Man Utd fans donate hospital equipment to Mzuzu Central Hospital

Malawian Manchester United supporters has donated hospital equipment and supplies to Mzuzu Central Hospital. The donation, worth K3million is a follow up to previous donations to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and Kamuzu Central Hospital by the Man U supporters WhatsApp group.

Man U fans presenting their donation to Mzuzu central hospital

Man U fans with their donation

A member of the group, Allan Chinula, said the group has been motivated by the ideals of the Manchester United Foundation which does a lot of charity work across the globe.

The donation, which has been donated to the Hospital’s surgical department, includes patients trolleys, bed screens, digital blood pressure machines and other surgical equipment.

“It was inevitable therefore, that we were going to adopt Manchester United’s corporate social responsibility agenda, and go beyond the forum to assist the vulnerable, disadvantaged or the needy people in our country. Manchester United showed the way by establishing the Manchester United Foundation, as a vehicle through which the club undertakes its charity work,” he said.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Dr John Chipolombwa, said the donation would go a long way in helping patients at the hospital.

“We are appreciative of this donation because the supporters asked us what we wanted and got us that instead of just bringing items without consulting us”, he said adding that some donations made to hospitals become irrelevant when they dont respond to the needs of the hospitals.

“The Manchester United supporters have done what most groups dont. They came to us and asked what we wanted instead of just coming with what they thought we needed”, Said Chipolombwa .

He called on other wellwishers to follow the example set by the Manchester United supporters WhatsApp group.

“The government does its best to give citizens free healthcare but it cant provide everything. It is always important when citizens take a part in helping those in need”.

The Manchester United Malawi Supporters WhatsApp group comprises of Malawians, based in Malawi and beyond, who are keen and fervent supporters and followers of Manchester United Football Club.

“The basic and primary objective of this grouping was to create a forum where we, as Malawian Manchester United supporters can share news, views and opinions about Manchester United,” Chinula adding, “It has become a forum where we show our passion and love for Manchester United. A forum where we can also exhibit our frustrations when things go sour for our beloved team without being judged.”

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Ma supporter a Man U ndima big.Thumbs up

Joe M

CSR for sure, thats a very commendable gesture. GGMU

Biti John

Malawi is a funny country with funny people.
What’s wrong with Africans?
Don’t you have your own clubs there and do that charity thing in the name of your own teams?
Africans please wake up ,stop being mentally colonised for ever.
What are you trying to achieve?
Will you be able to step your foot at old Trafford?


A Biti John!, whatever your name measns!!! would you please shut up your toilet. It is stinking with shear ignorance of thev fact that we are in a Global Village!!!
I guess you are a lunatic or someone who has no basic morals at all.
Don’t you know MAN United is a Global brand being followed and loved by silly people like yourself.
If you don’t have anything to post on this Social Media, the best is to close the shit in the toilet of Yours.
We love the game and MANU articlura. , simple!!!!, You grave yard keeper!!! shame!!!

Biti John

You have heard me right.Younr all mentality colonolised!
Global…Eish !
Malawi ?
Can I have a sick bucket pls?A country not known amd it takes me efforts to explain it to my mate’s where it is ….Shame on you Nyasalanders!
Will not stop till you start using ur f…n heads right.

Peloma Pepe

Where are you, my friend? Coz I am in the UK right now and there are people who know about Malawi. And there are those who don’t. Why making a blanket generalization? Actually, it doesn’t matter whether people know Malawi or not. Does supporting a team in another country has to depend on the people in that country knowing your country? Clearly, you hate Man U, and all this is coming from that hatred.

Biti John

Do live in London Mile End but just feel pity with these people donning fake Tanzanian and Chinese Man U fans .
Don’t know what they want to achieve .dont hate Man U.
Am a black pool fan having stayed there for college some yrs back .
Tell ur friends to get up and love their country.
They live there .
Imagine had they donated as Moyale fans?
It could have boosted the image of the Mzuzu outfit ….

Damie Mukowa
Biti John is right, Malawians need to put their acts together and be patriotic. Malawi needs to promote her own talents and support national clubs to go commercial. That would also help to improve the welfare of our own players that often times reports appear in newspapers about their miserable lives struggling to make ends meet. It could have make sense and motivating if people on the picture were donning colours of a local club… it just looks ridiculous for a bunch of foolish men and women from Malawi ( and maybe from the north) donating items to their local… Read more »
Biti John

Just look at themin fake Chinese replica jerseys.Do they actually know that they are just followers of Man United not supporters ?
If their fake jerseys proceeds go direct to the Chinese how do they think they support Man U?
You have nailed it brother…apubwa amenewa kupepera kobasi!
Let’s promote our clubs than team yoti mukuionera pakanema basi!

Peloma Pepe

So, @Damie Mukowa, you mean people who are outside of England (e.g., Spain, France, US, Canada, Brazil — the list is endless) are fools too to support Man U because the club is not in their country? This is backward thinking at it’s best. Football has no borders… let the people in Malawi support whichever team they like, it is their freedom and right!

Biti John

They don’t do the rubbish you r doing in those fake jerseys .
Normal men and women wasting time.
Do u know who a supporter is ?
Black people get up please and start supporting your teams!
Not foreign clubs u just see on Tv then u start donating things on their behalf .


We don’t even want you to know where Malawi is!! Neither do I want to know who you are!!! Whether you are white or what colour , your opinion is based on foolishness from the womb!!!
It is the right of any individual to get associated with MANUTD. If it were you personally then it would have been another issue.
The donations are coming from the pockets of the people that love the Club!!!
Please close your pants off are stinking lot now!!!
Bravo Man Utd Fans in Malawi!!!

Peloma Pepe

It doesn’t matter whether they donate in the name of Man U or any other local team. What matters is the gesture and kindness. Aba ngati? Why are you focusing on Malawi when Man U supporters are all over the world, even in other European countries. Will the money miraculously multiply if these guys use a name of a local team? Some people want to find a problem in pretty much everything… you’re one of them. Get a life!

Damie Mukowa

Join the discussion

Afana ofewa

Mbuzi ya munthu

Chitsanzo Kaminjolo

Get out that colonial mentality! I feel very ashamed for these people, some of them prominent enough to know better. You are making a laughing stock of all of us. Eish!


whats the group whatsup number ti joine nawo


Please how can we join this group

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