Manganya hits at DPP’s thug-like leadership, faults opposition in national address: ‘Abolish evil  quota system’ 

Social commentator, activist and comedian Michael Usi , who is popularly known as ‘Manganya’, on Thursday night addressed the nation through a 40 minute radio speech which was delivered in a form of a Church sermon and somehow like a political rally with a background of people singing praise songs, cheering and ululations.

Usi: Making Malawi our home

The message was conveyed to Malawians through four different radio stations namely Zodiak, Times, Joy and MIJ radios.

In what can be described as a neutral address, Usi urged leaders both from ruling and opposition political groupings to be God fearing, tolerant and stable if they are to win and always maintain public trust.

He also reminded Malawian leaders that Malawi is a democratic country hence the need to accomodate different views even opposing one’s from fellow Malawians and burry the old mentality that everyone who criticises accuses simply because of mere jealousy.

In his  address, Manganya s criticized the country’s opposition political parties for creating disorder and failing to demonstrate to Malawians that are capable of governing the country.

He also never minced words against the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), accusing it of setting bad precedence with its “thug-like” type of administration.

His address  was dubbed “Making Malawi Our Home”.

The address was wholly done in Chichewa but was spiced up with bits of Yao, Tumbuka and English, and was made lively with claps and ululations of staged audience that chipped in songs in agreement to the highlighted issues.

“Am troubled when presidents are sworn in they use Bible or Quran and yet they govern with violence; using panga knives [ in reference to DPP’s regime where cadets use pangas to attack critics],” Usi said.

“However, this was something that was set by colonialists for they considered a black man as inept to govern.”

Manganya  defended former presidents including Kamuzu Banda and Bakili Muluzi, Joyce Banda and current President Peter Mutharika as people who were once labeled as trouble-makers and were considered as not fit to govern this country.

“Those who are held in same regards today will eventually rule this country someday just as our former presidents did. Olamulira akamasusidwa samaona zolakwa zawo. Akamasusidwa amati ndiosokoneza (those ruling ignore opposing views and regard themselves as blameless, they regard those in opposition as trouble-makers).

“Am not saying those in opposition are fit to rule. If we assess the opposition right now, we will surely find trouble within them as well.”

Manganya called for unity among political parties’ supporters, arguing Malawians should not be divided by politics.

“A country’s President should lead his people in development; but because of jealous and envy, opposition opposes everything since it is made of a bunch of disgruntled individuals. Opposition is government in waiting and should demonstrate that,” he added.

Attack On Opposition And Unstable Politicians 

He said there was a need for opposition to accept defeat and stop dreaming of taking over government before Mutharika’s term is over, warning any effort to topple current government would set bad precedence and result in war and disorder.

Bwato sakwelera pakati pa nyanja. They (opposition) should wait until 2019 if are dreaming to rule this country. It’s improper to demand Mutharika to step down, let him rule. This country is being misled by vocal slugs.”

The opposition made of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) has been vocal against President Peter Mutharika’s government, opposing every initiative it sets.

He also took a bite on nomadic politicians who keep on jumping from one party to another, calling them very unstable.

“Malawians need stable leadership, not nomadic one. Today the opposition is divided and people are wondering how more divided will they be, if elected. The opposition needs vaccine. Malawians are tired of no-less-than leaders.

“I have nothing against opposition, I have nothing against government. All what I cry for is for the youths and our women in the village. We need to consider the country’s youths.”

Manganya blamed greedy politicians for turning political parties into regional and tribal groupings.

“Since political parties are tribal, they fail to consider people of other tribes. Malawi needs to unite.”

He cited the unity football supporters made of people of different tribes demonstrate as clear example of how Malawians should be.

Attack On Government

Manganya blamed political leaders of creating a begging nation and went on to attack current administration for allocating more funding to State House than development initiatives. He also bemoaned mismanagement of public funds.

“They love ruling beggars…The will of the heart is more strong than the panga wielding thugs.”

He then condemned government for introducing quota system which is being used for selecting university student.

“Quota system is evil as it creates tribalism. Quota system is a national disaster.”

In the end of his address Manganya urged the opposition and government to work together and stop instigating division among Malawians.

“This is our country, God gave us this country and we need to own it.”

In his closing minutes, Usi asked for more developments in rural areas to reduce urban migration and also to empower the youths with various skills including businesses.

He accused politicians of shunning people development mostly the vulnerable so that they end up beg them for money and in exchange vote them into power.

In previous similar addresses, Usi has been critical of government on its weakness while offering insights to the nation.

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25 thoughts on “Manganya hits at DPP’s thug-like leadership, faults opposition in national address: ‘Abolish evil  quota system’ ”

  1. Magwira says:

    Koma kodi ndindani m’Malawi muno amene anakagwira mutu wamnzake kuti asakhonze mayeso?Why blame atumbuka?Kkkkkkkkkk.

