MCP accuses Goodall of colluding with DPP elites to benefit from Malawi Savings Bank sale:  ‘Where is K9bn sale proceeds?’

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has claimed that Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) elite colluded to benefit from the controversial sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) in 2015 to FDH Bank.

Kusamba-Dzonzi: Malawians should be told where is the proceeds of the MSB sale

MCP spokesperson on Finance Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi responding to the Mid-year Budget Statement by Minister of Finance,  said  Malawians deserve to know the  whereabouts of about K10 billion realised from the State-owned bank sale and how much has been recovered from K6.1 billion that companies owed the bank before the sale.

Dzonzi said some influential people within the DPP and its agents failed to service their loans to MSB and government paid through taxpayers’ money to clear toxic assets for private individuals and companies.

Capital Hill committed taxpayers’ money to repay loans that 13 private sector players took from the MSB and failed to repay.

Of the total giveaway, roughly 83 percent (K4.9 billion) was for Mulli Brothers Limited (MBL)—whose managing director, Leston Mulli, is a known operative of DPP .

“The ministers of Justice and Finance are on record having told the National Assembly that the MSB toxic loans the government settled on behalf of the DPP elites will be collected, but up to now, no single tambala has been collected,” Kusamba Dzonzi told Parliament on Tuesday.

“Malawians today don’t even know where the proceeds of the sale amounting to K9.9 billion are being kept and for what,” he added.

The MCP spokesman on finance demanded the ministers of Finance and Justice to “come out clearly and tell Malawians where there money is being kept.”

He continued: “Malawians must know that has these monies been available, the University if Malawi would have subsidised the school fees for our children to continue their studies uninterrupted.”

Kusamba Dzonzi  said Gondwe must account for what happened with billions from the MSB sale as, last time, he told the National Assembly that the government was contemplating on what to do with the money.

Gondwe is expected to wind up debate on his statement on Friday and is expected to respond.

Parliament rises sine die on Friday, March 2.

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The Kusamba guy is a genious!


Goodall you are now an embarrassment to the Tumbukas.


What makes the game? Is it not the player? Agame becomes dirty when it is played by dirty players. Why didn’t Joyce Banda’s govt investigate Mulli? Why didn’t she do anything on Chasowa? You talked so many lies when DPP was in power. You were given a chance for two years yet you failed to expose these allegations as truth.


I agree with you Santana, totally. What I am urging you is to change the game even if means changing the players. Fortunately you have the power in your hands to (as a referee) to do exactly that via your vote. Whether its MCP, UDF, DPP, PP it seems the same players are active. They change parties/teams at a click of a finger. Change the game!!! You can’t change the game with the same players as it has been proven since 1994.


The issue at hand is ndalama zimenezi zina gwira nthito yanji.. coz it was controversial, govt was supposed to furnish its pple with details.. koma zikuone ku Dpp kulibe anyamata woziwa kulemba ma report. …. kkkkkkkk… Amangoziwa zapakamwa

Binnwell Kachikopa

But do you understand properly when cases like the one above has been conveyed to the public? Iwe Santana i believe is useless, gong’oli


@ Biti John stop waffling just show us the evidence that the money was deposited.
you are stupid beneficiaries of stolen money lazy people,
you are using our tax to buy bonya ndi a kachasu wa chambuyanu.

In a democratic dispensation citizens are fully empowered to vote who they want to represent them in parliament and the party they want to rule at any given point. That’s the power of vote! Kusamba didn’t just appear from nowhere; people voted for him to be a representative in parliament. Therefore it is not rocket science that the problem is not Kusamba or the politicians that are stealing from the government coffers; but it is the citizens who vote these unscrupulous people into government. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Whilst the rest of the world is waking up… Read more »
Biti John
MCP isn’t a party full of daft people and no wonder it has operational issues . Proceeds of any government money goes straight into no 1 account at the reserve bank and no one new can withdraw that cash without the approval of parliament. So what’s this Kusamba talking about ? Mulli brothers and all other people took loans from MSB as individuals not as a member of DPP…so it’s up to the owners of the cash to follow that up. Why Malawi is falling apart is having dumb people like Kusamba who goes to Parliament and always talk rubbish… Read more »

What are you defending here Biti John? Shame on you. I believe you are one of the beficiaries of these billions which are kept under carpet. The money that was used to pay those toxic loans are ours and it’s a must that we should know where the money is and what the government is planning to use the money for.


Are you aware of cashgate? Were all protocols followed properly. Is it not true that most of the beneficiaries were in good books with the ruling govt, just like Mulli in the MSB issue?

Poor parking, Do you pay tax? this is nonsense!! Don’t you know Mulli? all what Dzozi is saying is to tell us where the money is, and why the Government your Government has to rush and pay the loans of other people using our Tax? Don’t you think if these loans were paid by themselves[the Mullis] the buyer of that Bank would recover the monies faster than what is happening? Dont you see that its a lot of money that the Government has lost here? I mean seriously? look what is happening in the Ministry of Healthy, don’t we need… Read more »
Iweyo ndiye mbuli, if at all the money was deposited in MG Account No 1 at the RBM, then it must reflect in govt statements. With all the problems Malawi has, does it make sense to have money in the bank idle so that it should devalue itself. For Mulli and others issue, who is supposed to take the loans back from them??? Govt or Opposition?? Get a loan today from any other bank and fail to repay it, see what will happen to you. Can you get a loan from a bank without surity?? Alomwe ndinu odzikonda mumapatsana ndalama… Read more »
Biti John

You are so daft as you follow what this useless MCP parliamentarian is talking in a straight line .
Use your brain .
Think like a Man and try to familiarise yourself how Government operate .


When you form part of the rotten system you can’t see the rot others see because the rubbish is one


Biti John, you suffer from an overdose of worshipping Mutharika as your God, with the Chapondas, Kaliatis, Jappie Mhangos as your angels. Tsiku lina APM wanuyo azanyera, inu ndikuwola manyi ndi kudya

It’s people like you @Biti John and @DzukaniAmalawi who are responsible for the rot that is in this country. Blind loyalty is what is killing Malawi today. If both of you are from the Lhomwe belt, I am not surprised…not at all! God save us from such myopic praise singing. Please follow what our South African compatriots have been and are doing, i.e. taking their elected leaders to task – very admirable. And, in Malawi, always hand-clapping even when one sees things going wrong; idol-worshiping for mediocre leadership that is responsible for a declining economy as Malawi continue to move… Read more »

Boma la Dpp lochisa manyazi, kodi tizingova zakuba everyday? Mwatitolatu kwambiri, vote yanga ndiye simuzaiona come 2019.

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Heads should roll too.

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