender based violence? Such is life. Political life!

Well, Emma went to town, almost shouting her bloated lungs out with emotive anger.

What Emma said, that looks like the whole town is talking and thinking gays other than placing gender based violence on the spotlight might just as well be true. But when she says gay issues are not important that will be a different story.

Malawians must discuss and discourage gay culture. Homosexuality let me join the men of the collar, is a sin. Even pigs, let me encore Comrade Robert Mugabe, knows to have sex with its opposite sex, and damn – we cannot sit back and watch these people behave like idiots in their lost identities.

Surely, Emma should know that homosexuality should be talked against more just as GBV should be stopped. Both are evils that are plaguing Malawi and we want to rid our Warm Heart of Africa from this filth.

Well, Anita of Parliament-boxing luckily put matters straight right there and then. She said all she had to say was already mouthed by Emma, politely, however, she told the gathering that her constituents have already told her against passing a YEA vote for homos, and that Chingola’s constituents were also far from nodding to the diabolic act.

And politicians are smart; she also said Mayi Joyce Banda’s administration has at no time before said homosexuality or same sex whatever should be legalised. It is up to Parliament to make laws and the Assembly is damn going to decide whether Mai Banda can as well marry Anita, and if clean-shaven Chingola is a good match for baldy Speaker Henry Chimunthu-Banda.

 Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So Emma can do her GBV thing. Anita her  homosexuality busting thing. And all their thing at their own time. But whatever the case, Malawians must fight all evils without the pleasure of chosing.

Down with homos and down with GBV.

This politics of sexes is truly interesting!

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