  2. Mmihavani says:

    Can someone please caution this pinch sized man with childlike voice that he is overrating himself. He is overvaluing himself. Simply because he plays jokes and crazy people laugh at him doesn’t mean he can pull a crowd politically. Let him excel in his drama. He is talking about quota system just to please a certain quota hoping that they can consider him politically. Manganya should have done a research on this and have an understanding before he opened his dramatic mouth. He should ask why in the first place Kamuzu chased some teachers. Why did Kamuzu select pupils to Kamuzu Academy using quota system? What impact did it make? Who is learning there now? No chance for a son of a poor man. Check which schools are sending 90% of students to UNIMA. We shouldn’t abolish quota system bcoz in so doing we are creating an elitist country. We don’t want that. Even USA is doing that; reserving places for disadvantaged women, blacks, hispanics etc. In a social setup there is nothing like a winner takes it all.

  3. Nazimbiri Lilogwe says:

    Yaaa Tsango pa Malawi! A Tumbuka amauzirana mayeso, mwinanso amauzirana kusewera mpira,
    amauzirana magwiridwe antchito mu ma international organisations,
    amauzirana coping mechanisms in the rural villages so that they are better
    than other rural areas etc. A Malawi we cannot develop our country with such
    attitude / mentality.
    Manganya has spoken touching on all issues of national interest; nanga inu
    ndichiani chomwe mwayankhulapo? Stop abusing those innocent children
    and sending them into marriages instead of sending them to school.

    1. dumerang says:

      Ine mutmbuka tiye tikalembe mayeso. Uwapange iweyo ungondiyatana tizalembe. Tione amene azapambane. Zausilu

  4. Chief Mpango says:

    southerners has no wisdom to run this country, even DR or Professor. southerners mind set is poor. Southerners are the one who making Malawi poor. Go through Usi speech you will agree with me

  5. Sexwel says:

    Hard work pays sionse atumbuka ali anzeru ambiri tiikulondera nawo mmmabwanamu ndiye quarter systerm imangoonetsa nkhaza kuchokera kwakagulu kena ka a Malawi amene mbuyo mosemu samaziwika makolija asanabulande

  6. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Please Malawians of goodwill, put it on youtube and send us the mkuzi for those who missed Manganya’s speech.

  7. ndilipano says:

    ngati atumbuka amauzirana mayeso ndiye kuti ana anu (kumwera &pakati) they are benifiting too poti amasankhidwira sukulu za kumpotoko, why jealousy. remember ku north population is small mukuopa chani?

  8. mtete says:

    Just can’t make out what this comedian is on about. Against what performance is he rating the Opposition? At least we know Government’s failures, vis-à-vis: Cashgate, Embassygate, Nepotism, Late payment of salaries, Independence of ACB and Auditor General etc, etc.. The Opposition raises concerns about these issues and you say they oppose for the sake of opposing; they remain quiet and you label them toothless. What I read from the address is nothing more than confirmation that ‘ once a comedian, always a comedian. Tikuferanji indeed.

  9. khwathali says:

    Quota system is not evil or national disaster. Fellow Malawians open your eyes wide! it’s only the rich especially rich and educated northners who advocate for its abolition. But the poor typical northners, poor central, poor south, poor eastern envisage it a consolation for accessing tertiary education. Many graduates we have in high positions and good jobs in public and private sectors have gone through Phwezi, Mary Mount, Kaphuka, Maranatha , New era, Ntonya, Kamuzu Academy, Michiru, Mzuzu academy, St. Andrews, Joyce Banda Foundation etcetera where fees are highly prohibitive to the poor rural Malawian families. Sometimes I laugh when people say the north is not developed or is segregated in terms of development. No! the people there are very uneducated just like their counterparts In the centre, south and east as they are all poor rural. Those that claim to be educated north relocated long ago to the centre, south and east. Quota system is a deliberate policy to address social injustices that are brought by economic disparities or economic minorities. it was successfully used and supported by everybody in USA in their education systems as they integrated the disadvantaged migrant Jews. Many western countries are using quota system to allow students from third world countries like Malawi to access university education without acceptable grades by their standards. In a nutshell Mr Usi should tread carefully and avoid carelessness utterances to force Malawians to throw away the baby together with the water. That’s cheap ascendancy to political podium.

