Malawians poke fun at EU tweet over the delayed election report

EU-EOM head of delegation Poche says the team will publish its controversial final report on the country’s disputed presidential elections next month.

Malawians have taken up on various social media platforms to poke fun at the European Union (EU) over its tweet which says European Union Elections Observer Mission (EU-EOM team failed to present its final report on time because airports in the country were closed due to protests.

The EU says the organization’s election observer team failed to come in August because airports were closed due to the Human Rights Defenders Coalition  (HRDC) organized anti-Jane Ansah protests.

However, in the same tweet, Malawian economist and public intellectual Thandika Mkandawire wonders if people would buy the lie since no airport was closed for the reasons given by the EU.
The EU election observer team left the country on Friday for Brussels having failed to present the final report after protests from UTM president Saulos Chilima, MCP president Lazarus Chakwera and the Malawi Law Society.

The two leaders said, in separate statements this week, that the mission was ill-timed as the country is still awaiting the Constitutional Court ruling on the May 21 presidential election results petition.

While the Malawi Law Society (MLS), in a separate statement on Wednesday, argued that the release of the election report was tantamount to undermining the ongoing court process.

EU-EOM chief elections observer Miroslav Poche, a former member of European Parliament from Czech Republic, defended the mission saying the report was not aimed at influencing the outcome of the court case.

He said the EU-EOM agrees with the assessment that the political situation remains fragile in the country for the report’s release, but rejected assertions that the report could influence the outcome of the court case.

Poche said: “The report has so many technical issues, recommendations on voting rules, use of State or public media, it could never interfere with the ongoing judicial process.”

The mission chief said the report had not declared that the elections were ‘free and fair’, saying the team kept the details of the final report well guards.

He said the report tackled events that happened during the elections and reforms which must be undertaken.

Poche also pointed out that the final report has a wide range of issues, not just registration, but also civil society, media freedom and voting.

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Female anopheles Mosquito

Azungu always at to the forefront disturbalising Africa. So they can steal more resources from us.Your days are numbered. Stupid.

10 months ago

UN imapha otsutsana nae Maka akakhala msilam amamupha podzela kuchitisa nkhondo mdzikoomo akakhala wina amangomusokoneza mwai wapatsogolo maka awawoti sakulamula. The UN zonse anakonza tisanaVOTE.Ife tingopewa kuononga chumachadziko.MUIDZIWE UN ndi HYPOCRITE wankulu

10 months ago

EU & US answer UN ndi HYPOCRITE wankulu padziko. 95% zimatheka zomwe akonza otsutsa nae amapha koma ambili akakh

10 months ago

Take your stupid report back with you and never bring it back here in Malawi, you thieves of Peter Mutharika! Mwanyengana kudya galu!

10 months ago

These are the kind of STUPID Europeans. Cheated by STUPID Tippext president who move in hiding like a Hyena in a country he claims he is ruling.

10 months ago

We dont care a hoot what the report contains. Their timing wasn’t good period not in the middle of a court case relating to the same. KIA was never closed and it’s kinda daft for anybody to suggest they could not come in August because of the demos. What about Set/Oct/Nov and Dec? Still the airport was closed?

4444 Nooo
4444 Nooo
10 months ago

The were not EU diplomats,not at All,they were just some white crooks who wanted to disguise themselves as wld be EU pipo.
Amangofuna kuzasokoneza our peace.
You may have more questions as I
Mbava zinatumana,apa agwidwa ma beleki

10 months ago

Look closely at the Poche guy! Just look.

Fake Petros
Fake Petros
10 months ago
Reply to  Nematodes

Most political conmen come from Eastern Europe, especially former Soviet Republics. Just look at Rud Guiliani’s political associates in Ukraine. They are crooks.
So this guy has pocketed DPP’s cash to come legitimise tippexed elections in the name of EU.
Most whites are not as innocent and credible as some people think in Africa. Trump is just an example.

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