Martha Wataya donates books to Chitawira, Mlambalala schools

Martha Lisa Wataya who went to Chitawira Primary School in Blantyre returned  to his alma mater  to donate 730 exercise books worth K150, 000 to Chitawira and  also Mlambalala Primary schools, which according to authorities at the two schools said will go a long way in alleviating problems that pupils experience.

Here are the books, Wataya hands over the books to head teacher of Chitawira priary school.-...Photo Jeromy kadewere

Here are the books, Wataya hands over the books to head teacher of Chitawira priary school.-…Photo Jeromy kadewere

Martha Wataya giving the books to the pupils.-Photo Jeromy kadewere

Martha Wataya giving the books to the pupils.-Photo Jeromy kadewere

Martha donating the books in Standard 2.....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Martha donating the books in Standard 2…..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

According to Wataya, the donation was one part of her contribution in promoting the education sector in the country.

“We cannot talk about uplifting education standards in our schools when learning materials are not available. As a former pupil at Chitawira, l decided to come in and make this donation in order to ease the problem of writing materials,” said Wataya, a Chitawira township resident.

Wataya said she believes that education is the backbone of the country’s socio-economic development but for pupils to excel in their studies, they need to have enough learning materials.

She re-affirmed her commitment in supporting government efforts in the provision of quality education in the country.

Wataya noted that the  education sector faces numerous challenges among them shortage of learning and writing materials.

She said there is need for citizens and corporate organisations to come in and assist.

“I believe in sharing the little l have and my plea to Malawians and companies is to take a leading role in assisting schools where they  once learned. We should not leave everything in the hands of government,” said Wataya, who is an entrepreneur.

Headmaster for Chitawira Primary, Robert Misesa thanked Wataya for the donation.

“We are very thankful to Martha because this donation will motivate our pupils especially girls basing on the fact that Martha herself is a youth,” he said.

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charles Nsaka

mmm, well we really need donations in schools, but come on , what is 750 excercise books? Lets donate, without seeking fame


Well done Martha for the donation. A Chikopa so far the information that we have points towards the benevolence of the benefactor. What is the basis for you lack of appreciation? May be you have extra information which we do not have to form the basis for the failure to appreciate. Please share with us for us to make objective opinion. Kumpando!!!

last days of mlakho

good effort. enanu makobili mukungonyengela mahule. by the way, can the briefcase journalist who posted this article provide a background story on the lady donor and on the student population? i have no idea of who the hell she is. basic journalism

Alfred Newman

Well done Martha. Keep it up.


Okulu-okulu nkhwani saotchera, zina leku zina kambu. I do not appreciate the donation. It was not done in good faith. 730 books were donated. Hmmmmmm! How many classes received the books? Kodi iye amachita chani mwina ndi chimbaya-mbaya. Chosadziwa anaombera mfiti mmanja! When giving out gifts to the poor, the left had should not know that the right hand has giventh.

Malawi should desist from this stupid shows. Another useless showoff. Dzuka Malawi! Dzuka!


look at the children malnourished and bare feet right in the City of Blantyre, yet we are 50 years old of independence


Thanks Martha. Keep it up!

Cyprian Ekwensi

Wayamba bwino. Ine ndikapeleka ma desk 25 ku sukulu yanga.


congrats to Martha. Let us all follow this good example. Lets share the little we have to those in need

Boyd Kilembey

Iwe mfana, Misunderstood, what is the threshold for making a donation that can attract media attention? Why dont you donate more yourself instead of waffling like a std 8 drop out? Learn to appreciate what others have sacrificed. If you can donate more than K150,000 just do so instead of belittling what the good lady has done.

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