Malawians ask APM to walk the talk on Admarc maize

Some Malawians say President Peter Mutharika’s declaration that no Malawian will not die of hunger is mere political rhetoric and have since asked him to walk the talk.

Admarc unending queues

Admarc unending queues

A snap survey in central region by Nyasa Times  indicate that most Admarc depots are closed for a week now because they had run out of the staple food, Maize.

Most Malawians prefer buying maize at Admarc markets which sell at K5500 per 50kg bag as opposed to vendors who are now selling the maize at K9, 000 per 50kg bag of maize.

“The government should just tell us that there is no maize in this country instead of giving us false hopes that no one will die of hunger,” said a woman at Masintha Admarc in Lilongwe who had been going to the market for a week and half now to check if there was maize.

The situation was the same in most Admarc markets, women lying under trees, chatting to pass the hours away in the hope maize would come as the market remained locked with heavy locks.

Most women said they could not afford the maize sold by vendors.

Nellie Nyangw’a of Oxfarm recently said her organisation was concerned with the skyrocketing of maize prices in Malawi which she said was at 40 percent about normal selling price and would reach above 75 percent above normal selling price by next week which she said was above reach by many Malawians financially struggling in worsening economic conditions.

Government officials concede selling of maize in Admarc depots is marred by corruption as some Admarc officials connive with vendors to buy the maize in bulks in order to resale at exorbitant prices beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Some politicians from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party are also accused of influencing the sale of maize to party followers.

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I reside in KAWALE and I saw people buying maize at Masintha on Tuesday and Wednday. Another truck load of maize arrived yesteday Friday.NYASA TIMES, Check your facts. By the way did you check with ADMARC Officials to get their side of the story as professional Journalism requires.

Lilongwe Breaking News

Yewo aNgwazi!


Apm, please shake up some of your dpp gurus who are hoarding the maize in collusion with admarc and through vendors, in the process making huge obscene profits while the majority of people are suffering.



Foolish Malawians

Foolish Malawians you should perish. One third of land is lake, you have 20 million plus of arable land. So many big rivers, Shire, Songwe, Bua etc but you can not build dams to irriage your lands and feed your selves. Idiotes, you deserve no pitty.


May Rains come and may harvest be potential to MALAWI


Alomwe, mudya mavoti anu, simumati muli mboma, bola amayi.


No maize kwacha falling to unseen levels 750 to dollar mayi mayi government watching doing nothing


No maize kwacha falling to unseen levels government watching doing nothing


Tisaname apa peter zavuta akuchepera nazo. Mpofunika kuthandiza nzeru chifukwa anthu akuvutika

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