Mbakuwaku presidential hopeful speaks out ahead of Malawi re-vote

Nyasa Times journalist Watipaso Mzungu interacts with Mbakuwaku Movement for Development (MMD), Peter Dominico Sinosi Driver Kuwani (PDSK), to get insights into the personality and educational and academic background of the man who has not given up his search for a ticket to the State House.

Peter Dominico Sinosi Driver Kuwani


Nyasa Times: Who is MMD president Peter Dominico Sinosi Driver Kuwani?

PDSK: I was born in Mchinji. I did my Standard One to Three at Mphanga Primary School in Mchinji, Standard Four to Seven at Chimteka Primary School in Mchinji, Standard Eight at Khasu Primary School in Lilongwe.

In 1992, I was selected to Magawa Secondary School in Mchinji where I finished my secondary education in 1996.

Nyasa Times: So, you ended at secondary school?

PDSDK: No! In 1997, I was selected to pursue Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health at The Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, where I finished my studies in 2001.

In August 2001, I secured a job as a teacher under the Ministry of Education. I was posted to Blantyre Secondary School where I taught Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

I quit my job at the Ministry of Education in June 2003. I then moved to the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) where I worked as a Revenue Officer until 2009 when I quit the job at the position of Senior Revenue Officer.

Whilst at MRA, I learned a number skills in tax management. This helped me get in-depth understanding surrounding tax collection and how the same is expended.

This helped me easily change my career from environmental health to tax collection and management. And this also motivated to enroll for accounting course in June 2005 at the Malawi College of Accountancy where I graduated in December 2008.

Nyasa Times: Where was your next destination after graduating from the Malawi College of Accountancy?

PDSDK: I secured employment at Deloitte where I worked as Assistant Tax Manager. I rose through the ranks to the position of Tax Manager before quitting on 22 December 2012.

Nyasa Times: From Deloitte, where did you go?

PDSDK: In 2013, I established my firm, which provides advisory and investigation services on tax. I ran this firm until the time I was joining politics. Apart from that, I am into crop and livestock production. I rear domestic animals such as goats, cattle and pigs.

So, you will find in me a presidential candidate that has all the qualities a leader needs to serve his people the best. In me, you have a medical practitioner, teacher, tax collector, an accountant, and a farmer. These are unique attributes that you will not find in other presidential candidates.

Nyasa Times: But why should Malawians settle for you and not your contenders? What makes you special among the presidential candidates?

Kuwani: Presidnetial hopeful

PDSDK: Some of these presidential candidates have set their eyes on our taxes. But for me, I have the requisite skills for collecting tax and how best to spend it to improve the social and economic status of the people. Additionally, MMD’s agenda is aimed at redefining and restructuring the country’s political system and unearth hidden treasures for the marginalized society. In other words, MMD’s agenda is supreme than any agenda forged by a traditional cartel of political block which has been rebranding and reposting since 1964.

As a teacher as well as a medical practitioner, I know the challenges these cadres are facing. So, I am the right candidate for the presidency because I am the only one who can come up with mechanisms to address their challenges.

I am not into the race just out of it! I am into the race to address the challenges that Malawians have been facing since the pre-colonial era.

Nyasa Times: The fresh presidential election offered you an opportunity to hunt for other political parties you could partner to form a formidable force. Why didn’t you do this?

PDSDK: I have said this time without number that entering into political alliances with some of these parties is just the same as eating my own vomit. On top of that, going into alliances could have meant we don’t trust ourselves. Anyone who trusts in himself cannot seek refuge in the armpit of someone else. He or she will always stand on him/herself.

Unfortunately, running the affairs requires people who have trust in themselves.

We have also rejected political and electoral alliances because we believe that is one way of promoting political dynasties, which must be condemned in strongest terms in this multiparty dispensation.

We have to reject political or electoral alliances if we wish our country good!

MMD will use love to destroy dynasties some people have created in Malawi.

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2 years ago

We’ll not develop because, we deny people like him an opportunity to win hence continue with corrupt systems put in place to rob poor Malawians. MCP & DPP full of crooks. We’ll never learn.

2 years ago

Zero emotional intelligence. Learn to be on the right side of history Mr Kuwani.

Munthuwamkuiu o mlangizi
Munthuwamkuiu o mlangizi
2 years ago

Kuwani seems to be good than chakwara

2 years ago

osangolemba mu chichewa bwanji

2 years ago

We need to support this guy and try something absolutely new. God bless you Kuwani and in time may he reward you abundantly

2 years ago

thanks for telling us, Bingu tried to stand by himself for 2 elections and he failed. ”if you want to go fast- go alone, if you want to go far- go with crowd”

2 years ago

Self centered? Rigid? Arrogance? Pride? Well…unfortunately those qualities doesn’t make a good leader, politics is a game u need to know when to mix and when not to mix. You could have the right cause but you are missing the rules of the game and its costly and waste of time.

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