Matenje family clarifies on MCP link: Muluzi mum on Francis

The immediate family of slain Cabinet minister Dick Tennyson Matenje has issued a statement clarifying that none of the former minister’s children had joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP); Don John Matenje who was unveiled by the party on Saturday is a son of Dick’s brother.

Chakwera (R) welcomes Francis Muluzi into the party

Richard Dick Matenje, a biological son of Dick Matenje, said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times that his family distances itself from MCP.

“Don John Matenje is the son of the late John Tennyson Matenje, the brother of the late Dick Matenje,” reads the statement dated March 11 2018.

The statement said Don Matenje has joined MCP “as an individual and in exercise of his rights to freedom of association, conscience, opinion and expression guaranteed by and under the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.”

It adds: “His political views do not represent those of the immediate family of the late Dick Matenje.”

The Matenje family said it wished Don John Matenje “well as a members of the Malawi Congress Party. He remains a valued member of the extended Matenje family.”

MCP unveiled Don Matenje as a son of the murdered minister.

But Don said although he is not the biological son of the late Dick Matenje, culturally he considers the late Matenje as his father.

“A brother of my father is my father,” he said.

Besides Don Matenje, MCP also unveiled Francis Chiwanga, son to former member of Parliament (MP) David Chiwanga who was murdered alongside Dick Matenje.

Matenje and Chiwanga were among four MCP politicians killed in Machiavellian style in Mwanza in 1983 before their bodies were allegedly stuffed in one vehicle and pushed down a cliff along Thambani Road to make it look like their car plunged down an embankment in an accident but their bodies bore the marks of gunshot wounds.

In 1994, when president Bakili Muluzi came to power, he instituted a commission of inquiry into the mysterious deaths of the politicians. The findings of the inquiry led to the arrest and then prosecution of former president Kamuzu Banda, his confidante, Cecilia Kadzamira, John Tembo, former police chief late Mac Williams Lunguzi and two other policemen, for murder. However, both the High and Supreme Court of Appeal cleared the seven people.

Chiwanga’s son said it was depressing that some parties were using their fathers’ tragedy to de-campaign the MCP ahead of next year’s polls.

“The people in the other camp are busy citing our parents’ names as examples of the alleged atrocities committed by MCP during its previous regime. But we have decided to work with the MCP because we know those killings were not committed by the current regime,” he told the gathering.

Chiwanga and Matenje were welcomed into the MCP fold alongside Francis Muluzi, believed to be son to former president Bakili Muluzi and Chiyembekezo Bwanali, son to former Cabinet minister, the late Edward Bwanali.

Muluzi family have refused to comment on Francis.

There have been comments attributed to the Muluzi family on Francis circulating on social media, but they have refused to dragged into a debate about the matter.

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To the families receive my condolences. But atleast by now we should be civilised and more democratic. The sons have the right to associate with any party they want. Palibe zomasokosa apa telling them wat to do for your political benefit. The great Nelson Madikizera Mandela was jailed for 25 years during that time some southafricans were killed but when he came out of jail he reconciled with the whites. A malawiiiiiii asiyeni anawo apange zimene akufuna

Pension Nenereko

Will DPP go ahead with expirde propaganda?


The Honorable Matenje, Honourable Gadama et al were gruesomely murderd by the MCP lead government they died the most painful death in the history of Malawi politics. I don’t see how any sane family member would won’t to associate themselves with this party that committed such atrocities. There children have suffered unimaginable pain but they have stood high please don’t drag them into this mess


The son of late Dick Matenje is right To Dinis tan ever themselves from the MCP . Their late father suffered s horrible death and if they had joined the party his spirit was going to be troubled. Which Muluzi is this now.Can he add any value to MCP ?

Patrick Phiri

I feel sorry for the thinking of Chiwanga’s son. It’s not an allegation that MCP killed your father. It’s real, and if you are not careful, they will kill you too.


Kkkkkkk malawians, a Political Party can’t kill pipo. People kill people. Can someone tell me one member of the current MCP who was in an influential position that time? Let’s not forget that Bakili Muluzi was once a Secretary General of MCP & might have had a hand in several atrocities committed by the MCP of that time. Pipo like Dausi were errand boys who were being sent to victimize others. Are these pipo in MCP? The name doesn’t kill but pipo do.


Names don’t kill. It’s people who kill. Chiwanga’s son should be careful with DPP because the people who killed his father have found refuge their.


Honourable Chiwanga’s son has put his personal ego , greed , and desires before morality!!! It’s a shame that he has put himself in that position

Should we say Chakwera and Mia did not know that this man is not the real son of Dick Matenje? Why coming to the podium with such a lie? I even doubt if Muluzi has a son by the name of Francis. What about Gadama’s sons? At the end we will know the truth that there is no blood son of the Mwanza Four among these idiots. They can see that Mia’s money can be gotten easily. Let them merry. What political potential do they have from the areas they are coming from? They can not even win the seat… Read more »

Back to sender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Holly Ghost Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the current Electoral Law and with 10 active parties, it is very possible that Malawi will be governed by a party with at least 11% votes. Can you just imagine being ruled by a party that is opposed by 89% of the voting public. It is important therefore a party like MCP should bring in not only potential young leaders but also opt for coalitions/partnerships to win against the likes of DPP. I recommended that MCP sheds all the old leaders and appoint young leadership to take the country forward. The elders should then act as mentors and fountain… Read more »
Kokoliko Kwacha

Wise advice to wrong people who are obsessed with opposing. Without anything to oppose they sit phiiiiii, doing nothing and failing to tell people what they are up to.

Joseph Banda

HaHaHaHaHaHa. O baba O Chakwera, wishing to be President mudzipweteka. IS MCP NOW ADMITS THAT IT KILLED THE MINISTERS. SO THE CASE SHOULD START


What is the role of the courts MCP was won the case 20yrs ago, what is this propaganda


Honara, let me inform you that it depends on which family u come from. If u’re from the Chasowa, Matafale, Njaunje, Mbendera, etc families, DPP is the Crocodile Party of Death and Darkness.
And let the DPP go to these families and ask their sons and daughter to join DPP if u think it’s that easy.

To me I strongly feel this is an act of forgiveness and reconciliation and no sane Malawian shud hate it rather it calls for a celebration cos thats part of the healing process for our nation


I don’t think MCP has forced them to join the party, rather it’s their constitutional right to join any political grouping.

Kaya wina afune or asafune they are now MCP. Period

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