Married man sexually abused boy, jailed five years in Malawi

A 24 year old married man Budala Kamphambale has started serving a five year prison sentence after being convicted with hard labour (IHL) for having forced anal sex with a minor boy .

Police Prosecutor Inspector Wills Asibu told Nkhunga Second Grade Magistrate Court that in December 2014 Kamphambale had been taking a 12 year old boy (name withheld) to hidden places where he was having sex with him through the anus.

He explained that the convict forced himself into the boy in a bathroom then in the bush.

“The accused was threatening the boy that he would deal with him accordingly if he dared revealing the ordeal to anyone. However, the boy revealed the dirty secret to his grandmother after severe pains he felt in his anus,” said the Police Officer.

Although medical examination at Dwambazi Health Centre indicated that the boy had sustained bruises amounting to injury, the Kamphambale pleaded not guilty.

In mitigation, the convict pleaded before Magistrate Rex Msolo for a lenient punishment citing huge family obligations as a reason behind the appeal.

Police Prosecutor pleaded with the court to give stiffer punishment to the convict indicating that cases of having sex with minors are becoming rampant in the area due to misconception of gay rights which is a new phenomenon.

When passing the sentence Magistrate Msolo said the courts in the country are overwhelmed with the number of sexual cases of having sex with minors which are taking place on daily basis in various parts of the country.

“I therefore sentence Budala Kamphambale to 60 months IHL so that the-would-be offenders learn from the same,” said the second grade magistrate.

The accused hails from Kamphambale Village, Traditional Authority Kafuzira in Nkhotakota.

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Anthu ena munabadwa ndi mtima wachinyama basi.You cann’t even reason we have alot of socialworkers.If it was me i could give you 100yrs olo ukafere komweko who cares.ULUPUSA WA CHINDERE.

alick fwaya nkhatabay boy

Ayimwe padawambazi ndipo pe mahule mbwenu munthu ugunda muyaki pathaku wamugeba iwe


This is ridiculousness at. Its peak, the man is a pedophile, rapist, and he is also in violation of the anti-homosexual laws in the penal code. You might as well put out an advert saying rape and pedophelia are tolerrated in malawi. What is five years out of a Mans life when he has traumatised a child and killed his innocence. Malawian courts get more incompetent per day. Women and children are raped almost every day and all you care about is how much politicians have in their bank account and how they got their money. Horse shit!!!

True justice

A kaka pa dwambadzi chamba chimapweteka kwambiri.Azimayi oyendayenda ali mbwee kulimbana screwing the young boy kuthako.This demented kaka is supposed to rot in prison.He is a dirty animal.He is fully fledged paedophile.


Mmwanawanzakokatako akadakhala wako bwanji

short wamtali

Mwachitika uli namwi imwi muwayusa waka muzi mukalimbani ndimunyamata munyinu azimayi wosi wepa Dwambazi akuyasamuwa kali kusika. Khawu cha ndipu mphanyi angukupasa vyaka vinandi. Ufwengi nyifwa yinononu.


langani Mfiti imeneyi Mwava anyapala AZIGONAPSHAMBA 4 2 YEARS


Utter nonsense! He should have been sentenced to more years than that.

proud parent

Too lenient the prosecution should appeal against this sentence.


This is bullshit … every person’s anus is naturally bruised. How did Budala’s dick cause the bruising on this boy’s anus? The anal skin shud have been completely torn apart and blood stains been noted.

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