MCP councillor sex rap: 3 girls testify how Mlogera defiled them

Mzuzu magistrates court on Wednesday sat at a pub and lodge in Lusangadzi where three under age children repeated and demonstrated how opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) ward councillor for Chibanja made them drunk and defiled each one of them within one night.

Councillor Mlogera (left) facing sex crime charge

The councillor, Charles Mlogera denies the charges of abduction and defilement for each of the three girls.

Magistrate George Meja Mbewe is expected to give a verdict Friday on whether the Chibanja ward councillor has a case to answer or not.

Mlogera is now on bail after the High Court granted him on appeal three weeks ago.

He was arrested in October after he allegedly took the girls to the lodge where he is suspected to have made the girls, who are 15 years old, drunk and later allegedly slept with each one of them.

The parents notified the police after the girls missed from their respective homes.


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Let them use the judges but what they have to know is that DPP is dead in the North! They’re actually heavily campaigning 4 MCP. Mark my words!

BBC Phiri
The lodge mentioned in this article is right beside the police road-block at Lusangazi, about 7 km outside Mzuzu. . If the Malawi media got off its collective arse and went there it could ask around and add some flesh to this bare-bones article. Questions to be asked would be: –> The car with the three girls in it must have been allowed through the road block by the police. Why did the police not question the councillor to ask him what he was doing with them, especially when they saw him head into the lodge? (In 2014 a school… Read more »
alex kaliba

Chipani cha devil ichi ,ngati tsogoleli anthawa za mulungu what do you expect



Advisory Committee

Are these girls pretty sure that this man raped/defiled them? Couldn’t they shout or call the manager or attendants for the assistance? There is no case here the girls consented to the sex tiana tamasiku ano kukjonda dollar too much. Mutaeni councillor yo

C Banda

“There is no case here the girls consented to the sex … ”

Whether they consented or not is beside the point. Sexual intercourse with a girl aged 15 or under is termed defilement and is against the law.


The girls were made drunk and taken advantage by an MCP leader who was old enough to guide them.
They were 15 and even if they consented, this guy will face a long jail term if convicted.



New Blood

Anawo ndi mahule ndi kale munthu wa zaka 15 ungamukakamize kumwa mowa nde kuti mowawo amawumwa ndikale sikuti kanali koyamba ndi zimene amachita tikamayenda mu msewu womwewo wa Chiwanja timene mukuti ndi tianato tikumapezeka mu msewu kumadikila amuna mu ma bar monsemu tiana tosacheprlanso zaka 15, 13 tili momwemo kumamwa mowa ndi kugonanso ndi amuna chikupangika apa ndi chiwembu chabe.


MCP woyeee!!!

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