  10. manguiks says:

    This is the weeping of a true Malawian soul looking at how we have destroyed this Nation through Neale as we claim in this country to be the true meaning of DEMOCRACY. He has spoken like Noah before God destroyed the world when sins were beyond control but God still came to warn the people.will Judge him now because they are trully blind and visionless àbout the future of our nation. We claimed this country from the whites claiming that we are capable of managing it but we are only proving that we are good at Mismanaging it and goof at begging them when we get poorer and poorer. Quota system is indeed the final weapon that politics has instituted to completely demolish this country. The home of corruption in Malawi is political world of our conutry and that world leads this country. The few Malawian who are able to see the doom are crying like Utsi in their minority but him has rises to speak on their behalf even though it seem too late to be heard. THE TIME WE SHALL START TO THINK PROPERLY THE COUNTRY WILL BE AT A CRITICAL STAGE BEYOND SAVING. LETS ACT LIKE PEOPLE NOT ANIMALS. GOD DELIVER OUR NATION.

  11. dr tambala says:

    manganya is stupid how can he despise quota system kupusa eti? siumawadziwa atumbuka iwe eti kapena kuuma mutu?!!!

  12. Che Manganya mwatokota ndipo tamva,koma kwa abale athu andale ndakaika ngati zimveke chifukwa amakhala ngati mfiti.Pa Quota System akulu ine ndimayisapota chifukwa ndi njira yokhayo ingatukule dziko.

  13. BOB says:

    good balance manganya ,only that the northerners the dont pass their own exams and the government dd well for QS.God bless u manganya.

  14. patriot says:

    Well done. Balanced analysis

  15. Johannes Madilu says:

    I Thought so!! Manganya is more pro government than being neutral!!! Compare what he said in his previous address to this one!! He is slowly showing his true colours (Next he will be completely blue). We will see him standing for the blue during the next elections. APAWO NDI MIZU YA KACHERE thing & Birds of the Same feathers!!!!! Watch the space!!!

  16. jj says:

    I was keen to listen to the address by Manganya but truth be told, he was up to the point. Surely, more funding to state house for more convoys. Everything is done on merit even selecting ministers is by merit so says the president but education is by quota system. Malawi must wake up and claim its position. These politicians are our employs and they need to be told the truth that we are not satisfied the way the execute the jobs we employ them for. They have created more loopholes for their own satisfaction and less for the masses, the voters. When it comes to their allowances, they speak in unison but when the poor are given raw deals, they don’t seem to care. Heartless people, that’s why they die shamelessly, I bet, many politicians are cursed in a way that when they get out of politics, they die cheaply, poor and without help. God punish you.
    I love my country!!

  17. ANALYST says:

    Though the content of his address might be good, the background noise of women clapping and drum beating portrays the very same things we are despising! Why should people clap hands and ululate when Manganya merely says “mavuto a dziko lino anayamba ndi atsamunda”? Is that something to be happy about and clap hands?? Munthu wangonena kuti “a Roy Welensky amati munthu wakuda sangalamulire dziko” – basi anthu nkumaomba m’manja?? Zoona?? What message are we sending?? That Malawians are stupid such that they clap hands for anything! Anything including something which is supposed to make them angry!!! Wake up Malawians, stop “praising mediocrity”! Otherwise the address had some good content – its just been made bad by the unnecessary background noise! This is not Tikuferanji – these are serious national issues which deserve some serious attention

  18. kampango mulamba says:

    That’s great we need to speak with one voice.

  19. Mwisho says:

    Manganya, you must realise that tumbukas abuse education system if left unchecked. The quota system is there to stop the malpractice of northerners (and anyone else) in favouring their siblings when allocating space to university.

    Are you not aware iwe Manganya kuti atumbuka amauzilana mayeso (I mean national examinations) even now, just to beat the system and seem as if they pass on merit?

    If you are asleep on quota system, please wake-up Mr Usi.

    And inu agalu aku MANEB why don’t you supervise northern schools during exams?

    Iwe Manganya, tapita ukapange inspect ku ma estate a tea in Mulanje and Thyolo and also Illovo and find how many managers are from the north. You shall be shocked. Kodi umayesa anthu akamati these people are selfish and racist amanama?

    Otherwise, apart from the quota comment, I find the rest of Manganya’s speech helpful and national building.

    1. NANTOMBOZI BOYS says:

      @ Kampango Mulamba. You are spot on. QOUTA system is the best system for Malawi as of now. Moya Manganya should know this fact better.

    2. ANALYST says:

      Uku ndiye kupusa uku! Mayankhulidwe opusa awa

    3. Muonosile says:

      Listen to him ,this is true Mwisho I salute you. You have just beaten the nail on the head. These tumbukas are a problem,but they hide in saying they are sidelined but if you check they are all over in government, companies, govt. parastatals etc. and holding high ranks. They are even DCs elsewhere check and to say they are sidelined is just to hide their evil and greedy ambitions.

  20. Well done Manganya. Your analysis has been balanced and maturely presented. This country need people like the Manganya`s. Wamisala anaona nkhondo angwiro akuona ngati ndi ovina malipenga!

Comments are closed.

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