Malawi’s economic miracle that never was

President Bingu wa Mutharika seem to believe that the economic miracle he has achieved is real and all Malawians must acknowledge this feat. He once said that those who beg to differ are only displaying their ignorance.

With all due, respect and honestly speaking, the current economic crisis in Malawi is a direct opposite of the so called economic miracle. In fact, if the country can be in such an economic chaos while it has achieved an economic miracle, then it goes without saying that the entire leadership has no clue about what a successful country looks like.

It is no use beating about the bush. Malawi is going through a very distructive economic crisis of which people just shake their heads. Reasons for this catastrophy are many but they all zero in on the fact that the Mutharika government seem not to care about the welfare of Malawians. Hence no Malawian has a voice that the government can listen to. It is no use splitting hairs in an effort to deny these facts.

Economists: Mutharika and Gondwe - no engeneering

Day after day, newspapers carry stories of Malawians dying in hospitals due to lack of  Escom power supply is not reliable . Doctors are unable to use life support machines. They cannot turn to generators because of lack of fuel. Why the government cannot make hospitals as a priority is anybody’s guess. There countless sad encounters by the majority poor Malawians who have nowhere to turn to. How many people must die before the government takes meaningful action?

Meanwhile,  despite the hardships Malawians have maintained their peace and calm. It is only unfortunate that the government seem to have taken advantage and probably think that the peaceful nature of Malawians shows that they are docile, and timid. Therefore, it is right and proper to subject them to torturous treatment  which include cheating. Just imagine two cabinet ministers Hon Goodal Gondwe and Hon Peter Mutharika had to give false hopes that aid was coming after their recent discussion with donors. Yet, the reality is that donor aid will only resume after the government has put its house in order. It has to improve on governance, rule of law as well as human rights amongst other contentious issues,

It is not a secret that the majority of Malawians feel abandoned. This is more so when even President Mutharika decides to go on leave abroad where the much needed forex will be spent while Malawians are suffering.

Furthermore, how can the government allow the Reserve Bank governor to spend K43 million to construct a swimming pool when government hospitals have no medicines? This is cruel to say the least.

The Mutharika administration must know that listening and respecting people of this country is paramount in maintaining stability. Who knew that a strong leader like Muammar Gaddafi of Libya could be publicly wrenched to death by his own people? This is a clear example of a leader who failed to listen to people. Ignoring people can be dangerous as has been evidently clear with the revolutions in the Arab region.

In conclusion, the government must stop wasting time thinking about the perceived economic miracle. Instead it should be listening to peoples voices in an effort to turn round the sick economy.

 Emily Mkamanga. Email [email protected]

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