Man assaulted for ‘shagging’ friend’s wife: Battling for life at Mwaiwathu Hospital

A man is battling for his life in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital downtown Blantyre after being caught red handed with his best friend’s wife and he was  heavily beaten, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Maurice Chikapa (Left) as he was ok and then beaten on right)

Maurice Chikapa (Left) as he was ok and then beaten on right)

Cheating wife: Stella Gwengweya Mbwana

Cheating wife: Stella Gwengweya Mbwana

Tragic stories come from all around the world, and such is the case for the one out of Malawi where a libidinous married man ended up in the ICU at Mwaiwathu hospital in the wee hours of Friday the 14th of August 2015 after being caught pants down ‘shagging’ his friend’s wife.

The infidelity sex rat received a heavy and near death ‘panel beating’ from the woman’s irate husband forcing him to lose some of his teeth.

It should have been a bittersweet moment between a returning husband, Marvin Mbwana, and his wife, Stella Gwengweya, an employee of the country’s biggest and oldest media giants, Blantyre Print and Packaging (BP&P) publishers of Daily Times, Malawi News, Sunday Times and Times TV, but the reunion quickly turned sour when he caught her red handed in the act cheating on him with his best friend.

According to sources to husband, the problem wasn’t so much irked that the woman was cheating, but it’s who she was cheating with, and that was the husband’s friend, Chileka based Morris Chikapa an employee of Pakachere and owner of one of Blantyre’s popular drinking watering holes, Zinziri Pub.

“The husband wasn’t so upset because his wife was cheating on him. He was mad because she was cheating on him with his best friend, a person he trusted and treated him as a ‘brother.’ He was mad because the two love rats abused his trust. He is lucky to have survived. He would have been killed for betrayal,” said the source close to the cheating wife’s husband.

Nyasa Times understands that Marvin Mbwana, a well known actor and an employee of Population Services International (PSI) was in Lilongwe, where like his cheating friend, runs a pub in Biwi Township, he returned home to a horrible and shocking sight.

According to eye witnesses, the unsuspecting Marvin Mbwana ended up walking into his house where he caught his wife in a compromising position with another man – a man he knows so well and regard as a brother.

“It was a bitter pill to swallow for Marvin to discover that his wife cheats on him with his best friend who he used to work with at PSI. This made him go into a fit of rage and ended up beating up Morris badly,” said a neighbour who witnessed the incident.

Said the neighbor: “He (Marvin) is a friendly, humble and peace and fun loving gentleman but he was provoked to very core of his human aptitude and beyond measure. He cannot be blamed for what he did. His friend did not only betray him but he also disrespected him. He betrayed him. He took him for a fool. Anybody in his position could have done the same and even worse.”

“Maurice Chikapa is married to a very beautiful woman, Vitumbiko Nkhwazi and you wonder what else he was looking for by sleeping with someone’s wife. Such men like Maurice (Chikapa) are a danger to our society who must be uprooted. Men like him must be castrated for they can’t tame their members. These are the type of people who are spreading diseases around,” said the neighbour.

But a quick peek on the false-hearted and cheating wife’s Facebook page reveals Stella Gwengweya’s typical deception and dishonesty as she constantly decorate her wall with love messages to her unsuspecting husband to bluff him and the world around them and look like a loving and honesty love-dovey wife while on the other hand she was busy shagging with a man who is not her husband.

Mu cabinet yangaaa…..ulimo wekha,” the cheating Stella declared on her husband’s Facebook wall.

On another occasion she declared: “U have always been and u will always be what I want……I love u kwambiri….. Eishhhh mo than words can explain…..” —  Feeling satisfied with Marvin Mbwana.

 “You are the true love of my life. I am so lucky to have found you and thank you for always being there for me and you are the best husband ever. Thank you for loving me and your kindness…” she posted on her Facebook wall as a status recently.

As the devious love rat is battling with life at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital, it is not clear what Marvin Mbwana will do with his wayward wife or what Vitumbiko will do with her libidinous cheating husband.

It is not unheard of to have situations in some countries where an incident of betrayal causes such a reaction out of one person in the relationship.

The news of Morris being beaten up after being caught pants down with another man’s wife is incredibly shocking and sad but sadly it is commonplace among many a Malawian men and women who have no regard or respect for the holy institution of marriage and for humanity in general.

It is a tragic tale of betrayal and treachery that ended in a horrible fashion.

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Kodi maina a chikapawa bwanjiiii?, nanga Jack chikapa ka porn ka ku kaja, kenako uyunso uyu ayayayayaya

ma hope a stella gwengweya
ma hope a stella gwengweya

kankazi ka bho


It was worthy it nkazi anabadwa uyu….koma nkulu akugulula kkkkkkkkkkk nkhope kutupa choncho


Stella anafela zinziri kalanga ine a uncle anga mufela za en

Nsanje poti

Wa ku MRA wake duntutu anachoka ku MBC yu. Maurice usamale naye. Ma sugar daddy ngosa yamba. Ukapitiriza naye a kuphetsa.


Koma ndiye amupanga PIMP tu ameneyu


Mmene achululira akazimu mpaka tidzilimbirana mpaka kupha mnzako. Akayamba kuchinditsa kwina basi mutaye, iwekapeze wina. Alipo ambiri mtaunimu, okomanso, opatsa nyere kungowaona. Nanga apo olo mupitilize ndi mkaziyu ndiye mukuona ngati azikulemekezanibe pochindana kuchipinda? Game yagona basi. Mnzanuyo simunakamumenya, munakangomusiya amalizitse inu mukuona, akatero anyamuke ndi mkazi kumapita. That would have been the greatest punishment to both of them. Inu nyere ikakugwieani, pezani mkazi wina, podikilira valani condom mudzikwata atsikana mtaunimu. Mukatelo, moyo ndi ulemu wanu zisungika

Cassius mkokole

Lets satisfy our wives please


A Marvin nanunso mukufuna akazi a chani ngati mumatha game? Asiyeni anzanu wodziwa kupanga ageiritse ntchito akaziwa chonde. Kumenya amuna anzanu mwapindulapo chani? Stella samakufuna Akuti umangomutokosola ndi pensulo lakolo. Yambani kudya zinzili mwina kangakuleko chonde bambo mwamva osamalimbana ndi anzanu chifukwa vuto ndinu akazi onse akuthawani ndiye mumenya anthu angati?

Climate guru

Shame both ways.

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