Malawians mount pressure on Mutharika to fire Chaponda

Some sections of society have taken up on social media to mount pressure on President Peter Muthrika to fire his Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development  George Chaponda followinng the release of the commission of inquiry on maizegate which has found him with a case to answer on corruption element.

Chaponda: Bulldozed by commission of inquiry

The Mutharika appointed commission says in its report: “Finally, the commission finds the conduct of the minister Honourable George Chaponda, in his dealings with Transglobe, a locally registered company and transporter of maize, most inappropriate, suspicious and raising issues of corrupt practices.”

Some Malawians feel Chaponda should step aside as the graft busting body investigates him on this serious case.

Coincidentally, there were rumours of the president firing Chaponda but there was nothing on the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

On Facebook, Duffy Dublino wrote: “He (Mutharika) is a lazy president, he came back home to retire, he just wants peace and quiet.”

Jones Kaunda wrote: “All of them are thieves, they know each other well.”

Isaac Gingerson was sarcastic: “So someone set up a commission of inquiry to do an inquiry of a useless issue, holy Moses!”

Gingerson was referring to a statement by Mutharika on Friday in which he urged the media to stop publishing what he called negative stories about Malawi.

“For example, the issue of maize is useless, it is false. We have wasted a lot of time talking about it, yet there is nothing wrong which happened,” he said.

The commission, in its findings, said the procurement of maize both local and international by Admarc was flouted with discrepancies as in both cases, the government procedures were not followed.

“Relevant approvals were not sought from the board of directors of Admarc and ODPP. The ministry of Justice, as a legal advisor to government, was completely by passed. The commission considers these omissions as reckless and inexcusable,” says the report in part.

Receiving the report on Saturday, Mutharika promised to read it thoroughly and take action where necessary.

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7 years ago

Chaponda , management of ADMARC should be sent to prison and Transglobe should be forfeited deported for criminal activities in Malawi since 1990 or even before to enrich themselves since they hold a foreign passport.

Ndine Mfulu
7 years ago

Why thieves are the ones who always rule this country?

koma abale inu eeh
koma abale inu eeh
7 years ago

So, apparently, a certain segment just wants to believe what they set out to accuse Bwana Chaponda of? Classic conspiracy theorists: and they should be ashamed for ignoring due process. Obviously, higher education does NOT get rid of certain personal and tribal biases.’ What crime(s) has the Bwana committed, according to Msosa? None. He should get back the positions he held before this sad saga. Otherwise, APM will set a bad precedent, by succumbing to the strident official and unofficial opposition that is challenging his powers to hire and fire in cases without criminality. APM is NOT of a feeble… Read more »

7 years ago

Your face
Tells the whole
I dont want you to
Die like”’ ———-””


7 years ago

Chaponda dangerous criminal

Chikugona chi mutharika
Chikugona chi mutharika
7 years ago

Mutharika ain’t gonna do shit! That MF is lazy AF!

7 years ago

Atumbuka kwanu ndiku Jahena.

Anthu oyipa kwambiri inu.Thats why north is still dead.
Kodi mukuganiza kuti cold war munaiyambayi sitikuyiwona? Tsiku linatu mudzasimba tsoka.

Kamutengeni kaye joice banda ngatidi muli anthu achilungamo.

Mufune, musafune, 2019 palibe chanu. Or else yambisani nkhondo mumaifunayo mudzawone zomwe zidzachitike.

Njoka Saweta
7 years ago

Malawians or Northeners or Haters? M r Khamula, dont think your wife, daughters, mothers and grandmothers represent the views on Malawians. Already this nonses nse has taken too much of our time and money- so do we go to the poles to decide who wanrs Chaponda in or out? This hatred sucks

7 years ago

kkkkkkkkkk !!!!! Which Malawians ? Its a group of failures otumidwa ndi Ujeni. Mwayaluka akape inu. Forget of ruling through the back door.

7 years ago

kulamula BOMA sikophweka mbava izi

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