MCP claims DPP launches terror campaign in Nsanje Lalanje by-election

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has launched a terror campaign in the Nsanje Lalanje where there will be by-elections on October 17, threatening villagers against attending MCP meetings and uprooting flags of the main opposition party candidate Lawrence Sitolo who has also been issued with death threats.

Sitolo: MCP candidate in Nsanje Lalanje

MCP regional chairman for south Peter Simbi said that the ruling party had “resuscitated” its terror machinery with  former Director of Youth, who is also Councillor for Chigumula Ward in the city of Blantyre, Lewis Ngalande, known for controversy and violence  taking charge of the party Cadets in intimidating the voters in Nsanje.

Simbi said they had gathered first-hand information from terrified villagers who were being intimidated by DPP thugs  after they attended meetings with opposition leaders.

He said people are saying if they show their  support to the MCP, they will be beaten or killed.

“One of the people who had been roughed up by DPP cadets, whom we met,  said there was no recourse anywhere for victims of political violence and intimidation,” Simbi said.

He said despite the “horror tendencies”, MCP president Lazarous Chakwera will be touring the district this weekend for campaign.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila has since dismissed the reports of violence, saying his party will win the election ” clean and in issue-based campaign.”

Kasaila said MCP are “desperate ”  and that they know defeat is surely for them, they have resorted to “cultivate lies.”

However, MCP’s Simbi insists no rocket science is needed to conclude that the savage and thuggish criminal activities are orchestrated by DPP thugs .

He said DPP  regime is cornered, deeply fractured, incorrigibly factionalised and crumbling.

‘The regime is facing a crushing and humiliating defeat at 2019 elections and the by-elections is just a stern test,” said Simbi.

Recently,  the governments of the United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA) through their embassies in Lilongwe issued a statement to say they support an election that is free, fair, credible and safe for all Malawians.

Political parties need to play their part by campaigning responsibly and adhering to the electoral code of conduct, they advised.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is set to hold by-elections in three parliamentary constituencies of Lilongwe Msozi North, Lilongwe City South East and Nsanje Lalanje and three local government wards, namely Mayani North Ward in Dedza North Constituency, Mtsiliza Ward in Lilongwe City West Constituency and Ndirande Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency.

By-lections in Lilongwe City South East follow a Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal order for a rerun after noting that there were irregularities in the parliamentary race on May 20 2014 whereas in the other five areas the vacancies were created following deaths of office holders.

The court nullified the May 20 2014 parliamentary results in Lilongwe City South East that declared Bently Namasasu of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) winner. Malawi Congress Party (MCP) contestant in the elections, Ulemu Msungama, challenged the results on the basis of irregularities, something the court agreed with. n

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Politicians do not learn. Lewis Ngalande has been known as a DPP thug for quiete a long period. He is enjoying today because he is being shielded by his party. A day is coming when he will curse the day that his mother gave birth to him. The DPP will not be there forever. Things will change.


I doubt if Kasaila goes to any Church. Any time he opens his mouth what we hear are lies to protect his evil DPP. God is watching and sooner or later He will stop you in his own way from telling more lies.


Kongilesi inatha kalekale. Chomwe akufuna a kongilesi ndi mtsinje wa Shire and its crocodiles. Simuwina kuti musowe kokadyetsa ku Ng’ona anthu otsusana nanu.


Mr. Sitolo please don’t be afraid if pipo are happy with yo manifesto surely they will cast a vote for you …. these days no one is scared or can be scared with anything ……. vote ili mumtima basi bwanji zinjenje man???? If you will lose just know kuti mwaluza basi and you win just know kuti you have won basi …. don’t create lame excuses no .. masiku ano a Malawi tinayera m’maso no one can cheat or threaten us ok!!!!!

Zoti Dpp cadets akumamenya anthu it’s true. Am from Nkhata-Bay central constituency which is run by Dr Ralph Mhonie and it was formally run by Mr Vuwa Kaunda. In this constituency of ours we believe that mp should onlyy be given a chance to run two terms. For this reason when mr vuwa finished his ten years term we had no option but to vote him outt since there was no new things he could tell us ra ther only lies as he has been doing. However this Mr Vuwa is vying for another third term. In order to achieving… Read more »
My advice is that let the local people in Nsanje Lalanje send a stern warning to the cadets, the DPP and its Katsaila. Just torch the cadets! Mob justice iyende! Period! Thats what they can easily hear and take heed of! If we are to use the game of numbers, the local people being intimidated outnumber by far the cadets who come in DPP vehicles. There was a time when UDF Young Democrats were brought to size in Kasungu North by-election. There was time when UDF’s Marshal the Dukes of Lilongwe was brought to right size in Dedza, there was… Read more »

All these threats MEC is just watching. God will soon put u all to shame. Welcome to the August house bwana Lawrence Sitolo.


If the DPP lose here doesn’t mean people here they dont want the party, but they will lose cause of the Candidate they field here. And if the MCP win here in Nsanje Lalanje people here vote for Lawrence Sitolo not MCP. Ma campaign rallies iwo a Sitolo akumawauza anthu kuti musayang’ane chipani koma muvotele ine ndidzsintha ndikawina. MCP kuno kulibe koma kuli ma supporters a Sitolo kuno ife sitikufuna MCP

Wa Ku Thyolo

No point here. Sitolo is standing on MCP ticket. Asintha apita kuti? Anthu akuthawa Ku DPP daily mmmmmmmmm


IfDPP lose in nsanje it will just have itself to blame. The people are losing trust because of the scandals happening. Put chilima upfront. Nobody in the opposition can stand him. And the choice of the candidate in nsanje leaves a lot to be desired. How can someone from mwanza stand in nsanje??? Why is dpp destroying itself???

McGoodson Ngoma

DPP Will win only one councilor for ndirande makata

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