Manganya earns PhD, call him Dr Usi: University of Bedfordshire lauds his research on ‘investing in youth’

Renowned comedian Michael Usi, who is popularly known as Manganya in acting circles and one of the country’s influential figures,  has earned a PhD from the University of Bedfordshire in United Kingdom and he has now added a prefix of ‘Dr’ to his name.

Dr Usi at the University of Bedfordshire in United Kingdom

Dr Usi and Prof Jacques at the University of Bedfordshire in United Kingdom

Usi is a s ocial commentator  and civil rights activist . currently works for Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) as Programs Director.

Professor of education of University of Bedfordshire , Kate Jacques, has  louded  Usi whose doctorate degree  research was focussed on the development of Malawi by investing in the country’s youth.

Jacques was speaking to a group of high profile academics, friends and politicians from Bedford in the United Kingdom who met on Sunday to celebrate the success of Usi’ in achieving his PhD from the University.

In a speech which Nyasa Times has seen, Jacques said Usi is committed to the view that the future lies in preparing the youth of Malawi to take the country forward.

“He wants a more strategic approach to development and wants to see young people educated to understand how they can help the country to develop. Michael has done this work in a different language, in a different country and in a very different culture. This is a remarkable achievement,” he said.

The guests recognised the hard work and dedication required of a unique person who rose from a modest family in a Malawi village to study for one of the highest academic awards in an English University.

He added, “based on his PhD, it is evident that Michael Usi has understood the complexities surrounding the liberation of the oppressed. He has proposed unique strategies for dealing with corruption and for achieving both human capital and capabilities.”

Dr Usigained his popularity by acting on radio plays on MBC Radio 1. He then began making feature films. His works comment on topical issues and reflect the social and political realities of Malawian life.

He is involved in trying to build the film industry in Malawi and constantly advocates for the growth of the industry

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Hilda Mgoloka Alomwe Woyreeee. Nanu nthawi yanu.
Hilda Mgoloka Alomwe Woyreeee. Nanu nthawi yanu.

Nsanje a Malawi nchifukwa anaitchula malemu Sauka m national anthem. Congrats Dr Usi


A Malawi mzanthu akapanga chabwino tiyeni tiziyamika ndipo chizitapansa nafe chilakolako choti nafe titalimbika titha kukwanilitsa zolinga zathu. Manganya apa wachita bwino Congratulations. Anthu akubwebweta zonyoza apa sakudziwa mmene zimakhalila munthu kukhala pantchito yotanganidwa komanso ndi kumapeza nthawi kuwelenga kuti upitilize school. Zikoma a Manganya pokhala role model wabwino.

Masozi Mwenifumbo

Conga munthu wamkulu! God bless you.

Easton Simenti-Phiri

Congratulations are in order to Dr Michael Usi for your well deserved PhD. Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavours. Regards.


In general PhD by correspondence are useless, MSc campus based much better. What new information has he generated? What substantial contribution has he made? Nada


The students based on campus study and write the same exams….so what makes the difference?

Apao Kugola

This is nonsense. It’s like saying that PhD by research is useless. If you don’t understand academic issues just shut up. Michael Usi deserves recognition. And he is now Dr. Usi. Welcome aboard Dr.Usi Michael aka Manganya. Congrats big man.

Just a Penny

A graduate usually appears in a gown? We are not saying he hasn’t got the so called PhD, but where is his gown to rove to us about his doctoral attainment? That photo could as well be taken during a visit to the school campus.,. Let Usi post a picture when he is in a gown while he was conferred the degree to put the matter to rest, otherwise this could be considered fake. When the VP graduated with a PhD at the University of Bolton, UK he appeared in a gown at the university campus.


It may be that Usi went to defend his dissertation. For those who are familiar with these processes this is not strange. We begin to congratulate even before conferment has taken place.


Congrats bwana Usi. Well done!!! And good for Malawi.


Big up comrade am proud of you

Watematema Mutu

Michael Usi is phenominally unique and gifted. Michael congratulation and continue pursuing your dreams. We are proud of you.

Flows of congrats for receiving the big paper. Now I invite the youths to tell the readers what Manganya has done or is doing for the benefit of the youths in this country. What new thing has Manganya talked on corruption which politicians have not pointed out? Can someone show me any investment which Manganya have done to the youth of this country? He talks of liberating the oppressed. I would like to know which organization is Usi using to liberate the oppressed. And who are these oppressed? These papers from Azungu do not match with realities on the ground.… Read more »

Iweyo what have you done for the youth.Did you even complete your education you IMP.We all educate ourselves to help ourselves first get over it.Congrats Manganaya on your doctorate degree certificate ii is not written “the republic of Malawi but your name.The man does not need to prove himself, if you can yourself do something for the youth please show us.

Apao Kugola

A santana tangomufunsani Michael Usi kuti akupatseni paper yake ya research kuti muwerenge. Then your questions could be answered or not after you have read his dissertation. Otherwise, pena mumalembako zanzeru koma apa mwatsogoza prejudice

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