MCP brands DPP ‘govt of midnight darkness’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which has long been tainted with the tag that it is a party of “death and darkness” has hit at ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), calling it the government of “midnight darkness”.

Kabwila: DPP is a government of midnight

Kabwila: DPP is a government of midnight

Chakwera: Snubbed presidential luncheon

Chakwera: Snubbed presidential luncheon

MCP spokeswoman Dr Jessie Kabwila made the remarks on Friday in an interview monitored on Zodiak radio.

She was reacting to the absence of MCP president Rev Dr Lazarous Chakwera at a working luncheon hosted by President Peter Mutharika with opposition political party leaders who participated in the May 20 Tripartite Elections to discuss various issues affecting the country.

“Our President got the invitation by word of mouth at midnight,” said Kabwila.

“We think it was an afterthought from the Mutharika to invite Chakwera, that is why it was better for our party president not to attend,” Kabwila said in an interview.

She said Office of President and Cabinet phoned midnight of Wednesday to invite Chakwera to a luncheon on Thursday, wondering whether the invitation was sincere.

“The DPP seems to be midnight government, “said Kabwila, adding that they were declared “winners” of May 20 elections at midnight, announced cabinet at midnight and also the ‘Midnight Six’ press conference they held when former president late Bingu wa Mutharika died.

“It seems they don’t know how to work during day time,” pointed out Kabwila.

She said despite a midnight invitation, MCP leader could not have gone to the luncheon with the President, still claiming that Mutharika did not genuinely win the May elections, saying he rigged.

“MCP has not forgotten the rigging that happened… going for luncheon would have been like somebody gets a wife from you then invite you to come and admire the house they live in,” she said.

Kabwila stressed that Rev Chakwera could not be on luncheon with electoral thieves.

In a separate interview, Chakwera confirmed he received invitation through word of mouth late.

“What I received was a word of mouth that there will be an invitation card in the morning,” said Chakwera who is also Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

The MCP president said he conceded defeat to Mutharika for the sake of peace.

“We believe we did not lose. The systems failed us and all this happened in full view of all Malawians and the world. And we believe that Malawians would still have loved to know what really happened.

“We find ourselves therefore in a position where on Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) own admission the result of Presidential vote is flawed but they are compelled to announce it and on that basis the President of Malawi declared,” he is on record saying.

Also conspicuously missing during the two and half hours meeting held at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre were former president and People’s Party (PP) leader Joyce Banda and James Nyondo of National Salvation Front (Nasaf).

Briefing the media after the luncheon, Mutharika said the meeting was a fulfilment of the promise he made during the presidential debate that once elected into government, he would invite all the aspiring candidates to discuss issues facing the country.

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MCP is still in the denial phase. This is not healthy for the party at all. Accept the defeat and move on with your life. What this party is doing still singing the rigging song is what I can call political suicide. Continue doing that and the repurcussions will be very devastating come 2019. Other parties are strategising on what to do next but this party is till fixated ndizobera concept. Dont say I did not warn you.

cash gate

You DPP people, have you forgot what you did on 20th july, killing more than 20 people, killing chasowa & even stole k92 billion in ur first time. Don’t write stupidity coment again. MCP NDI CHIPANI CHIMENE CHINGATUKULE DZIKO LINO, WITHOUT MCP THERE IS NO DEVELOPMENT

Zomba Banda

Midnight six is much better than killing Gadama, Chiwalo, Matenje and sangala. mid night six is better than dumping nkhosa zamulungu mkuyamba ndale. these two things are totally wrong in the eyes of God, MCP idaononga miyoyo ya anthu ambiri, ena kuwadyetsa kung’ona. ena kuwakhapa, enakuwapha muwazunza ndani sakukudziwani inu, Mid night was there to seek a clarification.

kabwila its better to rig an election than kupha achina Gadama, simumva chisoni mukamaona ma families anthu amenewa. kukamwa yasayasa mwati ndine wa MCP fotseki, a party of blood for countless people,. mwalanda anthu chuma chopanga okha . ufiti basi

#141# HOW OLD ARE YOU TO KNOW WHEN WAS KABWILA WAS BORN. 95 % of Malawians know Peter rigged the votes by using stolen money his brother and him stole. He will have hard time to rule Malawi. Politics and running a government is like a business. without finance one can not manage. I solute donors to hold their tax payers money. In Europe where | stay we work arsel of us. Time is money. In Malawi they are lazy and all they want is beg. It is time the leaders of Africa/Malawi stop stealing and develop the nation where… Read more »
mbwenu mbwenu



Let me educate you Madam Kabwira, midnigt is a convinient time for various events.You were also born at midnight dont ignore midnigt


koma kuvuta eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nambewe Sokosi

Lilani mokweza a Kabwila ndi uchitsilu wanuwo, ndinkona ka mwana munaka kwatila kaja ka Charles Kapasula kadakuthawani, simutha kutseka kuchikamwa kwanu kwa michena ko……………. Lol aoneleni chi khamisolo chikuonekelacho… STUPID WOMAN!

Manzy j

Koma kabwila yu ndianzakewo akuganiza kuti adzawinanso mmalawimuno? Pena azigogo onse ankawamanga nyakula popanda chifukwa aja onse atasamila mikono. Ifetu tinawazolowera kuti samavomereza kuti aluza. Zisankho zonse amangoti abelebwa. Kodi amangobeledwa okha? Adangolowa chipani choti sichizalamuliranso dzikolino. Auponda kungofuna kutchuka basi. Adangoona kusiya chokochake kujoina mcp bola inakakhala mafunde. Pano akhale chete asatipsetse mtima ameneyu. Wagwanayo.


am crying mbendera please resign makani bwanji

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