Do Malawians matter to DDP-led government?

Government can come up with all sorts of excuses for the current chaotic situation in the country. But if it does not come up with solutions in good time, the chaos will continues. If it is not the University student demonstrating, it is the civil society organisations (CSOs) protesting while water board staff are waiting for their turn to turn off the taps nationwide if their salary increase is not implemented. Worse still, stealing in public offices is the order of the day. Imagine thieves have gone as far as removing fixtures such as taps, sinks, etc. at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) as the media reported. In all this, and many others, where is the government?

The students mourning fees hike
The students mourning fees hike

Honestly speaking, the current administration seems to be failing to put its act together since it came into power more than two years ago. Things are simply falling apart. All these problems stated here, and many more out there, are an indication that the government does not care about its people.

Meanwhile, there are many examples which show that the government does not even bother to listen to the people’s concerns.

Just imagine, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is one of the best mouthpieces of the people of Malawi. Therefore, who would have thought government would be so mute on PAC’s report after the All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference held in Blantyre from February 17 to 18 2016? The report is simply the voice of Malawians about how they want to be governed. The report carried recommendations and above all actionable resolutions, with proposed time frames. Sadly, some of the deadlines are gone making the resolutions redundant.

Needless to say that the majority of Malawians expected the President and his cabinet to go ahead and act on the PAC report. Surprisingly, the President decided to delegate by choosing a Presidential Committee on dialogue to discuss the report with PAC. With all due respect there was/is no need for further discussion with PAC. Everyone must know that PAC was only a facilitator and cannot change what Malawians had decided. People can remember so well that some commentators predicated through the media that leaving the report in the hands of Presidential Committee on Dialogue was a delaying tactic by government and in the end the PAC report will be shelved forever and forgotten.

This now seems to be the case as further discussions are facing hitch after hitch.

Finally, the all inclusive PAC conference is a wasted effort as well as financial resources. This is a great challenge to the people of Malawi. Wasting resources on meetings that will yield nothing must not be tolerated.

President Mutharika and his government officials look at reforms as answers to peoples queries about the shortfalls of government. But what they must know is that Malawians came up with the points covered in the PAC report while they were aware of the existence of the Government Reforms. The recommendations and actionable resolutions came about because of the existing situations in the country which need changing.

If the government is not prepared to listen to organised voices of Malawians through PAC, then how else should people put their concerns across? The Government and its entire leadership must show that Malawians matter, failing which chaos will continue to rule the nation, and the end result will be a failed government.

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