MBC MBC Entertainers of the Year was the best not Innovators crap

I just feel the MBC Entertainers of the Year was the best ever, irrepleceable, all inclusive, entertaining, apolitical.

Mutharika with all innovators

We would be waiting for 31 December to hear names of people who have done well in entertaining Malawians and they were real and certified, endorsed entertainers in all aspects of life; the best netballer, the best netball coach, the best footballer and football coach, the best radio announcer, the best writer (journalist for newspaper), the best musician etc then entertainer of entertainers.

Well, exit Entertainers of the Year, enters Innovations award where we have Malawi netball innovators, oops they meant achievers I suppose. Maybe am from the old class of people but the Innovations Awards things is not connected to Malawians.

Some neutral organisation should take up and start their own thing. When you start thinking of including His Excellency blah blah blah know that the arrangement will favour one group of people.

Entertainers of the Year was done by MBC at MBC and was apolitical, that was the beauty of it. It is laughable that we connect everything to the so called three pillars of ujeni, ujeni and ujeni calling on ordinary people to adhere to them when those championing them are busy breaking them, smashing them with impunity on the other end.

If those in authority adhered to patriotism, hardwork and integrity, the economy wouldnt have been in shambles, they would have controlled the plummeting of the kwacha, the inflation would have been at its right place, in short, Malawians could not have faced the worst economy in living memory, we could not have faced the worst cost of living in memory!

No wonders we award innovators instead of achievers because we have our plans and initiatives upside down. Can some clever and intelligent people take over this initiative and bring back its lost glory. Private media institutions may give it a try, call it Times blah blah blah, Zodiak blah blah blah and bring in categories that matter most to Malawians.

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5 years ago

This new thing is wholly political. All the innovators have traceable links to the DPP. Do you really think innovators only come from DPP? No wonder, they are innovators on paper to benefit DPP and never in action to benefit Malawians.

abu jashabu
abu jashabu
5 years ago

Your are not from the old class, you have just said what I felt when I was watching this innovators thing. Bring back entertainers of the entertainers. send to newspapers

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